Friday, October 30, 2009

We are on wireless

A couple of months back our old faithful router finally gave way and retired after serving us for more than 6 years. Hubby was a little sad but we can't keep technology stuff forever so he finally have to get a new router. The new one was not as good (according to the sales rep) as compared the old one as it was more reliable. Well, there's nothing we could do as all new gadgets are made in Taiwan these days...

The only positive thing about the new router is, IT IS WIRELESS! Yeah, finally we can surf any where within the house and we can cut down the amount of cables and cable ties! The PC areas are neater now but since we have lots of other gadgets, we still can't run away with mess!

Some shopping in KL

We'll be on our way to Ipoh later and to KL tomorrow. This time we will only be spending 2 weeks in KL as hubby is going away for a another biz trip to Brazil. He'll then come and pick us up.

Two weeks in not short or long enough if I wanted to go shopping as I could only do that during the weekends since I can't drive to all the malls myself. I don't intend to shop a lot this time round as I am starting to have difficulties walking for long hours. Will just get some of the listed essentials which I'll be needing when I delivered Lil' Bun.

I have been looking for a pair of shoes and can't decide which brand to buy. I just heard from a friend that there's a new site she found selling Naot shoes and she can get them without any sale tax. I really need another pair of comfort shoes since I only have one pair which the color I'm not too happy with.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Got to control now

When I was at the ob/gyn clinic this afternoon, I asked him about the weight of my little baby. He told me it is hard to estimate now as it is too soon to tell. He told me in the next two months, baby will grow very rapidly and he could probably estimate better when I am nearer to my delivery date.

Since I can't know baby's weight now, I do not know if all those weight that I've gained in the past few months actually went to me or the baby? As I can't take any appetite suppressant now, I am having a hard time controlling my appetite! Don't know why I kept having cravings even though I am already at the late stage of my pregnancy. I better take some control before I put on too much weight else I'll be having a hard time shedding them off later!

Only 2 months to Christmas!

When we were in Perth, some of the shopping malls have already started selling Christmas ornaments and decorated with Christmas decoration even though it was just late September! Normally, Christmas decoration won't be up till end of October since Halloween is at the end of October.

Since I am no longer in the corporate world, I don't receive any corporate holiday cards any more. Therefore, I don't really know how early people will start sending these seasons greetings. Last time, I used to received in early December but now with all those e-cards, probably some will send earlier or even the very last minute!

Can't wait for Christmas though!

Luckily only 1 kg!

This month onwards, I’ll have to start visiting my ob/gyn once every three weeks as I am already 7 months preggy. So, today is my 2nd visit for the month. It is always nice to take a peek ‘inside’ and see what Lil’ Bun is up to and how much she has grow.

My ob/gyn is the no-nonsense type and he don’t waste time talking unnecessary stuff as he has a train long Q waiting for him outside everyday. My visits usually takes less than 5 minutes which normally include a scan. His charges is quite reasonable and is about 50% cheaper than my ob/gyn in KL. Unfortunately I still have to waste that amount when I go and see my ob/gyn in KL just so he knows I will be delivering there.

From my scan today, we finally found out Lil’ Bun’s position. She has already turned downward and not in a ‘breech’ position as I suspected earlier. Which is a real relief.
We can see that she has grown so much that the space inside is getting really small… she looked as if she is being bundled up like a ball! :P

And today I found out I had added ONLY 1kg since my last visit! Wooohooo! Though I have been pigging out like nobody business the past few weeks! Probably I have been eating more healthy food like cereal and bread as compared to just noodles or nasi lemak! How am I going to burn belly fat after delivery will be another headache I don’t intend to think about just yet!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Missed Perth Mint

I still do not have much time to write about our recent Perth trip as I was so tied up with settling my boy in his kindy. Though I should have done this earlier but I am just glad everything is turning out fine and he has stopped crying this week, which is week three now. I'm so proud of his little achievement.

When we were in Perth, we went to quite a number of places which I have not been to though I have lived there for almost two years before. Initially my aunt has suggested we go and visit Perth Mint where we can get to see some rare silver coins but due to time constraint and the rain, we have to cancel our trip. Instead, we went for a free ride around the city on one of the free CAT buses since my boy wanted to sleep.

As it was raining intermittently, we have not choice but to find sheltered places to avoid getting wet so a lot of outdoor plans have to be scrapped. Ended up we only managed to visit Bell Tower and walk along Hay Street briefly.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting a MBA online

Just a few days ago my brother had the sudden thought about getting a MBA. It was really out of the blue kinda thing as his working hours are pretty long. I wonder where can he spare the time to do it? Now that his wife is busy building up her career and they have a young child to mind. But life is tough these days unless you continue to upgrade so you won't be left behind.

Nevertheless, I told him about some of those accredited universities that offer quality Masters degrees online and he should spend some time checking them out. Since I've just read about Gonzaga University which is ranked number 3 in the West by US News and World Report, I told him to check it out.

Gonzaga University was ranked as one of best value among private universities by Kiplingers Personal Finance. Actually, there are very few top ranked schools which are offering online programs as many thought that online degrees lack the authenticity.

Cheaper in duty free shop

Each time I travel to Perth, I will get my uncle a carton of his preferred cigarette. It is an Aussie brand which we don't get here in Malaysia. And I must say the price of these cigarettes don't come cheap. In fact it has rise so much in the past few years! Luckily he don't have a habit of smoking cigar, if not it will be worst.

This time I got him 2 cartons since I was traveling with my hubby. Each carton cost around AUD47 which has about 6 boxes of 30 sticks in each box. According to my aunt, if she were to get it out of the duty free shop in the airport, she has to pay another 40% more!

Well, maybe that was the way the government discourage their people to smoke. :)

Meals on SIA flights suck!

My boy and I don't travel to foreign countries that often. Even though we do, the furthest will be to Lion City annually. Unlike my hubby who travels a lot for his work. So, when we do travel, we usually fly with SIA (Singapore Airlines).

Recently, on our flight to Perth which was a morning flight, my boy gets a kid's meal which was not given to him until I asked for it. I don't remember I have to inform the check in counter previously to get my boy a kid's meal. I was kinda disappointed when all the flight attendants pretended not to see my boy when they were busy distributing the kid's meals to other kids on board.

After my request, a male attendant brought the meal tray over but from his expression, I felt that he was kinda unhappy... for what reasons I don't know!

And these are the stuff my boy gets....

After opening the butter and bite on a piece of nugget, my boy felt uneasy as the plane was experiencing turbulence so he dosed off. Since the tray was still around when I was having my meal, I decided to try the food on my boy's tray. The nuggets were hard and the tomato rice wrapped in the egg omelette was as hard as stone! How do you expect a kid to eat stuff like that??? I could not believe that SIA actually serve stuff like that! I don't want to comment about the food I had... it was equally bad if not worst! It is not cheap to fly with SIA ok!

Then, on our flight home my boy did not even get his kid's meal! I was baffled! I don't know if that was the fault of the check in staff or an over sight from the airline. I think the airline should know that if a ticket which was printed with the title MASTER, it is no doubt a kid below 12 years of age!

It was like winter!

The weather in Perth was supposed to be spring but surprisingly it is colder than before. At most nights we experienced temperature below 5 degree Celsius which is kind of unusual. It was more like winter rather than spring! Since we are not staying there, we did not get ourselves any house slippers so we have to wear socks most of the time to keep ourselves warm.

My aunt's place is 60% carpeted so there are quite a lot of areas which are tiled. She don't have any glass tiles in her house though, since it was an old house.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back from our vacation!

Geez... time flies when you're having fun!!!!

Our vacation to Singapore and Perth came to an end today. We spent 3 days in SIngapore and 10 days in Perth. Can't believe it ended so soon!!!! Singapore was hot-hot-hot but weather in Perth was perfect! My hubby is missing Perth so much!!!

Well, besides sight seeing, we feasted a lot for this trip! Particularly when we were in Singapore! I think I have more than 5 meals a day! On the 2nd day, I chomped down 2 bowl of noodles in one sitting! Scary rite? hahahahaha

Well, since I am preggy, it is like a passport for me to eat without guilt! For the time being, I won't have to search for any diet pill that works for sure!