Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another trip down under

Next year, we might be going to Melbourne for another short vacation. As we will be bringing our little girl along, hubby thought of renting a RV for the trip as it will definitely be more convenient as we will be traveling quite a fair bit. It will be another new experience for all of us.

Since we have not rented any RV before, we are unsure of how to handle it. We do not have such in Malaysia so we are quite ignorant how to care for such vehicles or how we can get help when we are in troubles. We just hope that in Melbourne there will be services such as those provided by At least with such professional help, we won't have to worry much.

For now, we can't wait for the trip to happen!

Monday, November 16, 2009

When will it be?

I am actually 36 weeks along my pregnancy now and in less than a month my #2 will be making an appearance. To be very frank, part of me is very excited but the other part of me is filled with worries... What if my lil' Bun decided to come early? I am not 100% ready yet!

A close friend just delivered her baby 3 weeks early and I was pretty shocked when her baby appeared to be so small in size. According to my ob/gyn, my baby's current weight is only 2.2kg (estimated) and it is unlikely she will go beyond 3kg by the time I reach 40 weeks... So if she decided to come earlier... probably I'll have a small baby too!

These kind of news really put me on my toes! I just wish I go just close my eyes and fly my mind to nassau where I don't have to think about all the complicated stuff!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Endless complains

My mom complained about her kitchen sink again today. Every time the water splashed out from the sinks, she will complain about how lousy the contractor was in doing the sink not to her liking. I have been hearing about the same complain for years... so it is nothing new.

Since the house my parents has been living is not so new, my dad did not want to go through the hassle to redo most of the fixtures which my mom has been constantly complained about. After all, it will be really messy if he were to tear down all these fixtures and rebuild them and my mom will definitely complain again about the mess that she has to clean up after the reno. So, for the time being, we will just bear with them....

The weight is pilling up...

Technically, I still have approximately 5 weeks to my EDD. So far I have piled up about 10kg the last 35 weeks. I have been eating normally though most of my meals consisted a lot of carbohydrates. I found that this time round I craved for carbo food most of the time and thus the extra pounds. During my previous pregnancy, I did not crave for carbo food as much so my weight was considered as 'optimum'.

I just wished I will not go beyond 15kg on the day I deliver my Lil' Bun. I am trying my best to eat sensibly but having more vegetables for my meals. I also tried having more healthy grains such as oats and wheat cereals for breakfast and not 'nasi lemak' which is a local favorite.

If all that failed to control my weight, then I'll have no choice but to look for the best weight loss pill to help me bring down my weight after my delivery...