Monday, June 30, 2008

Experiencing romantic country living

I have always love the country side... for its tranquility and the fresh air which we don't get a lot in the bustling cities that we living in. One of my dream is to settle down in a country home and I am hoping that dream will come soon.

Before my dream to settle down in one. We love France and we were there for our honeymoon so I hope my hubby could bring me to experience the countryside on Western Loire holidays. As we were not too familiar with the offering during our previous visit, we missed out on staying in any of the country homes. If we get the chance to go again, we will definitely check ourselves to the French chateaux in Loire Atlantique. I heard they offer one of the most romantic country living experience.

From Loire Atlantique, we could venture over to Maine-et Loire for another escape. There are
luxury chateaux in Maine-et Loire where we can experience farmhouse or cottage way of living. This is something that I've been dreaming of going since we have missed out the opportunity the previous time.

This time I will remind my hubby to check this holiday rental site for the deal...

Friday, June 27, 2008

The New 7th Storey Hotel has to go!

I used to live in Singapore and that means I don't stay in many of the hotels. So, there are only a handful which I have some of my memories. The last hotel stay I have is at the New 7th Storey Hotel which is just a stone throw away from Bugis Junction.

It is an old style hotel which was built in the early sixties. It has nothing special except it was one of the cheapest hotel available in the Golden Triangle... near to all the shopping and pubbing between Bugis and City Hall. Therefore, a lot of budget travelers will book into this hotel which stand alone near a big field.

My stay was in the end of 2001... My friend came to visit me and since I was staying with my uncle that time, it won't be nice to ask her to bunk in with me so we decided to share a hotel room instead. We checked in on Christmas Eve and left on Boxing Day.

The deepest impression I have about this place is the old lift that they have. There is an old man operating it since it is not automated. Yeah, it still has those old swing door and it is double layer.

The room we stayed on the 3rd floor was quite spacious and it is overlooking Bugis Junction. We have to share a Queen size bed as those with twin beds are all taken. It has a small TV and that was about it. Nothing fancy. Outside, we noticed some rooms with bunk beds as well as a shared toilets and bathrooms which are popular among the backpackers.

It was such a sad thing to see it go... Well, when Singapore needs to develop the place... there's nothing much anyone can do... May the people with memories with this hotel lives on...

Elegant lighthing for our home

Since we don't own a luxury house or as a matter of fact a bungalow, there is not much of a need to install any nice indoor lighting such as chandeliers. Guess it won't be fitting to have such luxurious looking decorative in a small house.

However, if we have the chance to own a piece of those grand bungalow one day, I will not hesitate to get our place a few nice pieces of lighting like some of those I've visited before. They sure to make the house elegant.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stocking up on toiletries products

My son's toiletries are about to finish so I was thinking of stocking up another batch for him. Previously I got him some really expensive brand as he was having some mild eczema. Now that his skin problems has recovered I was thinking of getting a more affordable brand to replace.

I have been using some body shampoo as well as hair shampoo manufactured by one of the popular pharmaceutical companies in the world and was thinking of getting the baby version for my boy since this brand I have been using is quite mild and popular among the people here.

Guess I need some time to slowly check out the available items from this brand when I have the luxury to go on a shopping trip this weekend.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Giving the sofa a country look

I'm a little bored with the colors of our current sofa set. We have been using this set for more than 4 years now and I was thinking of giving it a new look just to brighten up our living room a little. Our current set is in brown so it is kinda dark on our green tiles floor.

I've seen some people covering their sofa sets with slipcovers and thought I could give our sofa a new look by wrapping it with one too. Saw this really sweet and nice with country feeling slip which will be a perfect fit for our old sofa.

Made of 100% cotton, these slipcovers are not only elegant but also pet-friendly. The tailored wrap provides a clean, sleek, “tailored” look in the front with its wrap-around skirt and tailored arms. If you want to redress your sofa, do pop by for a tour.

Luggage for him again?

In less than a month time it will be my hubby's birthday. Last year I bought him a very nice hand luggage from a local shop here and he loved that luggage very much. And I was wondering what to get him again this year.

He told me his another piece of luggage has torn and wanted to get a new one to replace. As he was pretty busy, he don't have much time to shop for one and I thought might as well i get him a second piece. Saw this cool and sexy Zero Halliburton polycarbonate case and thought it looks good and perfect for hubby.

Also, the site that is selling this will be giving away a Bluetooth piece if buyers purchased any of the business case that valued above $195. Ah! Temptation again!

Is Phentermine my answer to a svelte body?

In this age and time, many people are battling the weight issue to get a slimmer and svelte figure as the food we consumed everyday is laden with carbohydrate and fat. I must admit I am a victim too all because of my gluttony nature.

The thought of controlling my diet always puts me off and at the end of the day I eat even more! I know I must do something but is there any solutions that do not have any side effects? I've heard of Phentermine of late and wonder if they are effective as well as do not have any adversed side effects?

Well, probably I need to read up more before getting any to try. I'm dying to have a svelte body but will it cost me more than I'll bargain for?

It is the time again

Times flies and soon we will have to renew our car's auto insurance again. I can't believe it that my car has been with us for almost a year now! And it is weird that I still dare not drive to many places yet as my phobia with driving in this country has never ceased.

Anyway, I have made quite huge improvement as I can now drive to deliver my cupcakes! This has never crossed me at all in the past! Ain't I'm glad I got my driving license now. At least we don't have to depend on hubby to ferry us around.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

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We are in KL again!

We are in KL again after back in Penang for 2 months. Looks like we are in KL every two months! Not bad... at least we have 'mini' vacation every 2 months!

Well, this time we won't be able to go to too many places as my dad was commissioned to be back at work again after a half year break. So, this round more or less we will stay at home and I have a few cupcakes orders to fulfill as well.

And it is a good time we are here as one of my blogging friends is back from LA! There's a lot of catching up to do!