Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our family vacation starts tomorrow!!

After almost 2 years, we are finally going on another vacation in another continent. It has been a long awaited trip and though it might not be a very good time for all of us to travel due to the H1N1 pandemic and I am heavily pregnant... we just have to make this trip... all because of a huge chunk of soon to be expired Kris Flyer points! :P

Our first destination will be Lion City as we are taking Singapore Airline so we need to transit in Singapore... and so we are taking the opportunity to visit some friends and relatives while we are there. Can't wait to eat all those food that I've been missing!

Next we will fly off to Perth, a place where I have not set foot for more than 5 years! I truly miss this place... clean, spacious and clear blue sky... just like heaven! :P

As we are staying with my aunt, we do not need to hire any car this time. Save tones of $$$ on accommodation and car hire! That means we do not need to worry about any auto accessories as well since we are using my cousin's car to move about.

Can wait to savor those succulent fish & chips in Freo and Conca's chili mussels and their superb garlic bread!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

He wanna give away his plasma TVs

With the LCD TV so cheap now, my uncle wanted to change all his plasma TV after having them for about 7 years. He told my dad he is willing to give all the plasma mounts too if anyone want to come and take his plasma TVs.

The thing is, his plasma TVs are really huge! And according to my hubby, they uses a lot of electricity hence nobody wanted them now. Actually I don't mind having the smaller unit which will be good in the room but my uncle is in Singapore and the transport fees will be so expensive I could get a brand new LCD!

Just a week away!

Time really flies... and we are just a week away from our vacation!

It has been almost 6 years I left Perth and going there again will be so fun... this time round with my little family. Though we will not be doing a lot there as this is our R&R trip, at least I get to breath in some fresh air!

I really miss my life in Perth and just can't wait to see, smell and touch it again!