Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wanna change cellphone

My 'kiam-siap' (stingy) hubby is thinking of changing his cellphone after using that old junk for more than 4 years! I just cannot believe he can still use it even after the phone go on and off all the time and sometimes it even switched off by it self without any warning!

Then one fine day, his colleague showed him that one of the Sony Erricsson phone has one of the function he loves and since then he has been contemplating of getting a new phone... but he is not willing to fork out the money! Crazy right?

He still has not gotten any yet as he wants to check this and that. He even contemplating of getting a resale unit if he can find... probably one of those unlocked cell phones which can be cheaper...

Waiting for MIL's returns

I can't believe it that 3 months passes so fast! MIL will be home today from Germany after her yearly 3 months stay over at my SIL's place.

I've been cleaning some part of the house as a lot of our stuff are all over the place since she left and I have to make sure all those stuff are kept properly before she came home tonight. Last night a relative came by to help me clean my MIL's room and I managed to wash all her linens so I can put a new one for her later.

Then our relative told me our old vacuum is not functioning well but we don't have a choice since hubby is going away and I don't know if I should send it for repair or just get one of those new Miele vacuum cleaners which is on sale. Will wait for hubby's return later in the week before deciding....

To Reno someday

The only place we've been in the state of Nevada is Las Vegas two years ago. We would have love to to travel out a little more but due to the tight schedule, there was absolutely no way we can squeeze out time at all as we need to rush to Grand Canyon.

I've heard about Reno, which is also another nice place in Nevada but we are too unfamiliar with other places and the way to get there. However, that does not mean we will not in the future. I've heard some friends mentioned about nice places we can visit over at Reno and those reno hotels are just as nice as those in Las Vegas.

Well, I hope we could have another chance to visit Nevada again someday and pop by Reno for sure!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Waiting for a new government

With all the hypes from our 'circus' government lead by some clowns... I am... well, eagerly waiting to the forming of a new government by the oppositions...

I think all the Malaysians are sick and tired with bunch of clowns who made our country a laughing stock in the political spectrum. If we continue to let them treating the country like a circus ground, sooner or later we have to be one of the monkeys to be their follies... yikes!

Can't wait for most of our dreams to come true... down the BN up the PKR!

Sick till no appetite!

It has been more than a week since the cough virus attacked me and I am not anywhere better till to date. Phlegm still green and thick and my throat still feel just as dry as the past week. Only now that I can at least control not coughing it out like what I've been doing the past couples of days.

It is such a torturing feeling I tell you! I have been eating bland food of soup with rice and porridge for days! Though I have appetite before eating but the moment I see those same food again, it really turns me off! They works like those magical diet pill now!

I still have not weight myself... so don't know if i lose any weight but my little baby has definitely lose some as he look so skinny and frail now since he was down on Saturday! Even the hubby is losing his appetite with his fever coming and going for the past 3 days.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shopping for shoes

I must admit I have not been seriously shopping for shoes ever since my wedding! Yeah, that was how long it has been since! I used to be a crazy shoes shopper during my working years and I have so many pairs of shoes that I lost count how many pairs I actually have in my shoe cabinet!

When I was in Europe, I thought I want to find a decent pair while I was shopping for a pair in Milan but due to our hectic schedule and of course the high exchange rate, I ended up with nothing except for a cheap walking shoes! It was the same when we were down in Paris, we don't have enough time to go for serious shopping.

Then when I was in LA, I was so tempted to check out the famous Manolo Blahnik brand which was one of the mentioned brand by the S*x and the City clan... Too bad no chance either as my boy just refused to let me shop in peace! We were already in Beverly Hill! arrgghhh!