Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wanna go London for free?

Photo taken from London Tool Kit

Ok folks! If you want to visit Big Ben, London Eye and Trafalgar Square for free... do check out Air Asia latest flight promo from KL to London.

If you are lucky to guess the correct answer, you might win yourself a 5 day 4 night London trip! So hurry and check out Air Asia site now!

What to do with the points?

Ok, I am in a dilemma.

Hubby has accumulated a lot of credit card points and it is about time we can exchange some gift from those points. However, I am torn in between. There are a few items I wanted to get but either the points are insufficient or the items is not so desirable (in terms of points over products and brands).

I so wanted to get that set of corning ware but the sizes in that set is not what I really want and 2 pieces out of 3, is quite useless. I wanted to exchange for cash vouchers to buy the stuff at the mall but the points are insufficient...

Then there is another item which I am contemplating of getting if I decided not to get the set of corning ware. I might want to get that silver multi mixer/blender. It is something similar to the one my mom has and it is quite user friendly... it seems! :P

I'm no baseball fancee

Though I like sport, does not mean I love every sport there is. I am quite selective in this area... actually. Like when I am catching the Olympics, I only get excited over a few of the events and will follow if I have the time but I can tell you, I am no baseball fancee! :P

There is a possibility we will be going to New York mid of this year for our vacation... yeah, we still cannot decide till now!!!!! It is either Melbourne, France or New York. Will have to wait for hubby to check his work schedule since the economy is pretty bad now, so there were a lot of changes in his office.

However, if we do go to New York, probably hubby's aunt will get us some New York Yankees tickets as this is our only chance to catch that kind of excitement. And you know what? Though I don't like the game that much but I like the jersey and the cap a lot! My chance to go get the real stuff! :P

CNY deco in Pyramid

Ok, I know it is late to still talk about CNY deco now but I discovered some photos I took when we were in KL earlier this month which was still CNY then.

I did not get to see all the CNY deco in all the malls we went to as some has already took down their props as Valentine's Day was approaching then.

All travels cut!

I guess the economy is really hitting rock bottom now. Everyday, without fail I sure to read about job cuts and retrenchments. It is so demoralizing. Hubby's company is no difference. I heard they are not doing too well this time round as compared to the last few economic crisis.

Hubby told me that most of their travels are being cut or minimized. Hubby is still fortunate as he can still travel since the few projects he is handling required him to be at certain locations for meeting and conferences.

He was supposed to make a trip to Latin America somewhere in March but will likely be postponed or cancel altogether. Therfore, his dream to stay at one of those cancun hotels is practically down the drain now. *sigh*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Melbourne it will be...

Guess our next vacation destination will be Melbourne as of now.

Initially I have wanted to go to Tokyo after thinking deeply but after the news we received yesterday, it will have to be Melbourne or any of the cities in Down Under once we can confirmed on the restrictions if there are any.

Looks like we can look forward to another winter holiday again! Yiiipppppeeeee!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Revised fees for US Visa Application

Hubby's 10 years US visa was about to expire so he decided to get a renewal just in case he was required to travel to Brazil again which he will normally transit in Chicago. Therefore, he took the opportunity of the long vacation we had in KL earlier this month to settle it.

Previously we paid RM380 (2.5 years ago) for my boy's and mine and I was surprised that the fees has been increased to RM485 now. That was almost RM105 of increment! What to do... Ringgit tend to shrink over the years!

With a company letter, hubby got another 10 years unlimited entries visa which is really good since it is really tough to get that after the 9/11 case. Now we are free to travel to the US at anytime we want! We are still contemplating for either a LA/NYC vacation....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still thinking...

We are entering mid February and till now we still can't decide where to go for our vacation. We have checked a few places and the amount of points available allowed us to get 3 full fare tickets to the furthest destination.

I was contemplating of going to Los Angeles again since I quite like the place. Most importantly, we can speak the language unlike in European countries where we will definitely face communication problems. I still remember we had a hard time finding a place for me to have a bowl of hot soup in France.

Anyway, we have kind of short list a few destination as we need to decide by end of April. Hubby wish to go to Melbourne or Perth whereas I prefer to go to either Los Angeles or San Francisco. If we go to Melbourne, we'll probably need to book one of those extended stay hotels since I don't have any relatives or close friends living there.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have made up my mind and it is final.... we are finally DIVORCED!

It was not a tough decision and I think it was a wise one...

After all, I don't benefit anything from the reunion after all the back biting and snooping around started a year ago. I did have some good time but those had turned into terrible experiences and I decided it is not the way it should be heading. In fact, I have stopped visiting since I could remember... :P

Btw, it is not about me and my dearest hubby (were you shocked in the first few lines? hehehe) but it is about one of the biggest online paying network. Guess I don't have to mention their name since most of the money making blogs knew their existence.

A couple of days ago I heard from a good blogging buddy that, that pathetic network who claimed to be the top among all $$ paying advertising network were offering a mere 50 cents for a fair amount of words per post... Geez... I knew the economy is not doing well but seeing people are fighting with each other and trying to race with each other for that sum really pissed me off!

To be honest, I rather not write and spend those time doing other stuff or simply idle away! I no longer like the idea sitting in front of the PC racing against time just so I could get a few cents! It is definitely not worth my time. Even placing online ads is a better option than this.

So, after reading the mail sent by one of my favorite advertising network about all the hoos and haas I decided to end all my relationship with that particular company. I have deleted the codes!


Keeping the boy busy

Sometimes I am really tired of long car rides when I have to do it with my little toddler. When he was younger, he will sleep most of the way but as he grows bigger, his napping time has been cut tremendously. He will either sleep the first leg of the journey or the 2nd leg and if we were to travel from Penang to KL, the first is usually the shortest.

Since my boy is extremely talkative now, it can be quite irritating answering him for more than 2 hours on what he sees on the journey with all the same questions like 'what is that?' or 'why is that?' type of questions for more than 2 hours.

What I did now is to pack the car with lots of books so he can flip through them and a note book with a pen so he can scribble something when he is bored. Since we kept a lot of those promotional pens from previous conventions we attended or from hotel stays... we have endless supplies. :P

Monday, February 2, 2009

MAS Super Low Fare

With the economy crisis looming here, many of the aviation companies are slashing their prices to attract more business. Today I read about MAS Super Low Fare has returned and offering not only low domestic fares but international fares too. I am sure this is a piece of good news for those has been planning to take a trip overseas.

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines all-inclusive low fares are back with tickets to Britain and Europe up for grabs.

From Feb 2 to 15, a one-way trip to London starts from RM1,450 while flights to Frankfurt, Rome and Stockholm are going as low as RM1,500 one-way.

"We are delighted to extend our low fares to Britain and Europe due to demand from customers," said MAS commercial director Datuk Rashid Khan in a statement.

The low fares are also extended to various destinations in Australia, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Dhaka, Chennai, Bangalore. Hyderabad, Jakarta. Yogjakarta, Surabaya, Ho Chi Minh, Cebu, Phuket, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Singapore.

The travel period is from March 2 to Aug 31 for all destinations except Australia and Europe (travel period is March 18 to Aug 31). The fares are only available on-line.