Monday, March 30, 2009

Opened a Current Account

Last month we went to the ROB in the Mainland to register for my home business. It was great to finally have a 'status' for my little business. After which, we decided to open a current account under the company's name. However, in banks here, to open a current account, one needs to have an introducer from the bank which we want to open the account. Luckily my MIL is an account holder.

To open a current account, we need to have our company's stamp as we will be required to have a check book once our application is approved. So, what we need to do was to get a company stamps. Luckily that was not a tough job since we have loads of people offering custom rubber stamps.

We went for the standard stamp which is the cheapest since we won't be using it that often.

A Langkawi Trip next

My brother and his family just went on a 4-day 3-night family trip to Langkawi. According to him, he got a really great offer with airfare and accommodation threw in. The package was from AirAsia. For a total of 3 pax, they paid about RM800+ which is considered as good deal since they flew from KL. The hotel that they stayed in was Genting's Porto Malai, which is a 4-star hotel.

I've checked all the other promotions offered by AirAsia and Firefly and found out that only Firefly flies to Langkawi from Penang. Most of the promotions they have is for 3-day 2-night stay with accommodation and breakfast threw in. Their package price depends on the hotel we choose so there are quite a few selections. Well, if you want to be budget, then stay at the lower star hotel and if you want a few more luxuries, then have to pay more lar! :P

According to my SIL, the car hire is about RM80 for 24 hours. We have to pump the petrol ourselves lar. Since the island is small, for 3-day 2-night stay I would think RM30 for petrol will be more than enough.

So, I have discussed with hubby and we might want to book for a short trip in April since he still have lots of AL to clear.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time to register for school?

Last night while chatting with another mommy, she asked if I have registered my boy for Primary one? My boy only 3+ now and we are supposed to register him when he is 5 so I was a little shocked when she asked me. Apparently some other mommies have received notes from their kids' kindies about the registration for kids born in the year 2004/2005.

Anyway, I am not going to take the risk and decided to check out the school next week... just to make sure. No lost to me since the school is only walking distance away. It is better to garner a seat than no seat at all if the news is true.

Meantime, we will go check out some kindies too so we can have an idea which one our boy should attend next year. He has been bugging us about going to school. Not sure if he will like school when he is actually attending one!

Also, some friends suggested to me that I should get some Christian books for my boy too to teach him about God.... which is a good idea. I might go to one of the Christian shops to check them out.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Someone tried breaking into our house

Last Tuesday while hubby was away on a business trip, we heard someone tried to break into our house around mid night. There was a loud bang on the roof after some stones were thrown earlier onto the roof. It was very dark since there was no street lamp at the back of our house.

My boy cried after hearing the loud banging sound as he thought it was 'monster'. I was quite frighten myself but I quickly went and switched on the light and scream out loud. After which I tried opening up the window and took a peep but can't see anything since it was so dark.

I told hubby that we should install a wireless security systems after this incident so we can have a peace of mind when he is out of town.

Old age sickness

A relative's dad has been going in and out of hospital since late last year. After the many times, the doctors in the hospital where he has been admitted still could not really find what is wrong with him. They suspected it was stroke earlier but after a while he regained his strength and is able to move but just can't walk.

He is bed bound now so quite inconvenient to do his big and small business. My MIL has been buying quite a lot of incontinence products for him. Just hope he will get better soon.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our search starts again

Since the economy is getting worst each day, we are seeing our 'dream house' coming closer to us. The prices of properties has fallen quite considerably in the last few months. In fact we speculated that some house prices may fall even lower.

The cost of building these houses are not dropping but the buying power is weak hence the selling price is suffering. If I'm not wrong, the material handling and labor cost has not dropped too so developers are suffering from loses due to such circumstances.

Anyway, it is good news for us since we are hunting for a property now. We hope the property prices will drop further so we can start our search again...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

If I have ever attended beauty school

I have not been diligently taking care of my skin earlier and was sad to say there are not as good as they were before. Also, it might have been due to aging as more lines and spots are appearing. It is such a taboo for women to have lines and spots on their face!

Anyway, I am glad I decided to do something about it before they get worst. I have indulged myself with a new beauty line. It is not cheap but I hope it is not a blind investment as I expect good results after a period of time... which I hope soon! I admit that I am always so clueless when it comes to self beauty regulatory as I am not a very discipline person.

However, if I ever attended one of those cosmetology schools in indiana, probably I will look different now. Prettier and younger perhaps? :P

Blog diarrhea

Due to the sudden increased in jobs delegated to me to finish up by tonight, I have no choice bit to spam my blog with all the unrelated posts...

Really have to crack my brain thinking of all the things to write! :P

This is the time to travel...

Well... if you have the time and money, this is in fact the best time to travel the world. With the economy sinking to a new height, more and more people are sent out of jobs which translates to less business people traveling and that in the end killing a lot of airlines.

So, to spur more traveling activities, travel agents and airlines are coming out with lots of cheap and exciting fares and packages to lure tourists. In one of the latest travel fair in Singapore, people seen thronged the event halls trying to get a good deal.

Too bad I am not in Singapore or else I would have try my luck if I could get one of those cancun vacation packages to realize my romantic beach vacation dream since our wedding anniversary is just around the corner!