Monday, August 24, 2009

Too heavy to be carried

My cousin has a Dalmatian and that dog has been having such a good life that his weight has been increasing over the years. He is so big now that handling him can be a huge task for anyone in the house. The thing is, he has been fed on all kinds of human food which made him falling sick very frequently too... which means more trips to the vet!

Beside my uncle and my male cousin, my female cousin and her mom won't have the energy at all. Therefore, I suggested that they go check out some dog ramps so the dog can move into and out of the car on his own.

It sent me thinking

I was at the KL Parenthood Fair yesterday and bought some magazines. As I was flipping through some of it, I read about a story of a young child died of meningitis while he was on holiday with his mother in London. The boy was all healthy throughout the trip and only recorded a high temperature on the last 2 days. He did not made it and passed away there.

The story really sent me thinking. As we will be travelling to Perth later next month amidst the A(H1N1) spread, I do have a little reservation... for my elder boy as well as for myself and my unborn baby. Malaysia has been recording high community infection rate the past few weeks with more than 2% deaths ratio.

Feeling of insecurity is looming over me so I am trying to look for some insurance packages. I hope I can get some free insurance quotes before our trip and decide on a policy.

Burgers... burgers... burgers...

In just three weeks in KL I have had 2 Burger King meals. I just donlt know why I have been having this crave for burgers during this pregnancy. I don't remember I have such crave when I was carrying my first born.

Also, I have been pigging on lots of carbo and protein food too especially noodles. I just can't get enough of the popular pan-mian (hand made flour noodles) which is one of the many favorites in KL. I have it at least once a week! Other than that I have been eating a lot of rice too since mom's cooking is so delicious!

Though I have yet to gain much weight but I guess I must start looking for some weight loss supplements once I delivered Lil' Bun... or I'll never fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When will I get any?

Since I left the working world, I do not have much interest in all those electronic gadgets. I used to be very 'up to date' in those days and even got myself the 2nd generation of Palm.

My hubby is also not really into all these gadgets so I am quite in the dark now with all the new offerings. On my birthday earlier this year, my brother gave me a ipod shuffle look-alike but without the shuffle functions. I was curious about the actual one so I went to check out all the ipods at one of the Apple store in the mall.

I was attracted by the vibrant casing of these gadgets but just too bad I can't really afford one now. Therefore, I'll just make do with the one my brother gave me. :P