Friday, November 28, 2008

So Lucky!

Hubby's trip to Bangkok two months ago was postponed due to the unrest in the city. Then he rescheduled the trip again to last month and he was lucky he made it there and back without any happenings.

If he were to go this month he might be stuck in Bangkok airport now as he flew there on 27 Oct!!!! Imagine if he goes one month late and he could be sleeping in the airport not knowing his fate!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Be it boy or girl!

When I gave birth to my first born, he did not have the luxury to sleep in his own room as we do not have any extra room in MIL's house so he has been co-sleeping with us till now.

However, we might be getting our own home next year and this will likely gave our next born a chance to sleep in his/her own room. And this excited mommy has been really 'kiasu' to start looking around for baby bedding even though there is still no sign of any baby yet! :P

Anyway, next year will be the year of Ox or Moo-moo cow and what is more appropriate than to decorate the baby's room other than the theme???!!! Don't these look so cool??? :P So, be it boy or girl this theme fits!


When hubby told me we need to go for an international next year travel last week I was on cloud nine literally but after the excitement wear off... the questions came... Where should we go?

We have been to Europe and Some part of US West Coast so now we are not sure where should we go on our next vacation. I have wanted to go to Florida but the flight will either freak me or my monkey out... a freaking 20 hours or more! Count in all those transit time babe! :(

Then we short list to NYC or even just to Germany and France but the thought of chasing after the train in Europe with a toddler can be hellish... and NYC... what is there to see except Statute of Liberty huh? I'm not so much of a shutter bug so I'm not into building or architecture photography...

Maybe we should go SFO... after all we have not been there... whatdayathink? ;P

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Over worked!

Today I have 2 cupcakes orders to complete and that was a total of 3 dozens! I already started since yesterday afternoon by prebaked the first order. It was a good move as I know I won't have time to bake this morning as I need to deliver them later before I could start the second order.

The past weeks has been so hectic, since I am still coughing like nobody business and there are just so much work today... a lot of last minute cupcakes orders and I can feel so tired each night. I think I aged so much in these few weeks!

Can't wait for my next vacation so I could take a break and relax (though I know I won't get to relax when I'm on vacation!). For now, I still can afford not to go for Denver Plastic Surgery yet but I think if my lifestyle continue to be like that then I will have to fast forward my plan!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Business is improving

It has been almost 10 months I started my little cupcake e-shoppe. Business is brisk and I must say it is improving in a way. Though I don't get orders everyday, I am contented as I really lack the time to go into it full time. Therefore, till today I have yet to do much A and P for it. Guess I don't have the capacity to handle more orders.

Hubby has been asking me to get my business cards done but I am just too lazy and lack the motivation to do up one. Always procrastinate since my website is good enough to help spread the words. Probably when I have more time then I'll look into getting some business resumes done for future use.

At the mean time, I'll just stay with what I have now...

To Singapore again!!

The words is out... Yeap! We might be going down to Singapore again either in January or February next year. Hubby was telling me that we need to go there to do some official matters so we will be on our own. He was there earlier this week and he went to get some rates from some of the hotels around Bugis area.

He felt uneasy staying in either my uncle's or my friend's place so he decided to stay in the hotel. It will definitely eat into our cost but we have all the convenience of course.

I am extremely excited as I will get to whack all those food which I have missed in the last trip. I have better draw up a plan on where to eat so I won't miss out this time. I'm not going to think so much about weight lost now as I really miss all those yummy food! Worst come to worst, I'll just pop some diet pills after the trip!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fosting frienship again

The past few days has been hectic but I am happy. Well, though I am still very sick and my cough is still not getting any better but I still happy because I found some really old friends and old classmates as well from one of the social networking site.

I could never imagine finding them after all these years... 18 years is a long time and I am glad that everyone is doing fine! I was quite surprise as some of my old classmates entered some of the professions that I could ever imagine they are in today!

One of them, whom I have lost touch for more than 20 years owns a few Pro-Shop and one even gone into designs! And what really surprised me was, she also became a Christian! How time change a person!!

There is another one who went for aesthetic training but I'm not sure where she did her course. It could be one of the popular beauty schools in tennessee since I was told she has migrated to the US some 10 years back.

Sick but still eat!!

My cough has been a really nagging one that after almost 3 weeks, I still don't see ant signs that it is healing. I know I have not been a good girl for not abstaining from food that I am not supposed to eat. In fact I went to have Kentucky Fried Chicken two days ago as I don't have time to cook since I have to deliver some cupcakes.

When we were in that area there was nothing to eat except Kentucky Fried Chicken and since hubby was extremely hungry so we just went ahead. I know by having this meal it will cause my cough to get worst but I really miss eating chicken!!!

Now, not only my cough will not go away, I think my weight will stay too!!! All because I just can't live without all those fried and spicy food! I think I better get a pedal exerciser soon or else I won't be able to fit into that gown I am going to wear for a wedding next month!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He said it!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon while chatting with hubby he told me he has some Kris Flyer points which will be expiring soon so we should go on a holiday before June next year!!!! I can't believe my ears when he told me he wanted to go to New York!!!! He said he has enough points to claim 2 tickets to New York! Woooohooo!

Then he told me if I wanted to go to Perth, he has enough points to claim 3 tickets... This is so darn tempting!!!! So how? Should I go to New York or Perth??? Spring in New York would be real fun and winter in Perth can also be very fun!!!

Okok... I know we are not moving to New York or Perth so I should not be getting too overly excited about it. I just need to calm down and think which location I should choose. This is definitely not as easy as choosing those movers New York since I can choose one! :P

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I don't have green fingers!

During one of our trip back to KL, we went to visit hubby's uncle who staying in Sri Damansara. That time we were supposed to help my mom get a few plants from uncle's wife. One of it was the mulberry trees she planted which seemed to bear fruits all the time. Aunty gave my mom 2 pots of the mulberry and another pot of aloe vera.

I really like her aloe vera... super huge okay! She even made some dessert from them which tasted real good! She told us to use it for soup as well which is very good for health.

Though I did not take any of the plants home ( except those for my mom) but I took a few aloe vera leaf home. I tried making the dessert aunty taught me... *yum*!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Everyone is doing it

During the time when I was in the corporate world, I really cannot afford to take time off to attend courses full time even though I am in desperate needs to upgrade myself. I tried going for night classes but it really take a huge toll on my health as I have to sit in the class for minimum of 9 hours of classes each week. It is taxing... no doubt about it.

However, to give up my job to go full time means I have to take into consideration all the opportunity costs that involved. It was quite a difficult decision to make. There wasn't any win-win situation unless I make the sacrifices since those time we do not have the luxury of learning through online university. Therefore, at the end I have no choice but to give up my job and go enrolled in the university for full time course.

Now there are more people are holding on to their jobs and do their degree online so they don't have to give up their career to pursue another.

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