Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long weekend and...

... we are stuck in Penang!

Yesterday was Thaipusum so some companies like my hubby's will get an off day tomorrow (Monday). Therefore, it is considered as long weekend since we have 3 days of non-working day. Normally we will make a short trip to somewhere nearby but since we have a little baby, all these seems impossible!

So, what did we do? Well, for me it was time to clean up some part of the house since Chinese New Year is approaching. For hubby, he was busy setting up another PC. He just loves doing that whenever he has free time. Fumbling here and there... with all the cables dangling every where. How I wish we have those shrink tube terminals so all the wires are wrapped neatly.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting ready for CNY

Today is the 15th day of the Lunar calendar and we are exactly 15 days away from the Lunar New Year! This year we will celebrate the roaring year of the Tiger!

Have you bought all your new year stuff yet? We have not!

Well, honestly, I have been shopping since we came back to Penang but bringing two kids out now will just spell one word - disaster! My boy who is ever so demanding, will make all kinds of pleas and whines whenever we are in the malls. He will demand for his kiddy rides and playing in the indoor play yard from the moment we arrived till we leave.

There was once we did not heed his demands and out of anger, he knocked down the point of purchase displays on the cashier counter which really put me on the spot! :(

So many payments to make

Each time when the new year starts, we will have one whole pile of bills to pay, things to renew and etc... And each time, a huge chunk of money will be spent to clear all these. Luckily hubby's company is still making profits so he still gets his yearly bonus. However, I am not so lucky since I am not in the work force so I don't get these 'bonuses' so I have to pay from my own pocket. :(

This month I need to make payment for some of my insurance policies which are due by mid of next month. That also reminded me to go get some life insurance rates for my little girl as I intend to get a policy for her. Life is so unpredictable these days, so we really have to buy insurance to protect our interest.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My neighbor is going to have a baby!

This year, the year of the Tiger will see another few babies on the block!

One of our neighbor who got married the previous year is finally having a baby! She is estimated to deliver somewhere during the Lunar New Year which is just next month!

I went to have a chat with her last week when I showed her my baby girl and she was all excited as this is her first child and she will be expecting a baby boy! They are in the traditional medicine business so having a boy as first born, is something to cheered about.

Both husband and wife were very happy and we discussed a few stuff related to babies. She even asked me if she should get some insurance quotes for her boy as a few insurance agents have been calling her upon hearing her impending delivery.

Eat first, worry later

3 more weeks to Lunar New Year!!!! Gosh! How time flies!

The festive seasons never seems to end! When one is over the next one come... and when it is about celebration what else can we do beside feasting and more feasting?

I am still trying to lose some of those pregnancy fat which I have accumulated but it seems that giving birth at the end of the year is not such a good idea after all as there are celebration one after another where there will be bound to be food... good food that is! Tell me how to be slim like that???

I think I should ask for a dip machine for my next birthday from my hubby! I certainly need to do extra workout to lose the fat and the extra pounds from all those never ending feasting!

For now, I shall eat first and worry later! :P

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is the economy getting better?

Since I am no longer in the work force, I am not so sure how is the economy is performing right now. I can only read about it on the news or maybe words from my hubby. I've heard that some countries are raising salaries again and many companies are recruiting again... so is that an indication that the economy actually re bounced?

Well, as far as I know, there will be no less opportunities if one is going for a sales job search as sales jobs is aplenty in bad and good time... I guess. Anyway, I won't be entering the work force any time soon so I could never give my takes in all the recruitment stuff.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Discover romance in Cancun

As a couple, going for a romantic getaway is something we have always dreamed of. Since we have small kids now, going for one has never cross our minds. Therefore, we can't wait till the day when our kids are all grown up so their papa and mama can go and rediscover their romance again.

I've never been to Latin America before though hubby has been to quite a few of the countries there for his business trip. It would be nice if one day I could rediscover romance and have a romantic cancun vacation with him as I heard those beaches and holiday villas are among the best the world has to offer.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can I have muscles?

Festive seasons don't seems to end... It comes one after another and during such occasions is when we often find the excuse to feast. Procrastination to eat less and work out more made us end up putting up with more fat than we can handle!

To be very honest, I've not been doing much 'real' exercise for the past 5 years or so. I used to live a very active lifestyle before I got married and has been a coach potato ever since. The very best I did thus far was doing a few laps in the pool once in a blue moon.

Well, since I've given birth now and not intending to have any more kids in the future, I am considering of going back to the active lifestyle I once had. Too bad I can't have solid muscles like the men since I don't dare to take those testosterone booster!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Time to doll up again

During my confinement, I hardly get to care about my skin since I am limited to have only one bath session a day with very limited herbal water. So you can imagine how bad my face was during that time!

Now that I'm a mommy to 2 kids, it has left me with very little time to doll myself up when we are going out. In fact I don't even have time to clip/tie my hair as I am always in a rush when we do go out. Therefore, I will simply tie a pony tail and out I go! So, don't even mention about putting on make-up!

However, I think I'll have to start to take good care of my skin again as I am getting older! Found some really good products over at which I can consider getting some to try.

Pretty again...

For two weeks we were worried sick about our little girl's cheeks which were filled with acne look alike dots that slowly turned into red patches. It was really heartbreaking seeing her red face everyday that two weeks. What I worried most was wondering if she is feeling itchy with those patches? Since she is just a newborn, we can't go for the best acne treatment as her skin is still very sensitive.

Luckily we decided to bring her to the pediatrician and get her face checked. He told us she is having newborn eczema so he prescribed some cream and washing liquid for her to use. We were so relieved that all those spots and patches are gone in 2 days! She is a pretty little girl again! Wooooohoooo!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My confinement

For my second delivery, I did not do a full confinement. I only do a very simple one as my mom is not able to help me with a lot of things as she is suffering from high blood pressure of late. Therefore, I felt a little guilty asking her to do too many stuff for me during my confinement so I opted a simple one.

This time round I did not adhere completely to all the 'pantan-larang' (dos and don'ts) for confinement. I failed to put on long sleeves shirt for the entire 30 days and exposed most of my hands and arms on many occasions under the blasting fan. Therefore, I felt that I might have joint pain now as I often feel numbness on my elbows.

Oh well!

No time

It is already mid of January and I have yet to post about our trip to Perth which we went last September! Gosh! I am so behind my schedule and I don't know when I'll find the time to do all the back log...

This is a travel blog but I found myself blogging on other stuff more than about our travelling! Got to find time to clear all the back log!

Losing sleep

We are back in Penang for 2 weeks already and life has not been a very pleasant one. Since our elder boy started attending pre-school now, I have to wake up early to send him to school. His school has also extended the hours from 3 hours session to a 4 hour session now. This means, I have to send him off before 8am since they starts at 8am now.

And my baby girl is getting more alert as compared to the time when she was just an infant during confinement where she sleeps the entire day. She has gotten pretty sensitive to noises too so she tends to wakes up easily. All the waking up to feed baby has been a tough one as I find myself looking so much older now!

I just hope I can find some miracle day creams which can turn my face around and look youthful again!

Her acne is gone!

Last week, my baby girl's cheeks were filled with red patches which I thought was newborn acne or newborn pimples. So, when her condition did not improved despite trying with various cream which I bought over the counter, we decided to bring her to the pead.

The pead told us our baby may have very sensitive skin which she inherited from either one of us or she might have eczema. Well, I am not sure which one but I think she did kind of inherited my bad skin. Luckily he prescribed some cream for her and now her condition has improved so much.

Before I could digest the good news, I discovered my sensitive skin is back making havoc again. Yeah, little zits are appearing again so I must find a solution for it. I am tempted to try Acnepril after reading about acnepril reviews from the net.

Making Malaysian Passport for Babies

Last week we went to apply the Malaysian International Passport for our baby girl so we could bring her along on our next vacation. First we have to get the passport photos done and we were surprised to find out that even for babies, they need to don on collar shirt for the shoot. Also, we cannot wear white colored shirt for the same matter!

The process was a breeze at the Penang Immigration department. Hubby was very organized as he already downloaded the forms earlier so we can fill in the forms the day before. Once we were there, we were given the Q number and waited for less than 10 minutes before we were called to the counter. I was told that we do not need to bring our babies along as the parents will be signing on behalf. The service was so good that we can collect our girl's passport within 2 hours!

Now, all we need to do is check which is our next destination for vacation! Since I missed the US so much, I am really thinking of a trip there. I am so tempted to go Disney World in Florida so maybe we should have a destin florida vacations next!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When will can I ski again?

While I was doing some cleaning up in the store room this morning I found some of my skiing gears scattered in a few bags. I repacked them into a box and started thinking to myself... when will I ski again? It has been years since my last ski vacations in Norway and south of Sydney. This coming winter we might be going to Melbourne but with a baby on tow, I don't think I'll get to go skiing.

Hopefully when the kids are bigger, I could consider planing for a ski trip Down Under again. Can't wait to bring them to the snow mountain and let them have fun with the snow.

Getting Kiasu?

After hearing about hubby's nephew's case, I am really seriously considering at getting some insurance policies for us (hubby and kids) especially health insurance though I know my hubby is never so keen as he has his coverage by his company but we will not get to enjoy it once he leave the company.

Maybe I need to be a little more kiasu to prepared for the 'just in case' things that might happen to our family members. I know I don't have to get high premiums policies as those cheap term life insurance will be just as good and don't hurt the pocket that deeply... at least!

Should we get it?

Last month a very devastating news struck one of hubby's aunt's family. Her youngest son who was less than 12 years of age was suddenly diagnosed with diabetes. I did not know the entire story but I heard from my mother in law that the boy was in coma for two days and had to be kept in the ICU.

Hubby's aunt has exhausted a huge chunk of her saving for the medical cost as they sent their son to the private hospital for treatment. Coincidentally, the husband was recently retrenched so he did not get to benefit the insurance coverage any more.

This case has got me thinking, if I should get both my kids some kind of insurance policies even the
low cost health insurance could be a great help when something happened.