Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting vain again

Today, after many-many years, I finally bought another cake of face powder. I think I have stopped buying face or compact powder for more than 5 years or more. There were only a few occasions I had them (not mine) during my own wedding and my brother wedding where the beautician brushed it on for me.

Well, I was having some outbreaks lately and thought that these powders can help me hide some of my acne. I hate it when I have all those ugly bumps on my face!

Countdown to fitness

I've decided... I need to trim down a little so I can eat till my heart content when we are in Singapore in less than 2 weeks. There are just too much temptation there... my favorite Katong Laksa, the yummy and cheap baby back ribs, pepper crabs, sliced fish noodles and of course, the Singapore style Hokkien Mee!

Since I don't have any gym membership, I can't run on the treadmills. Guess I have to watch my diet instead and cut down as much as I can... after all, I'm starting to get bored with the food here. Will keep my tummy for those yummy food in Singapore!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Free online drugs reference tool

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If you are a medical and healthcare professional, do check out today!

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Don Obori celebration in Penang

Last Saturday we were tired and did not go anywhere during the day so our little boy was feeling restless staying home. Then hubby decided to take him to the Esplanade to fly kite.

Initially we thought of going for coconut juice drink at Abu Siti Lane but the store was closed. So we went to New World to get some dinner since both my boy and myself has not taken our dinner. I bought a packet of CKT and 2 packets of CCF for my boys.

We then drove in through Farquhar Street and was greeted by a massive traffic jam! We moved slowly and when we reach Convent Light Street, we sort of guessed it must have been some event going on at the Esplanade. Then when we moved forward, we saw quite a lot of Japanese walking toward the field and it trigged me that it must have been the Don Obori celebration! We were stuck at the same place last year! What a coincidence.

Silly me thought that there will be a firework display so I brain washed hubby to drop by since we are already there. We droved to some lanes near to Beach Road and quickly gobbled down our dinner before we park behind CIMB bank and walked to the Esplanade.

By then it was around 7.30pm and the entire place was filled with people. We walked around for a while and waited for some performances but there were just too many people so we can't even get close to the stage.

After roaming for about 30 mins, there was still no signs of firework display so hubby said better go as we do not want to get trapped when the event ends. We were lucky that we left earlier if not we won't be able to get home till 11pm!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jusco @ Bukit Tinggi, Klang

We did not go to Klang for a long time so we decided to head there for our BKT fix when hubby came to fetch us back to Penang. After that we went over to Jusco Bukit Tinggi which is said to be one of the biggest outlet currently. We've been to the Jusco in Bukit Raja some time back and that outlet was so-so only when compared to the new one.

I like the Bukit Tinggi Jusco simply because it has one of the highest ceiling for a shopping mall! It seems that this mall is sooooooo spacious as compared to all the malls I've been. The entire place is bright and cheery with most of the shop space taken up. Even the mix of tenant is considerably good.

As it was a Sunday, the whole place is extremely crowded especially on the ground floor. Coincidentally, there was some events going on the inside as well as outside the mall hence the huge crowd.

Thinking of advancing your knowledge?

Are you thinking of advancing your knowledge but lack the time and money? With the wild rat race in the work force now, more and more people are considering of upgrading themselves so they are able to survive in this mad corporate world race.

I was one of them last time when I was still in the work force. In those days, we don't have any of those online college courses so we have to slog in night classes after work. I have to attend a three hours class, 3 times a week which can be quite taxing. Sometimes when I have an event coming, my mind will be so blank when the lecturer is talking in the class and I doubt anything goes into my brain.

These days, people are luckier to have those online courses that they could sign up with and do on their own pace without the stress of attending classes after work.

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Time to check the pools @ Singapore Swissotel

In less than 2 weeks we will be in Lion City! Looks like I am more excited about the trip than my little boy! It has almost been a year since we last step foot in Singapore and I am really looking forward to it.

This time we get to stay at Swissotel (the old Westin) as we are tagging along hubby's business trip. My boy is excited as he knew he can go swimming in the pool and the bath tub! In fact we have been checking out some new swimsuits for him as his old one is kind of tight. The boy has certainly grew a lot during the past one year!

While the hubby and the boy go swimming, mommy can go check out the nearby malls! :P

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

KLIA was placed world's fourth best in 2008

Ok, this might be an old news by now but I am sure not many of you catch it when it was announced. In a recent survey on the best airports around the world, I was totally caught off guard that our dear KLIA was voted among the Top 5 in the world! Jaw dropped? Mine was! hahahaha!

Here is the clipping from AsiaOne:

KLIA has been voted as the fourth best airport in the world by British-based air travel research company, Skytrax, Sin Chew Daily reported.

KLIA which was placed fifth last year, is among the four airports in Asia that made it to the top five list this time around.

Hong Kong International Airport was voted the best, followed by Singapore's Changi Airport and Seoul's Incheon International.

Munich Airport in Germany was fifth, followed by Kansai International Airport in Japan, Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, Zurich Airport in Switzerland, Helsinki Airport in Finland and Cape Town International Airport in South Africa.

This is the seventh time the Hong Kong International Airport has won the Airport of the Year title since the award was launched in 2001.

The research was conducted on more than 190 airports worldwide between August 2007 and May this year. A total of 8.2 million tourists from over 97 countries were interviewed.

If you want to read the full news, check out this link.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Replacing your old sink?

Looking for a new sinks to replace your old ones?

Though we seldom need to replace something like sink that often but sometimes having a lousy brand can cause it to crack just after a few years. In fact my mom has cracked 2 in her life... so it is not unusual. The thing with our sinks here are, they are made to attach to the wall and nothing actually hold them.

Unlike those vessel sinks, where they 'sit' on a table top so they are in a way being hold are more sturdy as compared to our conventional sinks. If you are installing sinks in your homes, make sure you get these type of sinks.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm not a gadget person

Ever since I left the corporate world, I have practically lost touch with all those electronic gadgets. Before, I used to own quite a few pieces of these 'must-have' gadgets to be 'in the crowd'.

Last month while cleaning one of my drawers at my parents' place, I found my old Palm charger and some old mobile phones. Strangely, I can't find where is my Palm Pilot!

Well, since my hubby is not a gadget person too (though he's in the electronic field), we don't find any reasons to get into the hype of owning all these stuff. But, hubby was lucky as he got a few free ipods from his suppliers/distributors! Too bad, Miss Not Gadget me don't find it useful at the moment!

Hong Kong or Down Under?

We did not have any family vacation last year and even this year there isn't any firm plans. Hubby wanted to save up the money for our current project so he was telling us there might be no overseas vacation for this year too. Initially I was tempted to go to Hong Kong with my parents but the plan has to be shelved as my dad got to work on that weekend we intended to go. He's not keen to take a day leave since he's only working half day that Saturday.

However, if our project is successful, we might be heading to Down under for a short trip. Have not decided to where yet. Most likely will be Perth since my aunt is there so accommodation will not be a problem. Also, it will be a good time for me to bring back some of the books which I left at her place after my graduation.

Monday, July 7, 2008

More junks to bring home

When I was back at my parents place last month, I managed to clean one of my old wardrobe and some of the stuff in the store room. Found a lot of stuff there... all the old things I brought back from Singapore. Some are used, some are still new in the original packaging and some already got moldy...

Among them I found some old presents given to me by my friends and old colleagues. It was rather nostalgic and I asked myself should I throw them away since some looked really 'aged'. Then I saw some of my old kitchen utensils. Some still look new especially the pella pan that one of my ex-housemate gave to me when she moved to Hong Kong.

At least now I have another pan to use...

The King of Fruit is back

The durian season is back since a month ago on this island. However, due to the change of weather, there are more rain than before and thus affected the harvest of these 'King of Fruits'.

We went up in late May and we hardly see any ones being sold. Even if they have, they are more pricey than before. Now they are selling by the weight as compared to last time when we can negotiate the price.

I am waiting for the 'Ang-Hare' of Red Prawn which is considered the best breed thus far. My hubby is happy with 'Hor-Lor' though he don't mind having the rest.

So far we have tried Amy Yip which has huge flesh, just like the real person who is extremely voluptuous. :P

Can you see those little brittle fruits hanging on the branches?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Radiator for your Dodge truck

Are you driving a Dodge and your radiator is giving you loads of problems? If you get a new set from your agent, you may be paying a hefty price for it. So, if your Dodge is kinda 'old', you don't want to waste all those unnecessary money.

Now you can get good radiator from the web and they cost half the normal price you pay if you get from your car workshop or spare parts agent. At, you can get radiators for almost all the car brands available in the country at half the normal price. That means, you an get our Dodge Truck Radiator at a friction of the normal price and you still get the original.. just that they are OEM.

With, you don't have to waste all those hard earn money for nothing. Check out their site today and see what else you can get!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Have you collected your RM625?

This afternoon I dropped hubby at the Penang's main branch Post Malaysia at Beach Road. He was there to collect his 'rebate' for the fuel increase.

We have 2 cars and we are lucky their road tax were due just before they announce the rebate for all car owners regardless of their size/model. So, we get a total of RM625x2=RM1250. Not bad huh? :)

So, if you have a car and just renewed your road tax these few months... hurry and go get your 'rebate'!!!

Happy Feet @ New World Park

It is our usual Friday dinner with my FIL. Normally we will go to his regular coffee shop for dinner where we have some fried noodles and dim sum. As we have been there almost every weekend, we thought we go to a new place instead.

We have been to New World Park a few times but not my FIL. This is his first time there after all the make over. Today's weather is quite ok and the place was not crowded so we get good seats and our food arrived quite fast.

After dinner, we decided to walk about the whole place. Then I saw the fish spa Happy Feet located just opposite Manhattan Fish Market. This is the first such spa open here in Penang. In fact I remember a fellow blogger visited it last month.

They are having July special now. It is FREE for those who celebrate their birthday in July (free on the actual day only)!!! And you can bring your child below 12 in for FREE too!

Let them take candid shots of your wedding!

During the time when I got married, we were unsure what to give to our guests. After all, it was not a trend yet until the last 2 years where more people are giving wedding favors on their wedding day.

If we have known about those wedding cameras then, we would have gotten them for our guests so they can help us take some really natural candid shots which will be very memorable. Too bad, we did not have such idea that time.

So, if you want to be captured in real candid, why don't you get your guests one of this cutie? Just place one of these disposable flash cameras on each table and watch your guests take wonderful candid photos.These cuties are preloaded with quality 400 speed film with either 15 or 27 exposures. A table card is included which give instructions on how to use.

How I wish I could turn back the clock and have my wedding day once again!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Boston Movers

If you are moving or being relocated, you need to find a really good mover to save you from headache. Never go for those who do shoddy work which will result dismay more than satisfaction. I am talking from experience.

I used to live like a nomad, moving from one place to another within a short time and each time when I moved, some of my things will either go missing or destroyed. And since I engaged small moving firms, they don't usually provide any insurance for my stuff. So, count myself unlucky.

A friend of mine who has just migrated to another city had a very bad experience with her mover. Her LCD TV and her entire box filled with her old photographs were destroyed by flood (apparently the warehouse where the mover stored her stuff was flooded)! There is no way one can compensate for the destroyed photographs!

Another business associate of mine got her stuffed stolen during the storage time and they still can't find who did it. Though they willing to compensate my friend, there is no way one can return the sentimental value of the stuff that were stolen.

So, if you are moving or being relocated, do make sure you get the right mover to do the job. If you are moving to Boston, check out Boston Movers.

She wants to own a salon

A cousin of my cousin is an aspiring hairdresser even before she leave high school. So, right after she completed her high school she went about looking for salon jobs so she can be trained as an apprentice where free training is provided and she get paid as well.

In the initial days, all of us has to be her guinea pigs so she can have practices from hair cuts to hair perms and coloring. The best part was, we get to do all those for free! I took the chance and let her perm my hair of course! :P

A few other cousins and relatives went for regular haircuts too since they are free of charge. And the last I heard was, she has finally completed her training and is looking to open a salon herself.

Malaysian Taxis = One of the WORST in the world

Well... That is not a piece of fresh news so it ain't a surprise at all.

We all know the fact but nobody seems to do much about it. And it is a laugh in the butts when our dear government want to make this country a very touristy place. How can we when we have such a bad front liners???

To be very honest, even myself I dare not hail any taxis alone... afraid that I could be the next rape victim to join the statistics.

Many years ago, my friend and I boarded a taxi at a hotel after our lunch date only to be asked to get off midway as the driver demanded that we pay more from the earlier negotiated price! This such a shame! He agreed to the earlier price and when we are half way he changed his mind and wanted to squeeze more more two defenseless ladies!

We were very unhappy and demanded that he stopped the taxi! At the end we boarded another which sent us home safely. I really swore off Malaysian taxis that time!

Comfort for your furry friend

Are you a cat lover? I have a few friends who are and they really spoil their little friends. These soft felines are treated just like family and they are given the best of everything.

Besides spoiling them with good meals everyday, they even have their very own cat tree to rest on. I have never seen one until now. Previously another friend gave her little 'Sylvester' a sand box and it was so cute as I've never seen anything like that before... very country bumpkin indeed! LOL

Sometimes I do thought about getting a kitty myself so I can spoil it rotten with all the nice stuff. It can be tempting when I found out that is able to ship worldwide!

He's into notes and coins

The other day I was chatting with a blogging friend and we talked about buying stuff from ebay. She was telling me she hardly get any chance to sit in front of the PC as her hubby has a craze recently... bidding for rare notes and coins!

I was pretty surprised as she and her hubby are pretty young and normally not many youngsters have such a hobby. She was telling me, she could have married an Ah Pek (old man in Hokkien)!

Well, on hind side she said this new hobby is not that bad after all since such collection usually has a good return of sort. She said her hubby want to bid for all the good stuff so he can be a notes or coin dealer some day when his collection increased.