Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to keep them off the computer?

Both my boy and my nephew are addicted to the PC since my dad let them play those computer games a few weeks back. My boy will scream when ever I told him to switch off the PC or told him to do other chores. He will refused to leave and the table and even refused to eat or sleep. For heaven sake... he is only 4! I am really baffled with his behavior now.

I have told my dad to 'delete' away all those games so the boys will leave the PC in peace but they always have their ways to 'persuade' their gong-gong to switch on for them. Even the TV could not entice them any more. As my dad also needs to go online to check his stock market during the weekdays, it has been a problem with the boys hovering over the PC!

Suddenly I have the thought of getting those wii games to lure the kids away but we do not have any wii set or wii accessories. I wonder if I could loan it from a friend of mine for the time being to 'settled' the kids.

She is with us at last

11 days ago I gave birth to my second child whom we have been yearning for the past 3 years. Finally we had her in our hands after the many tries over the years. She is a healthy 3.3kg baby girl and is growing well since her birth.

We have been wishing for another kid after our first child turned one but due to work stress suffered by hubby, we were unsuccessful in conceiving until earlier this year. Though we did not wish for any particular gender but we are grateful that God has blessed us with a little girl so at least we have a pair in the family.

It was not an easy pregnancy as I was sick from morning sickness for the first 4-5 months. However, I was blessed with an easy labor where it lasted less than 2 hours from the moment I discovered my waterbag burst.

Our little girl is the best present I could give hubby as Christmas pressie this year so maybe hubby should buy some certified diamonds for me as a reward eh? :P

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another trip down under

Next year, we might be going to Melbourne for another short vacation. As we will be bringing our little girl along, hubby thought of renting a RV for the trip as it will definitely be more convenient as we will be traveling quite a fair bit. It will be another new experience for all of us.

Since we have not rented any RV before, we are unsure of how to handle it. We do not have such in Malaysia so we are quite ignorant how to care for such vehicles or how we can get help when we are in troubles. We just hope that in Melbourne there will be services such as those provided by At least with such professional help, we won't have to worry much.

For now, we can't wait for the trip to happen!

Monday, November 16, 2009

When will it be?

I am actually 36 weeks along my pregnancy now and in less than a month my #2 will be making an appearance. To be very frank, part of me is very excited but the other part of me is filled with worries... What if my lil' Bun decided to come early? I am not 100% ready yet!

A close friend just delivered her baby 3 weeks early and I was pretty shocked when her baby appeared to be so small in size. According to my ob/gyn, my baby's current weight is only 2.2kg (estimated) and it is unlikely she will go beyond 3kg by the time I reach 40 weeks... So if she decided to come earlier... probably I'll have a small baby too!

These kind of news really put me on my toes! I just wish I go just close my eyes and fly my mind to nassau where I don't have to think about all the complicated stuff!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Endless complains

My mom complained about her kitchen sink again today. Every time the water splashed out from the sinks, she will complain about how lousy the contractor was in doing the sink not to her liking. I have been hearing about the same complain for years... so it is nothing new.

Since the house my parents has been living is not so new, my dad did not want to go through the hassle to redo most of the fixtures which my mom has been constantly complained about. After all, it will be really messy if he were to tear down all these fixtures and rebuild them and my mom will definitely complain again about the mess that she has to clean up after the reno. So, for the time being, we will just bear with them....

The weight is pilling up...

Technically, I still have approximately 5 weeks to my EDD. So far I have piled up about 10kg the last 35 weeks. I have been eating normally though most of my meals consisted a lot of carbohydrates. I found that this time round I craved for carbo food most of the time and thus the extra pounds. During my previous pregnancy, I did not crave for carbo food as much so my weight was considered as 'optimum'.

I just wished I will not go beyond 15kg on the day I deliver my Lil' Bun. I am trying my best to eat sensibly but having more vegetables for my meals. I also tried having more healthy grains such as oats and wheat cereals for breakfast and not 'nasi lemak' which is a local favorite.

If all that failed to control my weight, then I'll have no choice but to look for the best weight loss pill to help me bring down my weight after my delivery...

Friday, October 30, 2009

We are on wireless

A couple of months back our old faithful router finally gave way and retired after serving us for more than 6 years. Hubby was a little sad but we can't keep technology stuff forever so he finally have to get a new router. The new one was not as good (according to the sales rep) as compared the old one as it was more reliable. Well, there's nothing we could do as all new gadgets are made in Taiwan these days...

The only positive thing about the new router is, IT IS WIRELESS! Yeah, finally we can surf any where within the house and we can cut down the amount of cables and cable ties! The PC areas are neater now but since we have lots of other gadgets, we still can't run away with mess!

Some shopping in KL

We'll be on our way to Ipoh later and to KL tomorrow. This time we will only be spending 2 weeks in KL as hubby is going away for a another biz trip to Brazil. He'll then come and pick us up.

Two weeks in not short or long enough if I wanted to go shopping as I could only do that during the weekends since I can't drive to all the malls myself. I don't intend to shop a lot this time round as I am starting to have difficulties walking for long hours. Will just get some of the listed essentials which I'll be needing when I delivered Lil' Bun.

I have been looking for a pair of shoes and can't decide which brand to buy. I just heard from a friend that there's a new site she found selling Naot shoes and she can get them without any sale tax. I really need another pair of comfort shoes since I only have one pair which the color I'm not too happy with.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Got to control now

When I was at the ob/gyn clinic this afternoon, I asked him about the weight of my little baby. He told me it is hard to estimate now as it is too soon to tell. He told me in the next two months, baby will grow very rapidly and he could probably estimate better when I am nearer to my delivery date.

Since I can't know baby's weight now, I do not know if all those weight that I've gained in the past few months actually went to me or the baby? As I can't take any appetite suppressant now, I am having a hard time controlling my appetite! Don't know why I kept having cravings even though I am already at the late stage of my pregnancy. I better take some control before I put on too much weight else I'll be having a hard time shedding them off later!

Only 2 months to Christmas!

When we were in Perth, some of the shopping malls have already started selling Christmas ornaments and decorated with Christmas decoration even though it was just late September! Normally, Christmas decoration won't be up till end of October since Halloween is at the end of October.

Since I am no longer in the corporate world, I don't receive any corporate holiday cards any more. Therefore, I don't really know how early people will start sending these seasons greetings. Last time, I used to received in early December but now with all those e-cards, probably some will send earlier or even the very last minute!

Can't wait for Christmas though!

Luckily only 1 kg!

This month onwards, I’ll have to start visiting my ob/gyn once every three weeks as I am already 7 months preggy. So, today is my 2nd visit for the month. It is always nice to take a peek ‘inside’ and see what Lil’ Bun is up to and how much she has grow.

My ob/gyn is the no-nonsense type and he don’t waste time talking unnecessary stuff as he has a train long Q waiting for him outside everyday. My visits usually takes less than 5 minutes which normally include a scan. His charges is quite reasonable and is about 50% cheaper than my ob/gyn in KL. Unfortunately I still have to waste that amount when I go and see my ob/gyn in KL just so he knows I will be delivering there.

From my scan today, we finally found out Lil’ Bun’s position. She has already turned downward and not in a ‘breech’ position as I suspected earlier. Which is a real relief.
We can see that she has grown so much that the space inside is getting really small… she looked as if she is being bundled up like a ball! :P

And today I found out I had added ONLY 1kg since my last visit! Wooohooo! Though I have been pigging out like nobody business the past few weeks! Probably I have been eating more healthy food like cereal and bread as compared to just noodles or nasi lemak! How am I going to burn belly fat after delivery will be another headache I don’t intend to think about just yet!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Missed Perth Mint

I still do not have much time to write about our recent Perth trip as I was so tied up with settling my boy in his kindy. Though I should have done this earlier but I am just glad everything is turning out fine and he has stopped crying this week, which is week three now. I'm so proud of his little achievement.

When we were in Perth, we went to quite a number of places which I have not been to though I have lived there for almost two years before. Initially my aunt has suggested we go and visit Perth Mint where we can get to see some rare silver coins but due to time constraint and the rain, we have to cancel our trip. Instead, we went for a free ride around the city on one of the free CAT buses since my boy wanted to sleep.

As it was raining intermittently, we have not choice but to find sheltered places to avoid getting wet so a lot of outdoor plans have to be scrapped. Ended up we only managed to visit Bell Tower and walk along Hay Street briefly.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting a MBA online

Just a few days ago my brother had the sudden thought about getting a MBA. It was really out of the blue kinda thing as his working hours are pretty long. I wonder where can he spare the time to do it? Now that his wife is busy building up her career and they have a young child to mind. But life is tough these days unless you continue to upgrade so you won't be left behind.

Nevertheless, I told him about some of those accredited universities that offer quality Masters degrees online and he should spend some time checking them out. Since I've just read about Gonzaga University which is ranked number 3 in the West by US News and World Report, I told him to check it out.

Gonzaga University was ranked as one of best value among private universities by Kiplingers Personal Finance. Actually, there are very few top ranked schools which are offering online programs as many thought that online degrees lack the authenticity.

Cheaper in duty free shop

Each time I travel to Perth, I will get my uncle a carton of his preferred cigarette. It is an Aussie brand which we don't get here in Malaysia. And I must say the price of these cigarettes don't come cheap. In fact it has rise so much in the past few years! Luckily he don't have a habit of smoking cigar, if not it will be worst.

This time I got him 2 cartons since I was traveling with my hubby. Each carton cost around AUD47 which has about 6 boxes of 30 sticks in each box. According to my aunt, if she were to get it out of the duty free shop in the airport, she has to pay another 40% more!

Well, maybe that was the way the government discourage their people to smoke. :)

Meals on SIA flights suck!

My boy and I don't travel to foreign countries that often. Even though we do, the furthest will be to Lion City annually. Unlike my hubby who travels a lot for his work. So, when we do travel, we usually fly with SIA (Singapore Airlines).

Recently, on our flight to Perth which was a morning flight, my boy gets a kid's meal which was not given to him until I asked for it. I don't remember I have to inform the check in counter previously to get my boy a kid's meal. I was kinda disappointed when all the flight attendants pretended not to see my boy when they were busy distributing the kid's meals to other kids on board.

After my request, a male attendant brought the meal tray over but from his expression, I felt that he was kinda unhappy... for what reasons I don't know!

And these are the stuff my boy gets....

After opening the butter and bite on a piece of nugget, my boy felt uneasy as the plane was experiencing turbulence so he dosed off. Since the tray was still around when I was having my meal, I decided to try the food on my boy's tray. The nuggets were hard and the tomato rice wrapped in the egg omelette was as hard as stone! How do you expect a kid to eat stuff like that??? I could not believe that SIA actually serve stuff like that! I don't want to comment about the food I had... it was equally bad if not worst! It is not cheap to fly with SIA ok!

Then, on our flight home my boy did not even get his kid's meal! I was baffled! I don't know if that was the fault of the check in staff or an over sight from the airline. I think the airline should know that if a ticket which was printed with the title MASTER, it is no doubt a kid below 12 years of age!

It was like winter!

The weather in Perth was supposed to be spring but surprisingly it is colder than before. At most nights we experienced temperature below 5 degree Celsius which is kind of unusual. It was more like winter rather than spring! Since we are not staying there, we did not get ourselves any house slippers so we have to wear socks most of the time to keep ourselves warm.

My aunt's place is 60% carpeted so there are quite a lot of areas which are tiled. She don't have any glass tiles in her house though, since it was an old house.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back from our vacation!

Geez... time flies when you're having fun!!!!

Our vacation to Singapore and Perth came to an end today. We spent 3 days in SIngapore and 10 days in Perth. Can't believe it ended so soon!!!! Singapore was hot-hot-hot but weather in Perth was perfect! My hubby is missing Perth so much!!!

Well, besides sight seeing, we feasted a lot for this trip! Particularly when we were in Singapore! I think I have more than 5 meals a day! On the 2nd day, I chomped down 2 bowl of noodles in one sitting! Scary rite? hahahahaha

Well, since I am preggy, it is like a passport for me to eat without guilt! For the time being, I won't have to search for any diet pill that works for sure!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our family vacation starts tomorrow!!

After almost 2 years, we are finally going on another vacation in another continent. It has been a long awaited trip and though it might not be a very good time for all of us to travel due to the H1N1 pandemic and I am heavily pregnant... we just have to make this trip... all because of a huge chunk of soon to be expired Kris Flyer points! :P

Our first destination will be Lion City as we are taking Singapore Airline so we need to transit in Singapore... and so we are taking the opportunity to visit some friends and relatives while we are there. Can't wait to eat all those food that I've been missing!

Next we will fly off to Perth, a place where I have not set foot for more than 5 years! I truly miss this place... clean, spacious and clear blue sky... just like heaven! :P

As we are staying with my aunt, we do not need to hire any car this time. Save tones of $$$ on accommodation and car hire! That means we do not need to worry about any auto accessories as well since we are using my cousin's car to move about.

Can wait to savor those succulent fish & chips in Freo and Conca's chili mussels and their superb garlic bread!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

He wanna give away his plasma TVs

With the LCD TV so cheap now, my uncle wanted to change all his plasma TV after having them for about 7 years. He told my dad he is willing to give all the plasma mounts too if anyone want to come and take his plasma TVs.

The thing is, his plasma TVs are really huge! And according to my hubby, they uses a lot of electricity hence nobody wanted them now. Actually I don't mind having the smaller unit which will be good in the room but my uncle is in Singapore and the transport fees will be so expensive I could get a brand new LCD!

Just a week away!

Time really flies... and we are just a week away from our vacation!

It has been almost 6 years I left Perth and going there again will be so fun... this time round with my little family. Though we will not be doing a lot there as this is our R&R trip, at least I get to breath in some fresh air!

I really miss my life in Perth and just can't wait to see, smell and touch it again!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Too heavy to be carried

My cousin has a Dalmatian and that dog has been having such a good life that his weight has been increasing over the years. He is so big now that handling him can be a huge task for anyone in the house. The thing is, he has been fed on all kinds of human food which made him falling sick very frequently too... which means more trips to the vet!

Beside my uncle and my male cousin, my female cousin and her mom won't have the energy at all. Therefore, I suggested that they go check out some dog ramps so the dog can move into and out of the car on his own.

It sent me thinking

I was at the KL Parenthood Fair yesterday and bought some magazines. As I was flipping through some of it, I read about a story of a young child died of meningitis while he was on holiday with his mother in London. The boy was all healthy throughout the trip and only recorded a high temperature on the last 2 days. He did not made it and passed away there.

The story really sent me thinking. As we will be travelling to Perth later next month amidst the A(H1N1) spread, I do have a little reservation... for my elder boy as well as for myself and my unborn baby. Malaysia has been recording high community infection rate the past few weeks with more than 2% deaths ratio.

Feeling of insecurity is looming over me so I am trying to look for some insurance packages. I hope I can get some free insurance quotes before our trip and decide on a policy.

Burgers... burgers... burgers...

In just three weeks in KL I have had 2 Burger King meals. I just donlt know why I have been having this crave for burgers during this pregnancy. I don't remember I have such crave when I was carrying my first born.

Also, I have been pigging on lots of carbo and protein food too especially noodles. I just can't get enough of the popular pan-mian (hand made flour noodles) which is one of the many favorites in KL. I have it at least once a week! Other than that I have been eating a lot of rice too since mom's cooking is so delicious!

Though I have yet to gain much weight but I guess I must start looking for some weight loss supplements once I delivered Lil' Bun... or I'll never fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When will I get any?

Since I left the working world, I do not have much interest in all those electronic gadgets. I used to be very 'up to date' in those days and even got myself the 2nd generation of Palm.

My hubby is also not really into all these gadgets so I am quite in the dark now with all the new offerings. On my birthday earlier this year, my brother gave me a ipod shuffle look-alike but without the shuffle functions. I was curious about the actual one so I went to check out all the ipods at one of the Apple store in the mall.

I was attracted by the vibrant casing of these gadgets but just too bad I can't really afford one now. Therefore, I'll just make do with the one my brother gave me. :P

Friday, July 31, 2009

She is leaving next year...

A while ago, hubby's aunt came with her family to pass us some stuff to pass to hubby's uncle in KL. While they we here, we chatted about her 2nd daughter's intention to pursue her studies in Australia next year. Currently she is doing a pre-U in a local college here and will graduate in 4 months time.

During our chatter, we mentioned about online degree and how popular they are now but hubby's cousin is not keen. She wanted to join her sister in Brisbane instead and enjoyed the full campus life.

Well, it will be a good experience for her and also, she can be with her sister whom has been there for the last two and half years.

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Going off to KL...

It has been 6 months since our last trip to KL. Tomorrow we will be there again and will likely to stay for a month... I misses my parents a lot and my boy certainly misses his grandparents too.

For this trip it will be an exciting one as I will be meeting some old classmates whom some I have not seen for the last 20 years! Found most of them on Facebook the last few months.

Also, I will get to eat my mom's cooking which I really miss! And not forgetting all the shopping!!!

Winter clothing

Ever since we have confirmed our flight tickets to Perth, I have been shopping for some winter clothing for Darrius since he has out grown most of the old ones. Though it is not winter when we are there but it is still considered as early spring where the temperature is still pretty chilling especially during the evening or night... even more after rain.

I managed to grabbed some from Brand shop in QBM and Factory Outlet in Gurney Plaza last weekend. I am hoping to get another one or two jackets or windbreaker for him when we are in KL later.

Better time to trade?

There were many reports saying that the global economy is starting to recover though there are quite a huge numbers of studies saying it is far from over.

Well, though it has not affected us much since we do not dabble in any stock market we did not really pay much attention. We are more concerns with the day to day stuff where prices of good are going up.

While many people got burnt in the stock markets or in some kind of investments, many are still into option trading as the returns are so much better than those interest offered by banks when we make personal savings accounts.

Too bad I don't have that much of cash to try my hands in them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This pregnancy is quite different from my first as I am experiencing a lot of other symtomns whcih I have never experienced during the first. This time I have insomnia in the early stage as compared to the last where I only had insomnia at the last stage of pregnancy.

I hardly sleep at night as I will wake up after an hour or so and won't be able to fall back to sleep. I have tried listening to music to ease my mind but that too is not doing much help. Now my eyes are puffy and dark circles are forming. I have been applying some eye cream to sooth those dark circles.

Wonder when I can have a good night sleep???

Monday, May 4, 2009

Won't be needing it

Before I got pregnant, I used to have a very volatile weight. Sometimes in a week I can put on like 2-3 kg and sometimes I can lose 1-2 kg. I find this rather weird though I eat like any normal day.

Many a time, I have contemplated of going for some kind of diet program or even did considered buying those diet pills off the counter in my battle with my weight management. In most cases, I ended up half heartedly each time I did that by not completing anything. I was once told that mesothelioma may be able to help but I have yet to try as I am not sure if I can stick with it till the end...

Oh well, will have to wait till I deliver my baby before I will need to lose weight again!

Firefly plying Penang-Singapore route!

Finally another budget airline is plying the Penang-Singapore route!

Just read from the news a couple of days ago that Firefly will starts it maiden flight to Singapore from July 1st this year. This is definitely a piece of very good news for people like us who wants cheaper flights to Lion City.

Well, at least we will have more options now!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cute page boy!

My sister in law's brother will be getting married in 2 months time and my brother and his whole family will be in Sabah to attend the ceremony. According to my sister in law, my nephew will be the page boy. At one and half years old, Adrian will definitely be the event snatcher!

My sister in law had even bought him a mini tuxedo for the occasion months back. I've yet to see it but as we will be back in KL next month I'll ask him to put that on for me! Can't wait to see him in the suit with his cheeky grin!

Need fresh air!

The morning sickness is driving me nuts! It has been a week since it started and I can hardly get any sleep even at night as I often felt something is clogging my airway. The weather here is not helping either.

While I feel so much better when it rain but the air gets really stale when the rain stopped. I guess this place we are staying does not have good ventilation as we are surrounded by tall buildings so the air is kinda trapped.

How i wish I am in the countryside downunder and go for a weekend of wild adventure so I can forget about my nausea. I've been wanting to go for rv camping for the longest time and enjoy a few stress free days in the open with loads of fresh air!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Before the morning sickness comes

Since the day I found out that I am pregnant, I have been counting the days when my morning sickness will kicks in. Of everything about pregnancy, morning sickness is one thing which I extremely loathe. Who doesn't right??? Therefore, I have been stuffing myself with food now as I am anticipating my morning sickness to kicks in anytime!

During my previous pregnancy, I lost almost 10kg due to severe morning sickness which made me threw up so frequently which I lost count how many times a day. It was so torturing as I don't have food going into my tummy most of the time. Anything that goes in comes out within an hour or less.

To me, morning sickness works like magic if I want to lose weight! I don't think I will ever need any top diet pill if the morning sickness strikes again!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Shop less now?

The economy is reaching rock bottom with many retrenchments going on. Though we are not 'officially' affected yet but we are also not going to sit and wait for things to happen. I guess we still have to do our part just to be prepared for the worst case scenario to be happened.

Well, we are trying to spend wisely from now on... (I know this is one of the hardest things to do!) and we are coping well since we don't normally splurge on big amount items. Though I still feed my occasional shopping fixes, I have cut down considerably over the last few months.

I'm just glad we don't have to resort to debt consolidation exercise even at this terrible economy situation. We always spend within our means and clear all our bills in full each months.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Opened a Current Account

Last month we went to the ROB in the Mainland to register for my home business. It was great to finally have a 'status' for my little business. After which, we decided to open a current account under the company's name. However, in banks here, to open a current account, one needs to have an introducer from the bank which we want to open the account. Luckily my MIL is an account holder.

To open a current account, we need to have our company's stamp as we will be required to have a check book once our application is approved. So, what we need to do was to get a company stamps. Luckily that was not a tough job since we have loads of people offering custom rubber stamps.

We went for the standard stamp which is the cheapest since we won't be using it that often.

A Langkawi Trip next

My brother and his family just went on a 4-day 3-night family trip to Langkawi. According to him, he got a really great offer with airfare and accommodation threw in. The package was from AirAsia. For a total of 3 pax, they paid about RM800+ which is considered as good deal since they flew from KL. The hotel that they stayed in was Genting's Porto Malai, which is a 4-star hotel.

I've checked all the other promotions offered by AirAsia and Firefly and found out that only Firefly flies to Langkawi from Penang. Most of the promotions they have is for 3-day 2-night stay with accommodation and breakfast threw in. Their package price depends on the hotel we choose so there are quite a few selections. Well, if you want to be budget, then stay at the lower star hotel and if you want a few more luxuries, then have to pay more lar! :P

According to my SIL, the car hire is about RM80 for 24 hours. We have to pump the petrol ourselves lar. Since the island is small, for 3-day 2-night stay I would think RM30 for petrol will be more than enough.

So, I have discussed with hubby and we might want to book for a short trip in April since he still have lots of AL to clear.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time to register for school?

Last night while chatting with another mommy, she asked if I have registered my boy for Primary one? My boy only 3+ now and we are supposed to register him when he is 5 so I was a little shocked when she asked me. Apparently some other mommies have received notes from their kids' kindies about the registration for kids born in the year 2004/2005.

Anyway, I am not going to take the risk and decided to check out the school next week... just to make sure. No lost to me since the school is only walking distance away. It is better to garner a seat than no seat at all if the news is true.

Meantime, we will go check out some kindies too so we can have an idea which one our boy should attend next year. He has been bugging us about going to school. Not sure if he will like school when he is actually attending one!

Also, some friends suggested to me that I should get some Christian books for my boy too to teach him about God.... which is a good idea. I might go to one of the Christian shops to check them out.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Someone tried breaking into our house

Last Tuesday while hubby was away on a business trip, we heard someone tried to break into our house around mid night. There was a loud bang on the roof after some stones were thrown earlier onto the roof. It was very dark since there was no street lamp at the back of our house.

My boy cried after hearing the loud banging sound as he thought it was 'monster'. I was quite frighten myself but I quickly went and switched on the light and scream out loud. After which I tried opening up the window and took a peep but can't see anything since it was so dark.

I told hubby that we should install a wireless security systems after this incident so we can have a peace of mind when he is out of town.

Old age sickness

A relative's dad has been going in and out of hospital since late last year. After the many times, the doctors in the hospital where he has been admitted still could not really find what is wrong with him. They suspected it was stroke earlier but after a while he regained his strength and is able to move but just can't walk.

He is bed bound now so quite inconvenient to do his big and small business. My MIL has been buying quite a lot of incontinence products for him. Just hope he will get better soon.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our search starts again

Since the economy is getting worst each day, we are seeing our 'dream house' coming closer to us. The prices of properties has fallen quite considerably in the last few months. In fact we speculated that some house prices may fall even lower.

The cost of building these houses are not dropping but the buying power is weak hence the selling price is suffering. If I'm not wrong, the material handling and labor cost has not dropped too so developers are suffering from loses due to such circumstances.

Anyway, it is good news for us since we are hunting for a property now. We hope the property prices will drop further so we can start our search again...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

If I have ever attended beauty school

I have not been diligently taking care of my skin earlier and was sad to say there are not as good as they were before. Also, it might have been due to aging as more lines and spots are appearing. It is such a taboo for women to have lines and spots on their face!

Anyway, I am glad I decided to do something about it before they get worst. I have indulged myself with a new beauty line. It is not cheap but I hope it is not a blind investment as I expect good results after a period of time... which I hope soon! I admit that I am always so clueless when it comes to self beauty regulatory as I am not a very discipline person.

However, if I ever attended one of those cosmetology schools in indiana, probably I will look different now. Prettier and younger perhaps? :P

Blog diarrhea

Due to the sudden increased in jobs delegated to me to finish up by tonight, I have no choice bit to spam my blog with all the unrelated posts...

Really have to crack my brain thinking of all the things to write! :P

This is the time to travel...

Well... if you have the time and money, this is in fact the best time to travel the world. With the economy sinking to a new height, more and more people are sent out of jobs which translates to less business people traveling and that in the end killing a lot of airlines.

So, to spur more traveling activities, travel agents and airlines are coming out with lots of cheap and exciting fares and packages to lure tourists. In one of the latest travel fair in Singapore, people seen thronged the event halls trying to get a good deal.

Too bad I am not in Singapore or else I would have try my luck if I could get one of those cancun vacation packages to realize my romantic beach vacation dream since our wedding anniversary is just around the corner!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wanna go London for free?

Photo taken from London Tool Kit

Ok folks! If you want to visit Big Ben, London Eye and Trafalgar Square for free... do check out Air Asia latest flight promo from KL to London.

If you are lucky to guess the correct answer, you might win yourself a 5 day 4 night London trip! So hurry and check out Air Asia site now!

What to do with the points?

Ok, I am in a dilemma.

Hubby has accumulated a lot of credit card points and it is about time we can exchange some gift from those points. However, I am torn in between. There are a few items I wanted to get but either the points are insufficient or the items is not so desirable (in terms of points over products and brands).

I so wanted to get that set of corning ware but the sizes in that set is not what I really want and 2 pieces out of 3, is quite useless. I wanted to exchange for cash vouchers to buy the stuff at the mall but the points are insufficient...

Then there is another item which I am contemplating of getting if I decided not to get the set of corning ware. I might want to get that silver multi mixer/blender. It is something similar to the one my mom has and it is quite user friendly... it seems! :P

I'm no baseball fancee

Though I like sport, does not mean I love every sport there is. I am quite selective in this area... actually. Like when I am catching the Olympics, I only get excited over a few of the events and will follow if I have the time but I can tell you, I am no baseball fancee! :P

There is a possibility we will be going to New York mid of this year for our vacation... yeah, we still cannot decide till now!!!!! It is either Melbourne, France or New York. Will have to wait for hubby to check his work schedule since the economy is pretty bad now, so there were a lot of changes in his office.

However, if we do go to New York, probably hubby's aunt will get us some New York Yankees tickets as this is our only chance to catch that kind of excitement. And you know what? Though I don't like the game that much but I like the jersey and the cap a lot! My chance to go get the real stuff! :P

CNY deco in Pyramid

Ok, I know it is late to still talk about CNY deco now but I discovered some photos I took when we were in KL earlier this month which was still CNY then.

I did not get to see all the CNY deco in all the malls we went to as some has already took down their props as Valentine's Day was approaching then.

All travels cut!

I guess the economy is really hitting rock bottom now. Everyday, without fail I sure to read about job cuts and retrenchments. It is so demoralizing. Hubby's company is no difference. I heard they are not doing too well this time round as compared to the last few economic crisis.

Hubby told me that most of their travels are being cut or minimized. Hubby is still fortunate as he can still travel since the few projects he is handling required him to be at certain locations for meeting and conferences.

He was supposed to make a trip to Latin America somewhere in March but will likely be postponed or cancel altogether. Therfore, his dream to stay at one of those cancun hotels is practically down the drain now. *sigh*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Melbourne it will be...

Guess our next vacation destination will be Melbourne as of now.

Initially I have wanted to go to Tokyo after thinking deeply but after the news we received yesterday, it will have to be Melbourne or any of the cities in Down Under once we can confirmed on the restrictions if there are any.

Looks like we can look forward to another winter holiday again! Yiiipppppeeeee!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Revised fees for US Visa Application

Hubby's 10 years US visa was about to expire so he decided to get a renewal just in case he was required to travel to Brazil again which he will normally transit in Chicago. Therefore, he took the opportunity of the long vacation we had in KL earlier this month to settle it.

Previously we paid RM380 (2.5 years ago) for my boy's and mine and I was surprised that the fees has been increased to RM485 now. That was almost RM105 of increment! What to do... Ringgit tend to shrink over the years!

With a company letter, hubby got another 10 years unlimited entries visa which is really good since it is really tough to get that after the 9/11 case. Now we are free to travel to the US at anytime we want! We are still contemplating for either a LA/NYC vacation....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still thinking...

We are entering mid February and till now we still can't decide where to go for our vacation. We have checked a few places and the amount of points available allowed us to get 3 full fare tickets to the furthest destination.

I was contemplating of going to Los Angeles again since I quite like the place. Most importantly, we can speak the language unlike in European countries where we will definitely face communication problems. I still remember we had a hard time finding a place for me to have a bowl of hot soup in France.

Anyway, we have kind of short list a few destination as we need to decide by end of April. Hubby wish to go to Melbourne or Perth whereas I prefer to go to either Los Angeles or San Francisco. If we go to Melbourne, we'll probably need to book one of those extended stay hotels since I don't have any relatives or close friends living there.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have made up my mind and it is final.... we are finally DIVORCED!

It was not a tough decision and I think it was a wise one...

After all, I don't benefit anything from the reunion after all the back biting and snooping around started a year ago. I did have some good time but those had turned into terrible experiences and I decided it is not the way it should be heading. In fact, I have stopped visiting since I could remember... :P

Btw, it is not about me and my dearest hubby (were you shocked in the first few lines? hehehe) but it is about one of the biggest online paying network. Guess I don't have to mention their name since most of the money making blogs knew their existence.

A couple of days ago I heard from a good blogging buddy that, that pathetic network who claimed to be the top among all $$ paying advertising network were offering a mere 50 cents for a fair amount of words per post... Geez... I knew the economy is not doing well but seeing people are fighting with each other and trying to race with each other for that sum really pissed me off!

To be honest, I rather not write and spend those time doing other stuff or simply idle away! I no longer like the idea sitting in front of the PC racing against time just so I could get a few cents! It is definitely not worth my time. Even placing online ads is a better option than this.

So, after reading the mail sent by one of my favorite advertising network about all the hoos and haas I decided to end all my relationship with that particular company. I have deleted the codes!


Keeping the boy busy

Sometimes I am really tired of long car rides when I have to do it with my little toddler. When he was younger, he will sleep most of the way but as he grows bigger, his napping time has been cut tremendously. He will either sleep the first leg of the journey or the 2nd leg and if we were to travel from Penang to KL, the first is usually the shortest.

Since my boy is extremely talkative now, it can be quite irritating answering him for more than 2 hours on what he sees on the journey with all the same questions like 'what is that?' or 'why is that?' type of questions for more than 2 hours.

What I did now is to pack the car with lots of books so he can flip through them and a note book with a pen so he can scribble something when he is bored. Since we kept a lot of those promotional pens from previous conventions we attended or from hotel stays... we have endless supplies. :P

Monday, February 2, 2009

MAS Super Low Fare

With the economy crisis looming here, many of the aviation companies are slashing their prices to attract more business. Today I read about MAS Super Low Fare has returned and offering not only low domestic fares but international fares too. I am sure this is a piece of good news for those has been planning to take a trip overseas.

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines all-inclusive low fares are back with tickets to Britain and Europe up for grabs.

From Feb 2 to 15, a one-way trip to London starts from RM1,450 while flights to Frankfurt, Rome and Stockholm are going as low as RM1,500 one-way.

"We are delighted to extend our low fares to Britain and Europe due to demand from customers," said MAS commercial director Datuk Rashid Khan in a statement.

The low fares are also extended to various destinations in Australia, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Dhaka, Chennai, Bangalore. Hyderabad, Jakarta. Yogjakarta, Surabaya, Ho Chi Minh, Cebu, Phuket, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Singapore.

The travel period is from March 2 to Aug 31 for all destinations except Australia and Europe (travel period is March 18 to Aug 31). The fares are only available on-line.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Moo... Year!

Though it is a little late but it is better late than never!

Here I would like to wish all readers of Hop Around with Me...


Remember to check out my new Bento blog!

I Love Cupcakes needs a lil' boost

The start of 2009 is not as good as expected. Though I have a few orders but they are lesser than my expectation. In fact I did not get that many CNY orders this time though I still get a lot of birthday orders.

I has been discussing with hubby about doing some A&P for my cupcakes and probably throwing in one or two promotional product as part of the project. The thing is, with the worsening economy, I wonder if people in this tiny island can still splurge on unnecessary stuff.

The news just announced that more job cuts will be announced in the next few days...

Tough year ahead...

It is time again???

Gosh! Time certainly wait for no man! One year has passed before my eyes and all those yearly bills are up again for renewal or payment. *sigh*

This year with the worst economy crunch looming ahead, we definitely have to make a lot of changes to things we have been purchasing and things that will be purchased. In fact we are trying to spend wisely and frugally and not buying anything that is unnecessary in our household.

In another two months our car insurance will be up for renewal again... Though we have a small cc car but it still eating into our monthly expenses. Therefore, we are thinking of getting a cheap auto insurance if possible.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

St Valentine's Day is just 3 weeks away!

Oh my gosh!!!! Just realized that St Valentine's Day is just 3 weeks away! Time really flies when we are busy with activities!

Well, every year I will have headache of what to get for my dear hubby who is a real fussy pot! One thing is, he don't like to celebrate all the birthdays, Valentines or Christmas. I call him 'alcheapo'! :P

Anyway, I still will get him things quietly. I have given him a few silk ties in the past years which he rarely wear unless he goes overseas for conventions. I also bought him some shirts, which he warned me not to get any... again! :( He's a simple man and he has most of the stuff... so what shall I get him this year huh? *crack brain*

Still unpacked

Ok, we will be leaving for Ipoh on Sunday morning but I've yet to pack anything. Since we are going for just one night, I figured there aren't that much to pack. I only need to pack 2 sets of clothing for both my boy and myself which I will try to fit into my Samsonite luggage. The rest will be stuff for my my mom.

Since we will be going to KL the following week, I told my mom that I will get her more stuff later which she told me to get for her neighbours as I do not have time to shop the past few days. They likes those Penang 'pheah' (local biscuits) which I don't fancy... :P

Back to Ipoh for Reunion dinner

I have been spending Chinese New Year eve in Penang for the past 3 years since I got married four years ago... we were married after 2005 Chinese New Year... that's why. And this year, we will be celebrating it with my parents and my uncles in Ipoh which is my hometown. It will be so fun as we will have dinner in the restaurant and not steamboat at home! It is crazy to work the entire day just to have dinner isn't it? :P

We will be driving back to Ipoh on Sunday morning, which is the eve. Then we will go for dinner at my actual hometown in Tanjong Tualang which is a famous place for Big Head Prawn. It has been a while since I last go back there so it will be fun to see the place again... wonder what else have changed.

Hubby said he will bring the car for a wash tomorrow and get it polished as well. Probably I will remind him to check all the performance parts too... just in case. Can't afford to have the car break down on the highway!

Vacation plans is ON again!

Two months back when hubby told me we have to make a trip somewhere far across the ocean, I was elated but it was a short lived one as a few weeks later he said the economy is bad and we have to KIV our plans. Of course I was devastated... :P

Then today he told me that we have to go as he cannot push his frequent flyer points as they will deduct 1000 points every time he push his points forward. It is so difficult to accumulate those points so it will be a waste if they get deducted.

Therefore, our plans is ON again! Yiiipppppeeeee!!!

Now, where shall we go??? New York? Germany? France or Down Under? Hmmm....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CNY baking project

With Chinese New year just a week away, I have yet to complete my baking project. This time round, I decided to get premixes from the bakery supplies shop rather than doing my won recipes as I really do not have the luxury to mix them myself. You can say it is an easy way out!

So far I have only completed the cornflakes cookies which required very minimum work. Just mix the ingredients and put them into small baking cases and bake for about 10 minutes. I have a few jars sitting on the counter top and they are looking extremely inviting!!!! I have been sneaking a few out every time I pass by that counter top!

In the next few days I will be doing a few others which will be just as inviting. Tell me how to lose weight like that??? Even Leptovox can't help me this time!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Where to find the mood now?

The words are out... there will be more jobs cut in the coming months and that is not only the small fry but the giants. There are more and more retrenchments looming ahead and everyone is fearing the worst.

A huge part of our economy is dependent on the manufacturing sector and if the world economy is weak, it will definitely affects ours in time to come. It is a domino effect as it is all about supply and demand. When the supply is more than demand and there goes...

Tell me where to find the mood these days? Hubby is getting grumpier than before as he felt his job is at risk if the economy continue to spiral downward. I think, even if I don a piece of sexy lingerie I won't be able to turn him on! :P

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Depressing year ahead

Initially we have planned for an oversea vacation either to US or Europe but due to the current economy situation, we need to put on hold all our plans. I was kind of disappointed since we have not been to any long vacation for the past 2 years.

My mother in law has been asking me to join her to Germany at my sister in law's place if hubby is not free to go for any vacation but then again, hubby won't agree to that... after all, he still have to pay the airfare for both my boy's and mine. My sister in law can't come back too since her kids has started school last year so only my mother in law is visiting.

Earlier while we were in a conference with her, she was telling us that the weather at her place has gone crazy. It has just started to snow again. The weather was so cold that they needed extra heated mattress pads. She was hoping to come back for a short vacation to hide from the crazy weather but the airfare is still expensive and hubby advised her to not spend too much as the outlook of this year is not too rosy so she should save the money.

Key Man Insurance

Though getting insurance policies here is quite common these days, there are still quite a lot of other policies which are not available yet in this part of the world. For example, the key man insurance policy.

Maybe some of the MNCs here do have such coverage but not that I am aware of. Probably in the aviation industry where the risks are much higher as compared to many other industries. So far I have not heard of such policies sold locally. Well, I may be wrong and ill informed.

Personally I find having such policies is good and beneficial to the company as losing key personnel, be it through retirement or accidents can be a headache sometimes.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


May 2009 brings us better financial outlook and world peace! :)