Saturday, August 30, 2008

If you are a DWI victim

In the last couples of years I have came across many news where by some poor souls were being hit by vehicles while they were walking are on the pedestrian walkway or just simply crossing the street at a traffic light junctions! Some were lucky to only suffer injuries but some are not and there are some who are victims of hit and run as there are no way to prosecute this irresponsible drivers who are normally under the influence of alcohol.

Even though the police managed to track down these reckless drivers, there always seems to be not enough evidence to proof. Therefore, many of the victims or victims' family are not compensated.

However, if you are residing in Nebraska, things might be different. For cases like these, you can always get help from the Omaha Personal Injury Lawyers and they might able to seek compensation for you or your family if anyone in your family were involved in such cases which are categorized as DWI victims.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bad economy ahead...

The Olympic is coming to an end soon and there has been rumors saying that the economy will deteriorate pretty soon after that. In fact most of us has been feeling the slow down way before the Olympic and a lot more are having difficulties clearing their debts.

In fact some banks and financial institutions are already commissioning those debt collection agencies to help them to do the job as more and more people are not repaying their monthly installments.

I think the situation will look even more depressing in the coming weeks....

A Dying Culture?

Last weekend was the 15th day of the 7th month of the Lunar calendar without us realizing. Well, it is no big deal for us since we do not do any prayer as MIL is not around so we go about doing our normal chores just like any other weekends.

Then on our way back, we saw a Chinese Opera playing! It has been ages since I last seen one! hehehe... sound so suaku now! :P I still remember the days when I was still staying in a small town near Ipoh more than 30 years ago where I will follow either my great grandma or grandma to the temple to watch these operas which comes during the 7th month.

That night, both hubby and myself just wanted to show our little boy this dying culture which is getting rarer by the years. The one we saw that night was in Hokkien so I can't figure out what they were saying/singing but I'm sure the old folks does.

How time has changed... last time we need to purchase a ticket to watch and now it is free for all and I can hardly see a huge crowd! Only a few uncles and aunties were seated on some stools that scattered around the stage...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

If you are looking for a good jogger

Now that our boy knows how to walk and run by himself, we hardly use the stroller. We will only use it when we know we will be walking for a long time as our little boy will get lazy after a few minutes walking on his own!

We wanted to start our 'healthy lifestyle' again by hitting the track one one of the park but our city stroller won't be able to take the stress. Now we are contemplating if we should get another stroller that can take rough terrain. Hubby is eying on a Bob stroller which look like a good jogger to invest in.

If you are looking for one, do hop by for a peep!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Finally - A silver for M'sia

After so many years... we can finally see the Olympic medal tally with Malaysia printed on it. Though it has appeared there during the last Olympic (introduction game) but this time, it is for real and as a Malaysian, I feel proud in a way.

The Malaysian Badminton team rocks! :P

I did not get to watch the match as I was busy tending to Darrius after we returned from the city... so I missed the match of the century. I was hoping our Lee Chong Wei will get the gold but he is not on home ground so it can be tough. Well, a silver is better than nothing! :)

Great job!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Home and lots to blog!

Just six days over the Causeway and I have tones of stuff to blog about! Besides our makan-makan adventures, I shopped a lot of Bento stuff as well as visiting a few places.

For more of our trip to Singapore, you are most welcome to hop over to my other blog for full details... :P

Fierce competition

Everywhere we go, we will see the group of people trying to get people to sign up for credit cards these days. Sometimes we don't only see one bank but a few banks having these 'road shows' where they will try to recruit new members or those who already had one from another bank they will even offer balance transfer credit card to make it more enticing... what a fierce competition!

Many a times I felt like signing up... pity those young chaps trying so hard to get customers. I heard that if we sign up, they will get some lucrative commission. Well, maybe when I think I really need another card then probably I will see what they have to offer...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Securing our house

Our house was broke in two years ago and since then hubby has been quite paranoid. Beside changing all the transparent roof he even set barb wires around the entire roof which surround the air well area.

He even went to the extend to install not one but 2 wind chimes so that if there is someone trying to pry open the roof, the chimes will make noise. Well, I don't really mind but sometimes when these chimes sounded in the middle of the night it can be quite scary/eerie especially when I am all alone.

So far there hasn't been any break in since the last one and we hope when we are away, no one tries their luck...

6 days in Lion City

Finally the day has arrived!

We will be leaving for the airport in less than 8 hours time to catch our flight to Lion City. It has been almost a year since we were down there and the thought of going there has always been exhilarating! Besides being a shopper paradise it is also a foodie paradise!

I can't wait to stuff myself silly with the yummy Katong Laksa, dried beef noodles, pepper crabs, Hokkien Mee and those succulent baby back ribs! *slurp~* I have 6 days to chomp all those yummies.

Tell me how to lose weight like that??? Well, I don't go to Singapore that often so what I'll do later is to go to the GP and ask him to introduce me one of those slimming pills from the many diet pill reviews he has. For now, I'll just enjoy the food guilt free! hehehehehee

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting rid of your old cars

Have you ever thought of how to get rid of your really very old cars? I know not many people are driving those old junk these days but you'll be surprise we have one here! Yeah, my hubby felt that an old junk is better to be used for work since it will be parked under the hot sun the entire day.

I don't know how long can this old junk works but from our estimation, it is still able to 'live' for another 5 years or more! I know... it is still a long way before we can get rid of it. However, we have not thought about it if we really needed to get it dump one day.

Hubby has installed some new parts so in actual fact, the car is still 'new' in a way since it has all the new parts running. Should it really R.I.P. one day, probably we will send it to something similar to midwest auto recycling facilities and see if they can find any uses from those newer parts.