Sunday, December 28, 2008

What he did over the long weekends...

This month we are all so fortunate to have a couple of weeks of long weekends due to the festive seasons. Hubby's company was lucky to have been spared for shutting down unlike most companies here so he still has to go to work.

However, there was not much things to do as most of his colleagues went off for their long vacations so he only do planning in office. When he returns home, he has got a much bigger project... He has been busy upgrading all our PCs. He wants to upgrade mine to be more powerful so I can do more works and it works faster. Therefore, my PC gets a system memory upgraded which is really cool.

Next he intend to help my father in law to upgrade his but I'm not sure what he gonna do. All I know is, later we need to go to the shops to get more stuff for that project!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Here Wishing All My Readers

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ideas for Christmas pressies

I think most of us has the same problem whenever we need to buy gifts or presents for our family or friends. It is so especially Christmas. Though I don't really celebrate Christmas but I do buy Christmas pressies occasionally for those I love.

With the lousy economy and not working for such a long time, I don't think I could afford any high priced or expensive gifts these days. Last time I used to buy my mom gold jewelry but now I could no longer afford. However, I think I still could buy her some cool Designer Jewelry which is not that bad as they have more interesting designs as compared to those old fashion gold jewelry that we normally find here and at a lot cheaper.

If you ever go to Las Vegas

Our trip to Las Vegas has left us with lots of fond memories even when we have a little baby traveling with us at that time. The only thing is, we did not get to spend much time checking out all the casinos but we had lots of fun by just walking along the Strip.

We did not really plan where to go initially but thanks to having a good las vegas strip map we managed to see most of the attractions along that part of town. WE even drove to the old Vegas just so we could catch the live show at night.

If there's a chance to return, we will definitely spend more time checking the place out.

When away during the festive seasons

Next week will be Christmas and in another week will be New Year. Most of us has planned to travel during these two weeks since it coincide with weekends. We thought of traveling ourselves too but has yet to decide where to go.

With the bad economy, we read that there are more break-ins in the past months around the country so many of us are quite worried to leave our homes empty for an extended period. Even most of us have good security systems fixed but when these crooks target your place, there's not much way to stop them when you are so out of reach when it happens.

The police has offered some helps by providing extra patrols around all the neighborhood but most of us still doubt that this could be an effective way to combat these crooks.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm a shopping bags junkie

That day while rummaging through some of my old junks I found a box filled with all the paper bags which I have collected over the years when I was in Singapore. Yeah, I used to be a shopping bags junkie then. You won't believe that I actually buy something from a particular retailer because I want to have their bags!

In fact over the years many retailers has been using these shopping bags as promotional bags for their company or brands. I think this is one of the most effective advertising and promotion strategy as they get free publicity if people carry these bags around.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My photo was featured in Schmap Las Vegas Guide!!!

This is a long over due post which I have totally forgotten about.

More than a month ago, the Managing Editor of Schmap contacted me about one of my photos of Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas posted in was being shortlisted in their guide, The Fifth Edition of Schmap Las Vegas Guide.

Of course I was ecstatic! In fact Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is one of my favorite place beside the musical fountain at the Ballagio Hotel. The photo is taken at the front entrance leading to the hotel.

I have added the map widget onto my side bar... however, my photo did not load when it was my turn so I have captured it from the actual site for this post purpose...

I have not been using my Flickr's account for a long time since I have my own server. Anyhow, I am considering of getting a PRO account so I can upload some great photos to share with people on the net... Will see how things goes...

I need to thank my hubby for taking this great shot! :)