Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you done shopping yet?

Gee, Christmas is just 2 days away!!!! Have you done all your shopping yet?

Well, we don't celebrate the festival since we are not Christians so was lucky we don't have to rush like the rest. However, every now and then we give each other Christmas pressies to add fun to the festival. It is always nice to receive right?

For once I don't only get 1 pressie from my hubby but 2 this year! What a GREAT feeling that was!!!! Don't envy as I definitely earn that!!!! He paid for my 3-day cake decorating course which cost more than RM2000 and also my dream (well... it was my dream except for the choice of color) mixer!!! Yes, finally I get my Kitchen Aid mixer after drooling over it for the longest time! hehehe

Now, should I get him something in return??? He is not a smoker so no point I get him any cigars so the cigar deals of the day  is definitely out. I was thinking of getting him a shaver since his is broken but then again... he is  extremely particular about his stuff so how to surprise him?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gold Coins as Christmas Pressies!

Christmas is just 2.5 weeks away! Gosh! Time really flies! And we has less than a week left in KL before we head back to Penang next Tuesday. Can't believe 3 weeks gone in a blink of the eye!

However, this time we are able to view all the Christmas decor in the malls as I finally overcame my fear driving around KL city and slightly beyond! This is the very first time I did that as each time I am too dependent on my dad to ferry us around. Since dad has to work and hubby left the car with me, I thought I'll just make things happen! So glad I took the big step! :D

So, now that I am much more mobile than before, it is easier for me to do stuff around here. I have not seriously started my Christmas shopping yet since it is never easy lugging around an active toddler and a baby alone to the mall! So, I am thinking of buy gold coins as Christmas pressies... good idea?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yummy cookies!

Last Saturday I finally met up with a baker friend after more than 2 years knowing each other! Though we have 'met' each other many time over facebook, it was a different feeling when we get to meet face to face!

When I first started my home baking business, I often get orders from KL. Since I can't take those orders, I decided to source for someone so I could pass those contacts to. I was glad I found the right person after Googling for some home bakers in KL.

She invited us to her house so I could pay a visit to her 'office' where she churns out those beautiful cakes and yummy cookies! In fact, I have been munching on those cookies that she gave me and I can't tell how much weight I have put on since I have been feasting the whole of yesterday! I must go get some Lipofuze when I get back to Penang!!!!!

There goes my Orlando trip!

I'm sad but there's nothing I could do!

Since we will be immigrating next year, we have to shelved most of our vacation plans as hubby felt that we should not be spending so much as we will have to spend a lot for the BIG move! Even my plans to go to Universal Studio in Singapore will not materialized as hubby was quite against me going there. :(

So, don't even mention about Disney World as that will have to wait even longer... till when I don't know! Therefore, no point for me to go check out orlando car rental now since the plan has been shelved.

On the bright side, we might go to Europe or Germany to be precise to visit my sister in law and her family. However, Europe is not somewhere I am keen to visit... I still like the State more! :P

Friday, December 3, 2010

What a fat loaded day!

As it was my little girl's birthday yesterday, I brought the kids out to Mid Valley... on my own! So glad that I can drive around KL on my own now after overcoming my fear. Well, it is not completely a good thing though... as I tend to spend more money this way!!!!

So, what we did at Mid Valley?

When we arrived, it was mid morning around 11-ish so when we passed by the Strudel shop in Metro, we decided to get some bites. Not a good idea as most are sweet stuff but my boy was happy so that was more important. Baby also ate some as yesterday is the day she can start eating more stuff! :D Of course my boy did not finish his share so mommy has to clear all!

Then we walked about looking at the Christmas decor around the mall and went over to Gardens after that. After walking about, I decided to get some cakes from Delectable after all the raves I heard from friends...

After getting the cakes, my boy said he's hungry so we went back to Mid Valley to look for a place to eat since Fong Lye was damn crowded. At the end my boys picked Domino Pizza as he was attracted by that bowl of mushroom soup! hahhaha Kids! He only ate one slice of pizza but drank 2 bowls of soup. So nice they have free refill for soup! The rest mommy has to clear also since Baby can't eat them!

After lunch we left the mall and popped by Tesco near our place before heading home. Mom cooked another scrumptious dinner before Baby blew her candle and eat the cakes!

So, can you imagine the amount of fat I have loaded up yesterday? I must seriously look for diets that worked!!! Must go check out about this acsonix from the acsonix review since I heard it is one of the diet that actually works!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of the year... again!

Gosh! Tomorrow is the 1st of December already! We are just 30 days away from 2011!!!

Can't believe this year sailed by so quickly! It seemed I hardly have any time to breath and we are already at the end of the year. What have I done??? Did I achieved any of my new year resolutions? And now I have to get my next year resolution up! Ouch!

Also not forgetting, I have to pay my insurance policy too... which will cut another huge chunk off my 'salary'. I am so tempted to change to another which will have a lower premium. Maybe I should go get a new insurance quote to make some comparisons....

No time to exercise

Hubby is on biz trip for 3 weeks so he has to skip his regular workout sessions which he normally do during the weekends. What's more, he tends to binge on food during these types of trips so it is expected that he will put on some weight when he returned!

I guessed when he returned he will try to 'pay back' by doing more exercises. Not sure if he will take any  testosterone supplement to boost his muscles building or not... but I know he will cut down on fatty food and drinks lots of coffee!!! Since one of his trip to Brazil this round, he will definitely stock up on his coffee supplies!!

Baby, Children and Parents Expo

For the past few years, I have managed to visit the parenting expos in KL as they happened to be held around the end of the year when we are usually in KL. We don't get such expos in Penang. Those in Penang are normally PC shows, home/properties shows or other types of trade shows.

However, the show this year is a little different from those I have visited previously. I discovered many of the popular companies did not participate... thus there were lesser tradeshow giveaways this round. Only managed to get the entrance goodies bag which is nothing to shout about. Only some Vit C and a packet of baby cereal.

The place was extremely crowded so it was kinda tough to push my baby's stroller around the halls... should have carry her in the baby carrier but we parked our car quite far away so just make do!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Going to Japan

Finally, hubby will be going to Japan for his business trip next month. He has been talking about it for a few months about the trip and at last it materialized. However, it will only be a short trip as things in Japan is pretty expensive.

He is going to stay in one of the top hotels when he is in Tokyo which I so wish I could tag along!!!! According to him, it is a good as those luxury new york city hotels if not better! Aaaarrggghhh! If I don't have any kids, I will definitely tag along as this is like once in a life time kinda opportunity!

It finally popped!

The BIG zit next to my nose, that's it!

So glad that it finally popped after my itchy fingers went to meddle with it two nights ago. It was a little annoying as well as painful since it swell up quite a bit so while sitting there day dreaming, those naughty fingers of mine decided to pinch it and it went POP! :P

Since it was just a regular zit, I don't have to go search for acne treatments that work unless those ugly bumps are covering my entire face!

Spring cleaning and packing

Since it is almost the end of the year, it is time for me to do some spring cleaning in preparing for the new year. As the Lunar New Year is at the beginning of February, it is a mere 2.5 months away... which is pretty soon!

Now that I am planning my packing for our move, it is good to do the spring cleaning together. Been clearing some of the old stuff which I'll be giving away to the temple so they can sell them and make some money out of the sale.

Most of our stuff are only for summer so will be getting some winter items before we send off our cargo. Among the things I'll need to buy are long johns (which seems to be much cheaper here), some cardigan sweaters which will be good for spring and autumn and some fleece jackets for the kids which I am getting a friend from the UK to get for me.

Looks like there are more shopping to do in the next few months too!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking for the perfect pairs of earrings

I hardly buy any jeweleries now especially with a baby, I try not to wear any. However, I am searching for a pair of hoop earrings which are bigger than the regular gold coins. If I can, I wanted to have a few pairs which have different sizes so they can be worn for different occasions.

These will be kept for future use since baby likes to pull things that dangle on my body. To avoid unnecessary troubles, I only wear my single pearl earrings for the time being. Once she is bigger and cling less to me, Ill start putting on these jeweleries!

Can't wait for the day where I can finally dolly up more!

November is Birthdays Month!

Today my mom celebrates her 61th birthday. After which, my second uncle will celebrate his on the 9th followed by my brother's wife on the 12th. Then it will be my nephew's birthday on the 16th and my son's on the 21th!

So to say, this month I'll be broke buying birthdays' pressies!!!

Since we are still in Penang, we can't celebrate with them so will make it up when we go to KL in 2 weeks time.
Gonna have a mega birthday celebration for all of them!

Making pinata

Our son's birthday is nearing and we have decided to hold a birthday party for him in his school so that he can enjoy with his classmates. Since it is almost school holiday, the teacher told me that we can have it as long as we want so all the kids can have fun as there will be no lessons.

SO, this weekend both hubby and myself are busy preparing for the little party. We went to get the materials this morning and upon returning home, hubby started his project - making the pinata! It is only half done now so can't show anything until it is completed!

To work or not to work?

This question always kept me wondering.

I have not been working for almost 6 years. Not that long but not that short either. Though I do feel very fulfilled most time being a stay at home mom but sometimes I do miss those social part in the corporate life. I miss having colleagues to talk to and bosses to confide in.

Now that we are moving to another country where the cost of living is high, I do thought about returning to the work force. Though hubby said he can still manage being the sole bread winner but I know it will be tough since we are no longer staying in a fully paid property.

With all that, I wonder how we are going to save enough for old age? Don't even mention of investing in stuff like  gold bars as we definitely won't be able to afford. So, should I consider returning to the work force? Since the kids are already getting bigger, that could be a possibility...

Happy Deepavali!!

Wishing all Hindu friends out there a Happy Deepavali and for those who are not celebrating, a Happy Holiday!

Everyone loves year end as this is the season where all the festivals are! After Deepavali, it will be Thanksgiving and soon it will be Christmas! After Christmas it will be New Year!!! Yes, It is going to be 2011 in less than 2 months!!! Time rally flies!

Shortly after the New Year, it will be the Lunar New Year. Gosh! And my birthday is just right after that! And to add in, our wedding anniversary is just right after my birthday! Woah! Endless celebrations!!!!

My trolley cover is finally here!

photo from here
After waiting for almost 3 months, the Infantino baby trolley/shopping cart cover finally arrived! Thanks to my dear friend in Oregon for helping me to get it. I did not managed to find this particular so no choice but to pester my friend to get it from the mall near by her place! I guess I am the only person who bought this here as I've never seen or heard anyone using it!

Why I bought it? Well, my baby loves to hold the sides of the trolley each time we go shopping and knowing how 'clean' are these trolleys, I have to put a towel to cover all the sides so baby won't touch or get any germs. No matter how hard I tried, the towel tends to fall/slide off when baby yank it away.

Now, I don't have to worry about dirty shopping trolleys anymore!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Interesting find in the mall

We did not only went to one mall but two today! Yes, we went out before 10am and home at almost 8pm! Almost 11 hours out of the home... with two kids!!! What an achievement heh??!!

So, the other mall that we went to also has a few new tenants and some older ones moved out. I managed to check out a few and was rather attracted to one that was selling some knick-knacks like gifts, soft toys and other small items. And in the many things they have, I spotted old gold coins which I supposed were some imitations stuff. However, they looked quite real if one do not really noticed!

I am no longer into coins collecting at the moment so I did not spend too much time browsing them. Probably some day when my interest returned! :P

Sunway Carnival is more crowded

We went to 2 malls today! Yes, after we were done at Jusco Prai, we went to Sunway Carnival just because we promised our boy that we will let him have fun in the indoor play gym. He has been pestering to go for a long time so since we were already there we just go... Not good to break a promise made to a little boy! :P

When we arrived it was almost 3pm and to our surprise, that place was extremely crowded with shoppers! Not sure if they go for serious shopping or just spend time in the mall to enjoy the aircon? hehehe Whatever it is, we still spent 3 hours there since our boy refused to leave!

Mega Inflated Gym - Gone!

We went to Jusco at Seberang Prai this morning since we have not been there for a while. As usual, we have to go very early since we wanted to get the free kiddy car for our boy. We arrived around 10+ and was glad that there are still many available.

So, after going around the mall browsing at stuff, we decided to bring our boy to the mega inflated gym located on the Ground floor in the far end corner. To our surprise, it was GONE!!!! Our boy was extremely disappointed!

Since there was no more gym, so we just let him enjoy at the playland opposite before going to the DIY shop. And boy was my hubby a happy man when he found a lot of cheap stuff there! :P

Was so tempted!

This morning we went over to the Mainland so that we can bring our boy to spend some time in the biggest indoor playground in one of the malls there. While he was in there and hubby was taking care of him, I brought my girl with me to walk around the mall.

It has been a while we last stepped our foot there and discovered there were a few new tenants and among them are two gold jewelery shops and one selling steels products. Out of curiosity, I visited one of the jewelery shops and discovered that they also sell gold bars which some of the older shops do not. I tell you, I was so tempted to buy one!!!

Looks like gold bars are getting very popular now as more and more jewelery shops are offering them to their customers! Maybe in the future we don't buy designed jewelery but gold bars!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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I want to eat but don't want to be fat

So how???

We are just a few months away from our big move that I am actually started planning my 'food' list. Food is the one thing that I am going to miss besides my family. Therefore, I am actually listing down all the food that I must have before we go.

One of the food which I am going to miss most is nasi lemak (coconut milk rice with chilies and other condiments). Though I know Melbourne has this dish but I can be sure their taste will be very different. No nasi lemak in the world tasted as good as the one in Malaysia for sure! But how much can I eat? Once a day or 3 times a day? Since it is laden with fat (it uses coconut milk) chances of me putting up many kilos if I lap these up a few times a week!

I can't be checking on all the time right? I need a good solution for my short term food binging!

Woman in a Male body

This morning I was reading the digital news of a local tabloid in Singapore about a lady who hopes to find a soul mate who does not mind about her body. Well, she is not fat but rather she is so muscular, all the men will be put to shame!

This lady was... well, obsessed with body building and after years of muscle training and doing weight lifting, she now has a body of Mr Universe! I don't envy her body shape but I envy her courage to do that to her body!

I'm not sure if she has read any nano vapor reviews, or if she is a user of this nitric oxide which is well known in the weight lifting community.

Never need any advance

In my entire working life, I have never have the need to have any payday advance as I make sure I do not over budget or over spend each month. However, it is not the case for many blue collar workers. A relative who runs a construction firm often face with this problem. Many of his staff will ask for advance wages to be paid.

Though the company do not practice that but the boss is often too kind and gave way to his workers. These people are paid very low and with today's high cost of living, it is no wonder they can't tie over each month!

MIL on her way to Spain

After home for 3 weeks from Germany, my mother in law is on the plane again. She is still going to the same continent but to Western Spain instead for another week of vacation. OK, many people is envious of her jet-setting lifestyle. I wish I could have such opportunity too when I am at her age!

Where did she gets all those monies? Well, for one, she is very good in making investment. Besides investing in fixed deposits, she is also into other types of investments and one of them is buying gold bullions when the price is right as she always has the belief that gold prices stay optimistic all the time compared to any other things she has invested in the past.

Probably I'll have to follow her too and maybe earn enough to travel the world! :P

Friday, October 15, 2010

*You are getting fatter*

That was what the hubby told me yesterday morning when he hugged me. Hmmm.... not a good thing to hear in the morning isn't it?

Well, I must admit that I have been stuffing myself with food... I snack very often too which is why the additional bulges started to appear lately. OK. I know it is not very good and I do hope before I wean the little girl off my breasts, I can hit my desired weight.

If by then nothing happened, then I'll have to find other alternatives. I wonder if chromium picolinate and weight loss do come hand in hand? Hate the idea of being dependent on stuff like these!

Sleep deprived!!!!!

Every night for the past weeks (or issit months????) I never get more than 4 hours of sleep a night! Baby has been cranky and she will always cry when she turned around. This started about 5 months back I think and ever since I never get any good sleep. When she cry I'll have to quickly boob her to quiet her down else the noise will wake hubby and the brother up.

And now it is finally weekend and I hope I can catch extra winks the next two nights... if possible without any  sleep aids at least. I don't want to to be dependent on them else I won't be able to sleep on my own next time.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things that he wanted to bring along

... when we move... is a few sets of the latest model of HDTVs!

That was what hubby told me a few days ago when he spotted a flyer sent by one of the local electrical stores here. He said the prices of these TVs are so cheap now in Malaysia that it really make him wonder if we should buy them here or when we moved Down Under? Guess, the price there can't beat those here for sure!

The only problem is, will they arrived safely in our containers??? That was the biggest concern we have as we do not want to have broken TVs when we open up our boxes! So what if they are cheap but can't be used??

They are in Gold Coast

Both my brother and my SIL is in Gold Coast now to attend their company's conference. It was actually a trip won by my SIL by achieving her yearly sale target which got her 2 places for the trip. That was why my brother get to go too. It was all expenses paid for trip so all they need to bring is some spending money and of course a set of steiner binoculars! They are going to visit Sea World and probably Surfer Paradise during these few days.

We hope to go to Gold Coast too but not so soon. Probably in 2 years time when we have settled down in Melbourne. Can't wait to go... the kids will be trilled!!! :D

Friday, October 8, 2010

Saving up to buy gold bars

Since the news about gold price is going up again, we have decided to save up and invent in them. Gold prices has been on the upward trend the last few years and we are amazed by the percentage it has increased.

Instead of keeping our gold jeweleries, we thought of melting them and used them to buy gold bars or gold ingots instead as these are much easier to sell or trade later on. Since I won't be wearing these gold jeweleries, they are better used for investment rather than sitting quietly in the safe deposit box which we still need to pay yearly fees to keep them there.

As we may be migrating soon, it is better that we have something more fluid where we can trade or sell without having to be physically there.

The start of the 10 days feat

Today is the 9th month on the Lunar Calendar and that means the Hokkien in the country (the Buddhists) will go on a 10 days vegetarian feat. This is to celebrate Tien Gong or the Heavenly God or Jade Emperor on the 9th day of the 9th month on the Lunar calendar. This festival is mostly celebrated by the Hokkien people here especially those who are residing in Penang where it is an extremely grand event.

Stalls selling vegetarian feasts will be every where around the island as most of the devotees will go on a 9 or 10 days vegetarian feat. This is the best time to check out all the vegetarian food where there comes in all kinds and colors which are really interesting! I'm am going to check these stalls out this weekend! :P

Planning for baby's 1st Birthday

Gosh! In less than 2 months my baby will turn 1 year old! How time flies!!! I can still remember clearly when she arrived 10 months ago!

My kids' birthdays are less than 2 weeks apart hence it will be really busy for me this year as I have to plan 2 birthdays within 2 weeks! My boy will turn 5 this year so we thought of giving him a grand birthday party in his school so that he can have fun with his classmates. Since his actual birthday falls on the week of school holiday starts, we will do it a few days earlier.

As for baby, we still can't decide if we should have a grand birthday party for her since it is a milestone that she is turning 1! Probably I will bake a cake and maybe (if I have time) I'll even do a slide show of her from birth to when she turns ONE.

We are all pretty excited!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Accutane Lawsuit

Initially I was rather confused about Accutane as it is actually a type powerful drug used to treat acne but also found that they are related to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis. After reading a few results after searching from the web I found that the drugs are associated with all these injuries.

So, if you are anyone you knew contracted these diseases after using Accutane, you could actually pursue a  Accutane lawsuit to claim for these injuries. The folks at O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath are well trained in this aspect so it would be good if you could get them to help you.

Watching my diet

Now that Burger King is here, I'll probably be eating more burgers than I should since I love their Whoppers so much! Before this, I hardly eat burger... probably once or twice a month when we visit Chili's. I don't take McD if I have a choice and since I can refrained from eating them for years... they are not a threat. I only go there when I want to have my boy entertained. :P

That being said, I should really start to watch my diet from now on. If possible I would want to avoid taking any diet pills or fat burners since I don't really know their credibility. I often wonder are fat burners safe? Since I have read about some misfortunes by others who have taken these substance to control their weight, guess I better be careful. Can't take the risk...

Burger King is finally in Penang!

Hurray!!! My favorite Whopper is finally here after a long 6 years wait!

They purportedly opened last Thursday according to a friend. We made our way there on the next day to check the place out. The place is kind of out of the way and I don't think it is a popular location with many of us but what the hack since most of us drive on this island! :P

The location : The Promenade is along the Jelutong Highway facing the seafront just next to the Nautilus Bay housing estate. Pretty easy to locate BK which is on the left when you came to the end of the road opposite the sea.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yummy Street Food @ New Lane Penang

Though I have been living in Penang for almost 6 years now but I don't venture to many places for food though Penang is considered as 'Food Heaven' in Malaysia. This is because my dear hubby dislike crowd and places where parking is a problem. Therefore, we will go to a few common places where food are ok and ample parking.

Most good street food can be found in New Lane where tourists patronises most of the time. We try not to go there during weekends as this place will be so packed with people... if we do want to go on a weekend, we have to be there early.
Batu Maung Satay & Pork Satay with peanut sauce
My current favorite is the special 'Batu Maung' satay (the light yellow variant)... I think by far these 'satays' or meat kebabs are one of the best I have had to date. They are very tasty as all the marinade stick on to the meat itself so you don't even need any peanut sauce. The stall in New Lane also sell the regular varieties which goes with the peanut sauce. I particularly like the pork satay (the darker variant).

Chee-cheong-fun (rice flour rolls in prawn paste sauce)
The other food which we definitely will order is the 'chee cheong fun' (rice flour rolls) which comes with prawn paste sauce. This is a must have as it is uniquely Penang to say the least!

Tourists will normally throng this place every weekends. Especially when there is a long weekend, Penangites will have to avoid going there as it is simple impossible to get a seat! It is as if they buy gold bars at rock bottom price!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too much moon cakes

I think this year we ate the most moon cakes! Normally we only get one box (which has 4 pieces inside) and that will be it. However, this year hubby has been on a moon cake 'fest'! We have bought at least 10 pieces (2 and half boxes) even before Mid Autumn Festival! The actual day is next Wednesday and that means we still have a week to go!

Now, we are left with 1.5 pieces at home and I think hubby will go get some again (in fact we were at the shop earlier to buy for my parents) since my mother in law will be home next week to celebrate the occasion.

When I don't see them, I don't think of eating but once I see them I'll go cut a slice. So how to lose weight like that???? Guess my hard work looking for slimming products here and there will be futile if hubby continue to entice me with all the fattening food!

It has been 4 years!

The other day I spoke to my friend who is residing in LA over on MSN and she asked me when we will be visiting again as Halloween is approaching! Yes, it has been 4 years since our trip to the US and I do wanted to go again!

Halloween is indeed a very fun time in the US as compared to here since we don't really celebrate this festival. I just love the way people decorate their houses and the time for trick or treat. I am sure my boy will love it too since he was too young to enjoy 4 years ago!

I remembered I had so much fun searching for baby halloween costumes back then as it was our very first time celebrating Halloween and joining the trick and treat fun!

Time to scrub and do a mask!

I have not been using the facial scrub and face mask for sometimes as I am trying out a new line of skin care products which does not include any facial scrub or mask. Must be due to getting used to, I found that I need the facial scrub for blackhead removal and the face mask for closing back the opened pores.

Since today is a rest and relax day, I thought I'll do a scrub and mask before I retire for the night so I'll have a fresh looking face tomorrow!

A pit stop

My parents popped by for a pit stop last night after attending my grandaunt's funeral in our hometown and visiting my maternal grandmother in Kulim. Dad wanted to go back to Ipoh for the night initially but the drive will be too long for him so I persuaded him to come here instead. Since my mom was not feeling too well, so Penang will be much nearer.

I had wanted them to stay longer but dad told me he has to work tomorrow and he also needs to get his other car's auto insurance renewed so he has to be home by today. Hopefully the traffic will be smooth today as it is yet another public holiday to celebrate Malaysia Day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I might try some...

... sleeping pills if I can't sleep in the next few days.

This is yet another final decision I have to resort to if my sleep continued to be disrupted by baby's crying during the night. Though I have never thought of using them before but my lack of sleep is really getting to me as zits are popping up, eyes having deep eye bags and I'm starting to have blur visions.

Will try to check which sleeping pills that really work from the pharmacist later when I go and pick up some acne cream. *sigh* Life with a baby can be hellish when she don't sleep at night!

Woke up 8 times!

Last night was one of the worst night I had. Baby woke up so many times and I roughly counted 8 times altogether! I am not sure why she got so cranky and fussed whole night. It started after midnight and I can't get back to sleep after the first cry. I suspected she might be feeling the pain from the mozzie bites last night which has kind of swollen this morning. Hope nothing serious though...

This morning I was like a zombie but still I got to wake up since I have to drive my boy to school. I can feel some zits popping up around my nose area as I can feel the inflammation. I might have to pop by the pharmacy later to pick up some suitable acne products.

Today is also another very 'eventful' day with my parents coming and baby having slight fever. Don't know why all things love to happen at the same time!

She is graduating soon

Time really flies! Hubby's cousin who went to Brisbane to read Pharmacy four years ago will graduate end of this year. I can still remember clearly when we were invited to have farewell dinner together with the rest of the family and relatives shortly after Chinese New Year in 2007.

She is currently doing her final semester and will have to start looking for a job if she don't intend to continue studying for any research degrees. According to her mom, she needs to get 'register' as a pharmacist for 1.5 years before being recognized as one. Therefore, she has to find work in pharmacies to gain that experience.

Hopefully she will get something soon else she will required to come back to Malaysia which she don't intend to as getting 'registered' in Malaysia will takes four years!

All the best Cheryl!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rojak 'King' of Penang

We used to buy rojak (mixed fruits with prawn paste and crushed peanuts) frequently before I was pregger with our baby girl. Due to the unhealthy prawn paste, we stopped eating too much of rojak after I conceived as prawn paste is high in cholesterol.

Now that baby is already 9 months old, so it is quite safe to indulge again as we might not get to eat this particular yummy street food when we migrate. Guess we have to eat to our heart content before our big move!!!! :P

One of the rojak vendor who claimed to be the 'King' is the one at Macullum Street or famously known as 5th Street of Penang near to town. The way they do their rojak is different from other rojak vendors. Instead of mixing the sauce together with fruits medley, they put them in separate containers.

This particular vendor gives lots of ingredient for their sauces. Instead of only crushed roasted peanuts, she also added tiny roasted shrimps which gave a very nice fragrant to the sauce. It goes really well with the fruits of course!

Now that I am looking at these pictures I felt like having some rojak!! :P

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missing Spring in Perth

One of the best time of the year in Perth is now - Spring! Every where we go we can see beautiful wild flowers blooming! What a wonderful sight!!!

Last year, around this time we were in Perth and we went to Kings Park for the Wild Flowers Festival. Though this is not my first time there but it was for my hubby and my boy. They enjoyed the beautiful place so much that we hope to go again!

Here are what you'll get to see...

Beautiful skyline of Perth City

Beautiful Wild Flowers blooming

Wild flowers

Not sure when we'll get to go to Perth again. I really miss this place dearly. The clear blue sky and beautiful weather is to die for! :P

Saturday, September 11, 2010

USD at all time low!

This morning I got the saddest news... USD has dropped so drastically that it hit USD1 = RM3.11!!! I was hoping that it will go up since I need to change some USD to RM. I don;t know when it will go back to RM3.50 again. Initially I was hoping that it will at least hit RM3.60 since the economy has sort of recovering.

Now I am stuck as I can't move my USD. I don't want to lose too much during the exchange so was hoping hard that it will go up but who knows it dropped further! :(

I should have bought gold bullion with my USD and probably I would have gain so much by now! Well, what to do since I can't predict the future!!!!

Hopefully the greenback will inch up a little after the weekend...

Considering a DSLR

The past few weeks I have been spending quite a bit of time reading up on some review on some entry level DSLR. The two brands which I am keen in is of course Canon and Nikon but I got to know about Panasonic - Lumix as well which is so much cheaper as compared to the two other brands.

Since I have a baby, I would like to have one which is not too heavy and bulky else it will be very troublesome to lug around but these are the 'real' Pro cameras which will give me the kind of effects and quality I am after. Though most of the pictures which I want to take will be still life (mostly on food) so, the size should not be a matter but I may want to bring it out with me when I travel so weight is one thing I really need to consider.

Hopefully I can find a good model which has all the functions I want and at the right price.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!

This year we did not go any where during the long weekend break. Normally we will spend the holiday in Singapore but the timing was not too good so we decided to stay on the island instead. After all, we have gone for our vacation earlier this year so will have to wait for next year!

Wishing all Muslim readers of Hop Here Hop There a Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin! If you have to be on the road, remember to drive safely!

Hope you have a wonderful time this Raya enjoying all the yummy food! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

The start of school holiday

As much as I dreaded the week is finally here. Yes, the 2nd term school holiday begins today for the a week for most schools in the country which coincide with the Hari Raya Holiday (the Muslim's New year). I really don't know how to handle 2 screaming kids from morning for the next 4 days on my own.

If I keep them at home all the time, I anticipate more yelling since the elder boy is kind of stubborn and the baby is a cry-baby! It's gonna be a noisy affair for the week!

Anyway, I thought I'll just bring them out for most part of the day so we spend less time at home so there will be less screaming and yelling. Probably I'll go out to search and buy gold coins to expand my collection while the two kids busy looking around the shops.

New Twisties on the shelf

I was out groceries shopping the other day and wanted to get some snacks for myself when I chanced upon something on the shelves.

Yes, Twisties came out with a few new flavors and I bought one of them to try. This is supposedly the Peppery Jalapeno & Pickle flavor but what I tasted was just pepper!

The flavor was rather artificial as compared to some of their older available flavors. I think I still prefer their Satay flavor.

There is a salmon flavor which I might buy to try when I go shopping the next round. Hopefully it tasted better than this one.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What a 'FINE' day!

Initially I have wanted to go for the Jusco's Member Sale this morning but hubby did not want to go and I don't think lugging baby alone will be a good idea. Therefore, in the end I decided to stay home and cooked lunch instead.

In the afternoon, hubby wanted to go to town to buy more moon cakes. He wanted to get from the traditional store which his auntie recommended. So we went around 3pm and the whole place was so congested with cars! We made a few rounds but still can't find any parking and suddenly we saw an empty space in front of a shop which is only 50M away from the moon cake shop. However, it was a double yellow lines so we are not supposed to park but we can't go round and round so decided to just park there. And that was a huge mistake!

After we bought the moon cakes, we saw the traffic police!!!! And guess what? Yes, we got a 'FINE'! :(

We felt so bad that even talking about the Royal Caribbean cruise also can't lift our spirit. This was the first time we got a traffic fine for parking illegally. Never have we thought we will get the fine. Guess we'll have to pay at least RM30 for it. What a lousy day! There goes 2 pieces of moon cakes!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Collecting gold coins as a hobby

Previously I have never thought I will collect gold coins as a hobby but I have just discovered that I can make some extra money from trading some of them! This is a rather unusual hobby for me as I am still very new in this and to know the value of these coins I have to read up a lot.

My grand uncle has been a collector of old coins for decades and he was the one who encouraged me to start this hobby so I could take over his collection one day. His has a huge collection and I can tell you, those could amount to thousands of dollars! What is more, these coins will appreciate over time as they have certain historical values attached to them. Cool right?

Now, I am spending some of my free time reading up on this... especially those rare coins.

100 Yen Store Merdeka Sale

From tomorrow (28th August) till next Tuesday (31st August), all 100 Yen stores will be having Merdeka Sale. All 100 Yen Loyalty card holders will entitled to a 5% discount on purchases above RM50 in a single receipt. On top of that, you will also get a recycle shopping bag for free!

That was not all! You can even have a chance at a lucky draw to win a 4 feet high penguin stuff toy!

So, hurry up and visit your nearest 100 yen shore now!!! Don't be late or be square! :P

Interesting gadgets

A couple of weeks back, we went to the Mainland to do some shopping. It has been a long time since we pop by Jusco Perda so thought that the mid year sale was still on going then we went to have a peep. Can't remember when was our last time visiting but there has been quite a bit of changes during this visit.

Some of the empty lots has been occupied now and that means more place for me to shop! While my boy went to the inflates gym I went to look around these newly opened DIY shop situated just next to the playland. I was quite happy as they have lots of stuff!

And each time I go in shops like these I'll never go empty handed! Among the stuff I bought, this is by far one of the most interesting gadgets...

It is a mini rubbish cone drainer which is supposed to be stuck onto the sink wall so that all the liquid can flow out from the tiny holes and left all the solids in the drainer which we can then throw in the dustbin less the liquid. What an interesting and ingenious gadget!

Craving for Bak Kua (Pork Jerky)

Though it is not Chinese New Year yet that does not means we cannot buy bak kua or pork jerky to eat. Normally we only buy during Chinese New Year period as it is one of 'premium' delicacies for the festival. However, time has changed and we can buy any time round the year.

Recently we have been craving for these bak kua. Hubby decided to buy a small packet to satisfy his cravings. since it was only a few slices, we finished them in no time. Therefore, I planned to go get some tomorrow when we go shop for moon cakes. I intend to get the normal sliced meat variety as well as the gold coin variety which my boy likes to eat as it is small and round and perfect for little hands.

Hopefully there will be promotions at the store I intend to purchase from since Moon cake festival is just around the corner. Normally they will try to give some discounts during this period.

Typing this is making me hungry now!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Yummy food @ Ah Chai's

Last week some friends from KL and Ipoh drove up to Penang for work and holiday. They brought along their kids as well and stayed at one of the beach hotels here. It was so good to catch up with them as it was my first time meeting one of them whom just came back from the UK with her kids. However, she only brought her little girl along and left her son in the care of her mom in Ipoh.

When friends came to Penang, all the wanted to do was to eat and eat! Therefore, we decided to bring them to one of the latest seafood restaurant which we have just discovered just a few weeks earlier. This place is located near the airport called Batu Maung. It is just at the end of the Free Trade Zone. The restaurant is along the main road just a few metres away from the industrial supplies area. Their food is so damn good!

Lets the photos do the talking....

Fried Nestum Mantis Prawns
Ginger and Spring Onions Clams
Pan Fried Salted Cray Fish
Kam-Heong Bamboo Clams
Pan Fried Asam Prawns
Salted Eggs Crabs
Our orders

There were 4 adults, one teen and 3 kids at the table and we ate all the above!!!! On top of that, all of us had a plate of steamed rice and a glass of Umbra juice each! Amazing? You bet!

A chore I dreaded...

Washing the toilet and bathrooms!

I try to wash them as frequent as possible but sometimes there are just too many things to do that I have to keep putting these off. Not that our bathrooms are so filthy that even the rats avoid! It has never been my favorite things to do... honestly... who will be happy to wash these 2 places?

Anyway, I have planned to clean them this weekend since hubby will be home so he can help mind the kids while I do all the cleaning up. Hubby do helped to wash occasionally but he only scrub the floor and left the wall untouched. Over time the stains can be an eye sore!

Another thing I dreaded is to move those bathroom accessories before I start my thorough cleaning up of the place. I hate it when all these things are obstucting my effiency! :P

TGIF and the boy is off school today

Finally it is Friday! This week has been a busy one for me as I have so many chores to do and errands to run. So glad that I have completed some of them but there are still a lot more waiting for me.

Today, it is a public holiday too and that means the boy is home. However, hubby's company do not observe this day as a public holiday since it is more of a religion kind of thing so most MNCs operate as usual.

The baby is not sleeping well again last night with many rounds of crying. It is really getting on my nerves. The pacifiers are not working after all so wasted some money on that. I wonder when will all these crying spells stop?

Since both kids are at home, means I have very little time to do my own stuff. I am still trying to find a particular  gold coin which a friend has given to me some years back but can't seems to find it. I really hate to rummage through all my junks!

Time to change our phone

Our current phones in the house came together with our subscription so you can imagine how boring looking these phone can be. Worst, they are not even cordless phones! Imagine when we can even bring around when we are doing something away from the socket area. Very inconvenient indeed! It is about time we change all these antique phone around the house!

I has been on the look out for some Panasonic cordless phones for a while but still can't decide which to get. I even read up quite a bit on cordless phone reviews to help me decide. Hubby thought we should get one that comes with a few handsets so we don't have to pass the phone around when we are on the different levels in the house.

Will see how it goes... must think of the cost and functionality first.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I miss buying Christmas pressies!

When I was in the corporate world, I used to buy all my colleagues Chrismast pressies. Yes, you read it right... each and everyone in the office! At one time, there were almost 60 people in my company and boy was it tough to shop for 60 pressies!!!!

In those days, Internet shopping was unheard of so I have to walk from mall to malls over a few weekends just to search for the right gift for each person. It was tough work!!! How nice if I can have some chic and cheap xmas ideas back then so I don't have to scratch my head to think!

Now I don't have to shop for so many people anymore and I kind of miss the fun. Well, it is fun to give and receive sometimes! :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cooling Coconut Jelly

One of the best thing when the weather get extremely is to have one of these...

If I am not wrong, we can only get these coconut jelly in Penang for the time being as I've not heard it being sold elsewhere out of Penang Island. They came in 2 different 'flavors'. One is origional and another one is 'pandan' (screwpine) flavor.

It is extremely yummy when ate on a hot hot day... The jelly is very smooth and will slide down your throat and cool you down immediately!

Not really sure how they do it though but it was really refreshing!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Kwan-Yin Pagoda is almost complete

We don't normally go to Kek Lok Si unless we bring our friends and relatives from out of states for sight seeing. The last time we went was the previous Chinese New Year for the lanterns light up. My friend and her family came last month and we brought them up there since this is their first time to Penang.

The pagoda which housed the biggest Kwan-Yin statue is almost at the completion stage after more than 5 years of construction. I think it is a steel building since it has one of the most beautifuly structured roof I've ever seen.

If you have not been up there recently, you should pay a visit as the pagoda and the Kwan-Yin is really something you should not miss. The pillars are intricately crafted with traditional Chinese motives.

This project cost an undisclosed amount of millions of Ringgit!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tempted to get a DSLR

My current camera is a regular point and shoot and it can't really perform when the surrounding is dark. If I uses the flash, most times my photos will come out over exposed but if I disable the flash, all will be under-exposed. Another point is, I can't take good close-up with good depth of field.

Though mine is a Canon camera I found that this particular model is not a very good one. We bought in a hurry so did not really check its features in depth. Since I take a lot of close up for my blogs' usage, I think a good DSLR with a wide lense will be more suitable.

I am thinking of getting the Canon 550D but it kind of beyond my budget. And according to hubby, the new age DSLR is coming out so asked me to wait a little longer before I decide.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The end of the durian season

As mentioned earlier, we brought my friends from Singapore to a few durian plantations in Balik Pulau last weekend. It was a fun experience for them as this is the first time they see durian hanging on the tree! They also managed to get glimpses of premium durians which were being tied with strings to protect them from being falling onto the ground. These durians are as priceless as some gold coins to the orchard owners! :P

Che-kak (green husk)

Special mixed species

Amy Yip (Yeh-je-mei)

We went to 2 different farms and enjoyed a few different species of the famous durians on this island which can't be found in other places. Hubby was enjoying as well since he is a durian lover just like my friend and her hubby. I think all of them had a good finger licking time!

I guess we are very lucky to get to eat some of these famous species though it is nearing the end of season soon. One of the orchard owner told us to be there earlier next year to enjoy some of the other species which already gone by now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eating more durian this year!

This year the weather seems to be very ideal for our King of Fruit so the harvest was so much better than last year. The prices were much lower too and there were abundance of good quality durian being sold everyday.

Hubby has been buying a pack or two almost every other day! This year, he ate more than the previous years as he said 'we should eat as much as we can before our move!'. :P Well, not that I do not want to eat... though it has not been among my favorite food but knowing it packs a mean amount of 'FAT' that it will takes me weeks to shed off! I can't be depending on weight loss supplement all the time as I might get too dependent on them next time.

Anyway, this weekend we will be bringing my friend and her family up to the platation to have a good time eating durian... or probably having durian buffet just for the experience!

Visitors from Lion City

Finally after more than 5 years my good friend from Singapore is coming to Penang for vacation. This is the first time she is bringing her son on an aeroplane too which will be very exciting for the little boy. Her boy and my boy was borne only a month apart so naturally, they are good friends too!

Just communicated with her through emails earlier and she told me she needs to settle her life insurance quote first before her trip so that she will have an ease of mind when she is here.

For this trip, we have planned to bring them for makan-makan around the island espcially going to the durian plantation for the King of Fruit!

This is her very first trip to the island too so she is equally excited as her son!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The time is here...

... that I should really take good care of my diet!

My girl is already 7-month+ now and she has offically started solid since last week. This means she will require lesser and lesser milk from me and will even wean herself off very soon which I hope won't be happening in the next one year!

Currently I am still very unaffected with my diet. Yes, I am eating whatever and whenever it pleases me! I eat as and when I feel or don't feel hungry! Very bad habit indeed but I just have the urges to munch all the time!

Probably I may need diet pills that work if I still not able to control my diet to maintain my current weight and shape! Hubby has been making lots of complains lately about those growing bulges around my waist! :P

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A tired week...

Now that I have a school going kid, holidays should be a happy occasion but not for me! Why? Well, I felt I am more tired and needed more time if both the kids are at home from morning till night! I have to mind them all the time and I rarely have much time to do my own things!

I have started to feel pain all over my body due to lack of sleep (baby is not sleeping too well) and feeling lethargic since I don't get enough sleep since I can't fall back to sleep after I woke up in the night. I am very tempted to come down to surf the night in the middle of the night so to help me fall asleep but I worried baby will wake up when she found that I'm not beside her.

The only thing is to play with the iPhone and after click here and there helped me to doze off. Guess I have to depend on this gadget for the time being!

Dengue alert on HIGH!

The rain came and many places got flooded and that means these places could be the new breeding ground for those mean Aedes mosquitoes. This week has been hot and the mosquitoes come in bulk! I am not kidding since we have a 'mini' forest behind our house... which attracts these meanies! The government has announce that Dengue Fever is on the rise so they sounded the alarm this morning that we should all be aware of more Dengue cases.

I gotta start stocking up on more mosquitoes repellents since I have 2 kids at home. Our small first aid box has limited space so I was telling hubby that we should get a Robern Medicine cabinet and get it fitted in our bathroom so we could stock up more things inside.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Changing weather

For the past two weeks, the weather took a sudden change. It used to be really hot but we are getting more rainfalls and the skies are cloudy on most days. It is really a blessing since we have been suffering from really hot and dry weather for the past few months.

The sudden weather change is not entirely a good thing though with the kids having some problems adjusting to the sudden chills. Baby was the one who is slightly weaker since she is still so young and she can't take any  supplements like her elder brother. The boy has been chewing on some Vit C every morning so his immune system tends to works better... I guessed...

3 down!

The last two days, 3 of my soldiers are down with cold! Little baby was the worst hit as she has been having mucus up in her nose most of the time making her having difficulties breathing. Thus she can't nap and sleep properly... which mean, I have to keep her company too!

The boy is slightly better though he was the one who caught the flu bug first... from school. His body is better in fighting these bugs now maybe due to the vitamin C pills I have been giving him. I am feeding baby some fresh fruits too so she can have natural vitamins to help her fights all the bugs.

Pretty happy that baby is starting to take in those baby food I have been having problem feeding her earlier. Hoping she will eats better soon so she can sleeps longer at night after the mucus gone.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Must find a place to hide the iPhone!

I've been managed to hide the iPhone for almost a month from my boy. Then a few days ago, hubby who was the busy body took it out and play when our boy was in the room and hence the lil' fella found the new 'toy' he could play with with much excitement.

He normally don't want to go up to the room when bed time comes but now he willingly run to the room as he can't get his hands off the iPhone. He has been trying to westle the phone from me too but I was adamant to not let him play else it will be a habit. I am so worried he will drop the phone or spoil it as I did not get any iphone insurance. If the phone go k-o, that will be the end of it as I doubt I'll can get any replacement!

I better start looking for another spot to hide the phone now!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Substandard service & food @ Chicago Rib House!

Ok, I do not intend to bicker here but I just wanted to let out my steam!

Yesterday, hubby brought our son for a movie at Gurney Plaza and so after that it was dinner time. We decided to check out Chicago again this week despite our trip there last week as we really like the pork ribs. Of course, we ordered another plate of pork ribs but instead of half a rack we had full rack this time.

The service last evening was really bad. The restaurant was not that big and when we arrived, most of the tables were already half way eating so we thought we will not have to wait long... we were WRONG! We wated more than 30 minutes for our ribs and burger!

And when our ribs arrived, we were dismayed....

Can you believe that was a full rack of pork ribs????? Is that a pig or piglet???? Can't believe they served this as full rack!!!! We have to pay an additional of RM15 for that but it looked just like half rack to me! Worst, we waited so long and the ribs were so dried it almost chocked at my throat! Don't restaurants like these have some kind of standards on their food????

If you compared what we got last week for half rack looked more decent!

This is definitely one of the worst experiences we have had! I am not sure if we will return...

We used to eat at Cafe Cartel in Singapore and I dare to say at every different outlets within the island, I can get the same amount of ribs on my plate... which is definitely value for money! Why people can do it but our Malaysians' companies always failed in doing????

Not forgetting about their lousy service too. Since there were not that crowded we waited so long for the food to come. They have at least 7 waiting staff but most of the time these people are busy congregating at one corner chit-chatting and idle away instead of looking out for customers who needed to be serviced! I even have to go get my own ketchup from the counter!!!! bah!!!!!

That being said, I definitely don't need any apidexin and detoxufree72 to ditch those extra pounds I've gained from that meal as my anger already burnt them off!

I guess we will be back at Chilli's next round...

Our dream home...

...will definitely have a patio and not to mention one or two outdoor fireplaces! That was what I have told hubby about when we are discussing the subject the past few weeks. Though we still have yet to find a house or as the matter, a piece of land... there are still plenty of time to do further research of how to fix up in our future home.

Yesterday, we went to look at some of the flooring materials too so we can start to plan what to have and what not. I am also hoping to get some good deals on some home furnishing items so we can buy them and keep so by the time we move, we should have all the items to be placed in the house! Oh! How exciting!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Less weddings this years?

Last years we had so many wedding invitations as it was touted as a very good year to tie the knots. However, I was too sick to attend any as I was pregger with my #2. My mother in law attended most of them since most are her relatives.

We attended my cousin's wedding beginning of this year and we have not receive any invitations since then. I guess there will be less wedding this year since it is the year of the Tiger? I don't really know though. So far we did not hear anyone from both sides of our families that there are any 'news' of anyone getting married! :P

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More shopping to go!

Though we have been in KL for almost a week now but I have yet to really start my shopping. Instead, I have been meeting up with friends over the past few days. It was really nice to meet up with some of them as it has been a long time since we last met.

However, I do hope to start doing some shopping in the next few days as there are quite a bit of stuff I wish to get before we head back to Penang. So far I've only bought some bento stuff and nothing else. Hubby who is in Brazil at the moment is too busy to shop though I've asked him to get some good coffee for me.

Don't know if he'll have time to check out and buy silver bullion or not as his schedule is pretty tight. Heard that the price will be going up so it could be the right time to invest in some.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Double celebration @ Shogun 1U

Brought my parents to Shogun at 1U for a double Mother's and Father's Day celebration on yesterday. This was my 2nd time there and my parents' first. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves as this is the first time they tried Japanese buffet. Mom was exceptionally happy as she gets to eat her favorite cod and salmon fish in different cooking styles.

This time round I did not eat too much raw food as I am not sure if my tummy could take it or not as the previous time I got a bad diarrhea session after taking a few fresh oysters. Therefore, I only took a few slices of the sashimi of salmon, tako and tuna.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some of the loots

We brought 2 big luggage and 2 hand carry for our Melbourne trip. On our way there it weight about 47kg for both the checked in luggage and the total was less than 60kg in total (check-in and hand carry). I did not intend to buy too many stuff since we did not planned to do much shopping.

However, things changed! We went for groceries shopping very often and that resulted in me buying more things than I was supposed to as I can't resist the temptation of not getting them!!!! Hubby was not too happy about my purchases but I managed to hide most of them from him until the very last day when we have to pack to go home! :P

And here are my loots... well, just half of them only!!!!

Unlimited supply of Uncle Toby's!!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ringgit is going up

Our Ringgit was a little low for quite sometime. Last couple of days ago, out of the blue it started to moves upwards! This is of course is a piece of good news for us as we can get more when we exchange to other currencies. Maybe this is a good time for those who are investing in gold or buy gold coins as they could buy at a lower rate.

However, I don't invest in anything so I can only stand on the side line to see those who are investing either into foreign currencies or other kind of commodities. My hubby is into foreign currencies now so he was pretty excited about the moves!

Yummy DIY Cappuccino

Everyone was surprised that I did not do any cloth shopping this time when I went on my vacation to Melbourne. Yes, I did not get a single piece of clothing, shoes or bags! I have wanted to find some vitamin pills for my boy and some weight loss products for myself but did not have the time to do so.

We only have time to go for groceries shopping so I bought lots of food stuff for my boy and I managed to find this yummy decaffeinated DIY cappuccino which is really frothy when I poured hot water over it! It even came with a small bottle of chocolate shaker!

Now I can have a hot cuppa as and when I wanted!

I Scream - ICE CREAM!

With the weather so hot, I have been taking lots of cold drinks to quench my thirst. It seems that each time I have my glass of water, I can't help popping a few cubes of ice into it. Room temperature water is not enough to clear my thirst at all!

Another thing is, I have a strong cravings for ice-creams too! I seldom eat ice-cream and I hardly buy any. However, to counter my cravings, I decided to get a tub of lava ice-cream last week.

To make more ice-cream taste even better, I added some frozen raspberries and the passion fruit syrup which I bought from the strawberry farm in Melbourne. I can tell you it is so sinful that I definitely need fat burner after I finished the tub of ice-cream!

Going to KL again...

Next week will be the beginning of the mid year school holiday. It is a two weeks break so Darrius will not have to attend school. Co-incidentally, hubby needs to go for another business trip to Brazil again so I've opted to go to KL with the kids.

This trip down, I hope to meet up with some old school mates whom I have not meet for almost 20 years! We parted ways since we graduated high school and rarely have the chance to meet especially most of them went to different places to pursue their studies.

I am taking the opportunity to check out some life insurance leads from my dad and uncle too for the kids as I have the intention to get them some life policies.

The weather is extremely HOT!

Though it has been raining every alternate day for the past 2 weeks, the weather is still as hot or even hotter! We have never felt this hot before even though it did not rain in the past. The weather now is really unbelievable hot so much so that we avoid going out from the house now. Too much suns will cause us to have age spots prematurely... according to my mom!

Hopefully the storms will come soon...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Only 3 hours of sleep!

Yesterday my little baby was down with food poisoning for the first time of her life at 10 days prior to her turning 6-month old! It was my fault... giving her solid before she can take much of them! :(

I barely get to sleep since the episode started around 2-ish in the morning. I tried to pat her to sleep but she was crying in pain which I thought was gum pain as she kept 'ngiah-ngiah-ngiah' instead of those normal cries. She started puking and it lasted more than 4 hours so I did not get to sleep at all.

Now both my hubby and myself having dark circles under our eyes! I wonder if there are any eye cream for dark circles which can miraculously covering them as well as I'll definitely stock up since I hardly get much sleep these days!

Hair shedding... continued!

I am already coming to 6-month post partum but my hair shedding continued... to a very dangerous level too! I think at least 200 or more strands fell off a day! I can even feel it even as it dropped off my head! Not sure if it was the post natal kinda stuff but I can see my some parts of my head started to get a little bald! It is quite visible since it is in front!

Initially I was thinking this is a very normal phase for someone who has just delivered a baby but the amount of hair falls is just too much! I am starting to look for shampoo for hair growth now to combat these hair falling business! In fact, I have been using 2 brands but they are not doing much so I have to go look for one that can really help!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Only shop for the kids

Last time when ever I go on a tour to another country, I normally do a lot of shopping. There was one trip to Sydney where I bought at least 5 pairs of shoes! They were leather shoes and were at marked down prices so it was so hard to resist!

Now that I am a mother, I tend to shop for the kids instead and some how neglected my own shopping list. If I ever shop for myself, they would be bento accessories which I used it for the kids too!

It has been a long time since I go into the lingerie shop! I think for my next shopping trip to KL, I better go check out what is hot for the bedroom eh?! :P

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It was a Toyota Prius

The car that we hired from Avis when we first arrived in Melbourne was a Toyota Prius. My hubby likes Prius after his experience in the US recently where he hired one there too. However, he told me he likes the one he had in the US more than the one in Melbourne as the car has a sun roof and more electronics gadgets compared to the latter one.

Nonetheless, he still enjoyed driving it...

Friday, May 14, 2010

When can I be back to corporate life?

My boy will turn 5 and my girl will turn one end of this year. Due to my girl's arrival last year, I have to temporary stop my cupcake business since I do not have a helper at home. I am contemplating to end my business since I will need more time to spend with my kids... since the elder one is attending school now.

I am wondering when can I re-start my business again in the future or should I just go back to the corporate work force on a part time basis so I still can spend more time at home? Too many questions now and no answers available.

These days, more and more companies are using employment screening before they hire so I am also worried that my absence from the corporate for too long will not be too favorable in my resume.

A solution to my diet?

Ok, it is about dieting again! As much as I hated this subject, I can't run away from it... if you know what I mean!

Just discovered that besides all those dieting secrets, pills and what ever I can hear or read about, there is one which works like an appetite suppressant that affects the central nervous system. It is called phentramine and it is used togther with diet, exercise and behavioral modification to treat obesity in people with risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

Normally, those with obesity problems will tend to have high blood, is a diabetic as well as high cholesterol and some diet pills will have adverse effects. I'm not sure if I have all three but to be on the safe side, I better go for something that don't cause me to suffer!

No time to shop

We are back from Melbourne almost a week now! Time flies! We anticipated the trip for months and before we knew it, it was over....

This vacation is one of the shortest as compared to our previous 'mega' vacations where we normally stayed at least 10 days and beyond. This trip we drove a lot too since we went to a few far away places from the city which required at least 2 hours and beyond of driving to one destination. Therefore, we have very limited time to go shopping except for groceries since we cook our own most of the time or eat fast food when we are on the road.

Was supposed to go shop for some multi vitamins for my boy and check out the best prenatal vitamins for a friend but no time for that at all! I hope we'll have more time the next round when we visit Melbourne again.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Surprised gift

A few days ago, hubby received a surprised gift from our agent. He sent hubby a gold coin! Hubby was dumbfounded but after reading the letter attached, he gave out a laugh and tore out the packaging and put the coin in his pocket! He then asked me 'we can use this right?' I then told him to keep it as a souvenirs since we don't always get free gold coins or buy gold coins!

Two days later I saw the gold coin on top of the piano... hmmmm...

Now, what did he wants to do with the coin? Tell him to go spend it or I secretly keep it for him???

Paying with credit card

This time we did not change much to Australian dollars as we still have quite a substantial amount from our previous trip to Perth. Aside from the daily expenses on food which we will be using cash, the rest of the things like car hire and accommodations, we will be paying with credit card since most of them we made the booking online.

Now, we just need to sit back and relax and enjoy our flights tonite! Can't wait to experience the A380!!!!

Big Plans

We are leaving approximately 6 hours from now to the airport to catch our flight to Singapore where we will transit to our flight to Melbourne. This is also our very first experience boarding the biggest commercial plane - the A380. Don't you think Baby G is one hell of a lucky infant??? :P

Ok, next it will be our week long vacation in Melbourne. Hubby has a big plan for that one whole week. We will be driving since hubby already hired a Toyota Prius and upon our arrival, we will drive off from the airport. Since a friend offered us his place to stay, we ditched the idea of hiring a motorhome which was the initial plan. At least now we don't need good sam motorhome towing service any more.

When I told my friend about our plans, he laughed at me and exclaimed 'wah... you want to visit the whole of Victoria and not Melbourne only issit??' :lol: Well, what can I say???? :lol:

Now, I better get all my work done and continue with the last minute packing!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sky Pool @ Traders Hotel - KL

Earlier this month we spent a few nights at Traders Hotel in KL. This hotel is just walking distance to the Petronas Twin Towers. Though this is a business hotel, they are also quite family friendly as compared to Crowne Plaza Hotel which we used to stay when I are in KL.

One of the attractions is the SkyPool which was located at the 33th floor. It has a rectangular shaped pool of about 25m in length and 1.5 in depth and 2 jacuzzi pools. One is at normal temperature and the other is heated. My boy was so happy upon seeing a pool which he can use.

Besides the pools, they have very interesting pool lounge. It has glass windows so we can actually view the Twin Towers in full view from those tatami style seating they put next to the glass windows.

Well, I must say it was one of the most fun stay we had so far! :D

He just want to jog

Hubby has been putting on weight lately as we have been feasting on and off due to all the festivities in the early part of the year. Now that everything has somehow settled down a little, we are going on another vacation which literally means... feasting again!

Though hubby is not into body building, he do not take any ALRI CR2 to help him pump up his muscles. He said, with his age, all these are not so important anymore. He just wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle so he will jog at least twice a week and have healthy breakfast everyday. Though every now and then he will still eat the deadly 'nasi lemak' (coconut milk rice) when he visits the wet market!

Eating healthy

I am already reaching 5 months post partum. Though I have managed to lose those pregnancy weight but I have yet to reach my desired weight. I am actually at my pre-pregnancy weight now.

However, after my confinement was over, I have been eating like nobody business! Since I am breastfeeding exclusively, it somehow helped to maintain so till now I still have not resorted to any diet pills like taking adipex yet.

I am slowly changing my diet now taking in more fibre food such as wholemeal and vegetables. I try to consume less meat but still can't refused those carbo food such as bread and noodles! Well, got to do it slowly...

Packing a mini first aid box

We are flying off to Melbourne this Friday! The worst thing is, we are not even packed yet and I have 2 days to do that! Gosh! Wish I could have more time as some of my winter jackets are still hanging on the line trying to get dry... and it have been raining! Hope for some sun today!

As this is our first trip to Melbourne and also baby's maiden trip so far abroad, I have decided to pack a mini first aid box for the trip. Not sure what will happen since we will be traveling quite a bit during our week long stay there so just to be on the safe side. Baby is currently down with flu so I have to bring along a nasal spray since the weather has turned chilly there. I've also intended to bring along my crack heal cream and some joint supplement given by my MIL as I have been having some pain on my joints lately. Will go and get some paracetamol for my boy too later today.

I hope I have covered everything!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Security camera on signboard

This morning my little girl woke up when I was preparing my elder boy for school. I have no choice but to lug her along with us else there are no one to help me take care of her. Normally I will leave her at home for that 5 minutes we are away since the school is only a stone throw away. No point waking her up since she will cry.

After dropping the boy in his school, I drove with my girl to the nearby hypermarket. It has been a while since I go there so early in the morning when shopping is such a breeze compared to the weekends. I even managed to have breakfast there... been a long time since I ate 'roti pisang'!

While on my way to the car, I saw a phone company set up a stall along the travellator. What caught my attention was, I saw a security camera attached to the signboard! I've not seen anything like that before but I guess the 'boss' must have a reason for doing so!!! :P