Friday, July 31, 2009

She is leaving next year...

A while ago, hubby's aunt came with her family to pass us some stuff to pass to hubby's uncle in KL. While they we here, we chatted about her 2nd daughter's intention to pursue her studies in Australia next year. Currently she is doing a pre-U in a local college here and will graduate in 4 months time.

During our chatter, we mentioned about online degree and how popular they are now but hubby's cousin is not keen. She wanted to join her sister in Brisbane instead and enjoyed the full campus life.

Well, it will be a good experience for her and also, she can be with her sister whom has been there for the last two and half years.

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Going off to KL...

It has been 6 months since our last trip to KL. Tomorrow we will be there again and will likely to stay for a month... I misses my parents a lot and my boy certainly misses his grandparents too.

For this trip it will be an exciting one as I will be meeting some old classmates whom some I have not seen for the last 20 years! Found most of them on Facebook the last few months.

Also, I will get to eat my mom's cooking which I really miss! And not forgetting all the shopping!!!

Winter clothing

Ever since we have confirmed our flight tickets to Perth, I have been shopping for some winter clothing for Darrius since he has out grown most of the old ones. Though it is not winter when we are there but it is still considered as early spring where the temperature is still pretty chilling especially during the evening or night... even more after rain.

I managed to grabbed some from Brand shop in QBM and Factory Outlet in Gurney Plaza last weekend. I am hoping to get another one or two jackets or windbreaker for him when we are in KL later.

Better time to trade?

There were many reports saying that the global economy is starting to recover though there are quite a huge numbers of studies saying it is far from over.

Well, though it has not affected us much since we do not dabble in any stock market we did not really pay much attention. We are more concerns with the day to day stuff where prices of good are going up.

While many people got burnt in the stock markets or in some kind of investments, many are still into option trading as the returns are so much better than those interest offered by banks when we make personal savings accounts.

Too bad I don't have that much of cash to try my hands in them.