Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This pregnancy is quite different from my first as I am experiencing a lot of other symtomns whcih I have never experienced during the first. This time I have insomnia in the early stage as compared to the last where I only had insomnia at the last stage of pregnancy.

I hardly sleep at night as I will wake up after an hour or so and won't be able to fall back to sleep. I have tried listening to music to ease my mind but that too is not doing much help. Now my eyes are puffy and dark circles are forming. I have been applying some eye cream to sooth those dark circles.

Wonder when I can have a good night sleep???

Monday, May 4, 2009

Won't be needing it

Before I got pregnant, I used to have a very volatile weight. Sometimes in a week I can put on like 2-3 kg and sometimes I can lose 1-2 kg. I find this rather weird though I eat like any normal day.

Many a time, I have contemplated of going for some kind of diet program or even did considered buying those diet pills off the counter in my battle with my weight management. In most cases, I ended up half heartedly each time I did that by not completing anything. I was once told that mesothelioma may be able to help but I have yet to try as I am not sure if I can stick with it till the end...

Oh well, will have to wait till I deliver my baby before I will need to lose weight again!

Firefly plying Penang-Singapore route!

Finally another budget airline is plying the Penang-Singapore route!

Just read from the news a couple of days ago that Firefly will starts it maiden flight to Singapore from July 1st this year. This is definitely a piece of very good news for people like us who wants cheaper flights to Lion City.

Well, at least we will have more options now!