Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fly to Singapore from almost everywhere?

But they don't have any flight out from Penang!

I was so happy when I received an email alert from AirAsia latest promotion to Singapore. The header that said 'Flying to Singapore from almost anywhere' was really eye catching since I am so dying to go Singapore again. Too bad they are flying from so many cities except from Penang! What a boo-hoo-hoo!

Just can't imagine why they never consider having flights out from Penang to Singapore???? It will be so good if they do as I know lots of us would love to fly to Singapore for some shopping since shopping in Penang sucks! :P

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In KL and feasting non-stop!

We are barely here in KL for a week and we have been feasting since we came last Friday. Started with dinner on Friday with my parents at hubby's favorite BKT stall. It was a good meal as always.

Then the following day I joined some of my blogging buddies for Japanese buffet at Shogun in One Utama. This is the second time I had buffet in Shogun with the first at their branch in Sunway Pyramid. ... Though the branch in One Utama has more varieties but I found the food quality has someone dropped...

On the third day, went to Ikea for their famous Swedish meatballs. Found that the quality has somehow differed from my last meal in Ikea. Not sure why.... prices goes up but quality deteriorate so much! After that we went for dinner at my dad's friend's place who celebrating Deepavali. Food was good! :P

And yesterday my mom cooked... and you can guess that she cooked up a storm! Love the salted chicken you prepared... so yummy! Now, how to go on diet like???? Even with allie my journey will be a very tough one! :P

Friday, October 24, 2008

No more Zero fare!

Hahaha! Just as I posted about the confusion of those Zero fares offered by the many budget airlines here, Singapore decided to make a stand... No more Zero fares that are confusing to us, the fellow passengers! Yippeeee!

WHAT you see is what you pay. From Nov 1, advertisement tag-lines such as 'Fares from $0' or '15,000 seats going for only $0.01 one-way' here will be a thing of the past.

New rules set by the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) will require travel agents and airlines to advertise full fares so travellers know right away how much their air ticket or holiday will cost, The Straits Times learnt.

Despite industry resistance and after over two years of discussions, ASAS - an advisory council to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case), whose members include representatives from various bodies such as the Singapore Medical Association and Media Development Authority - issued a circular to all airlines and travel agencies earlier this week to inform them of the new rules.'

News link here.

At least now I don't have to crack my brain on how they calculate the fare. I hope our Malaysian budget airlines will be asked to do the same too...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going to the US again???

Ok... we have been debating if we should go to the US again since hubby has accumulated lots of Kris Flyer points over the years. Our last trip 'overseas' was in 2006 so that means we have not gone any where far for 2 years now. He did asked me if I want to go LA again... well, I don't mind actually! :P

2 nights ago, we talk about it again and last night I bugged him again that we should go some where next year! I wanted to go to Perth to visit my aunt but hubby said he wants to go NYC so he can bring us to visit Niagara Falls! Well, I do want to go NYC but if that is the case we have to bring our car seat along!

The previous time when we were in LA, I have wanted to get one of those Britax car seats as their quality is much better as compared to the one we bought at the end. However, hubby thought that we might not be able to carry it back so we settled for a cheaper ones for just in case. Now I regretted for not getting a better one. :(

Get him a laptop!

I have anticipated that this will come sooner or later... that my boy will fight over the PC with me one day! And true enough he wants to punch on the keyboard every time he sees me typing or 'doing work' as describe by him. He will tell me he too wants to 'do work'!!! o_0

I can't bluff him away now since he is so much bigger and know how to bargain his way through. So, instead of sending him away, I let him have a few minutes on the PC when I am doing other stuff. However, when I want to get back to my work he will refused to go away! Headache!!!

A friend was suggesting that I get him a toy laptop so he will not disturb me anymore. Well, I did let him play with my old lappie but he don't like it! He prefers to bugs and fight with his mommy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zero fare and No fuel surcharge but still need to pay RM300???

This is quite a delayed post as I totally forgot about it sitting in my draft folder. Now that I remember, I want to rant about it!

OK, a few weeks back Air Asia sent me an email about their new promotion on Zero fare form KL to Singapore. Thinking I don't have to pay for the fare, the ticket will be cheap and I was dying to go Singapore again so thought I'll just try and check the total amount I need to pay.

And holy-molly! After keying all the details and selecting the RM0 for both ways, I still need to pay quite a lot! Here is the 'breakdown' of the charges for 2 tickets (I intend to bring my son along)...

Going Out Total 137.00 MYR
Going Out Total 137.00 MYR
2 Guests @ 15.00 30.00 MYR
Airport Tax 18.00 MYR
Administration Fee 45.00 MYR
Fuel Surcharge 44.00 MYR

Coming Back Total 131.00 MYR
Coming Back Total 131.00 MYR
2 Guests @ 15.00 30.00 MYR
Airport Tax 12.00 MYR
Administration Fee 45.00 MYR
Fuel Surcharge 44.00 MYR

Services and Fees
0.00 MYR
Services and Fees
0.00 MYR

Total Package Price
268.00 MYR

They said 'No fuel surcharge' but the fuel surcharge was added into the calculation so quite confusing...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bad face day

We ladies are extremely sensitive when it comes to beauty. We don't mind dishing out almost our entire saving to look good... most of the time. I've seen some of my friends signing up for some crazily priced facial treatments and etc... just so they will look good.

I for one, will not go to that extent but when I get a bad face day (those days when the outbreak can be so horrible) I will certainly invest in a good acne treatment. Not that my face worth a million dollar but looking good means feeling good and that is some kind of therapeutic feel.

Those vegetarian food is sinful!

I think this year 9 Emperor celebration here are making me feeling extremely guilty. I have been walloping more than my usual amount of vegetarian food in a year! I know this is very unhealthy but they tasted so good... well some of them!

The past few days I have been feeling bloated and I can see that my love handles has protruded more than in the past! Hubby has been complaining too that I've been eating more than my usual meals.

Well, I think I really have to serious up and really look at what I'm eating in order to make myself healthy again and of course bring my weight down too. Probably will go for some brisk walking again at the park this weekend. Might need to get myself a pulse oximeter to check my pulses too.

Penang will get Free Wifi soon

While we were driving back from lunch today, PiggyBeng told me that soon we will have free Wifi service in Penang. I am still not very sure if this free service is for everyone are restricted to just areas within the city.

To us, it will be good news as the current broadband service we are using is extremely slow sometimes and we still need a phone line for the connection. If we get the free wifi, we will be among the first to terminate our phone line since we don't use it as all of us have mobile phones. I think what we will need next time will be a mobile router instead.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do I have to get another one?

When I was an art student some 20 years ago, I bought an airbrush set. It cost me... eerrrmmm... my dad actually... a whopping RM750 bucks! Yeah, it was an expensive investment at that time but I really need to own a set to do all my assignments so I don't have a choice.

Then later on, I actually gave it away to a business associate when I was working with him as he needs it more than me. And now, I kind of regretted my generosity... as I needed one for my work now.

Airbrush set is not any cheaper now and I don't think hubby will approve me getting another set. Maybe when I really-really need one later, I'll try scouting around for a second hand set.