Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to keep them off the computer?

Both my boy and my nephew are addicted to the PC since my dad let them play those computer games a few weeks back. My boy will scream when ever I told him to switch off the PC or told him to do other chores. He will refused to leave and the table and even refused to eat or sleep. For heaven sake... he is only 4! I am really baffled with his behavior now.

I have told my dad to 'delete' away all those games so the boys will leave the PC in peace but they always have their ways to 'persuade' their gong-gong to switch on for them. Even the TV could not entice them any more. As my dad also needs to go online to check his stock market during the weekdays, it has been a problem with the boys hovering over the PC!

Suddenly I have the thought of getting those wii games to lure the kids away but we do not have any wii set or wii accessories. I wonder if I could loan it from a friend of mine for the time being to 'settled' the kids.

She is with us at last

11 days ago I gave birth to my second child whom we have been yearning for the past 3 years. Finally we had her in our hands after the many tries over the years. She is a healthy 3.3kg baby girl and is growing well since her birth.

We have been wishing for another kid after our first child turned one but due to work stress suffered by hubby, we were unsuccessful in conceiving until earlier this year. Though we did not wish for any particular gender but we are grateful that God has blessed us with a little girl so at least we have a pair in the family.

It was not an easy pregnancy as I was sick from morning sickness for the first 4-5 months. However, I was blessed with an easy labor where it lasted less than 2 hours from the moment I discovered my waterbag burst.

Our little girl is the best present I could give hubby as Christmas pressie this year so maybe hubby should buy some certified diamonds for me as a reward eh? :P