Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The hunt is on again

We have not been hunting for houses for a long time as we either do not have the time or most of the places we viewed are out of our budget. Therefore, we have some sort shelved the idea for the time being.

A couple of weeks ago, while we were having dinner with my father in law, he mentioned to us that he was looking for a place or more precise, a property to invest. He told us that he has been looking around for some private real estate as well as commercial real estate but so far he has not found any that met his budget cum interest.

He told us that he will continue to find one that is suitable to do some small business as he will be retiring soon from his current job. He don't like the idea of idling at home so he hopes to get a good place where he an start a small business.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a joke

I was chatting with my hubby a few weeks back about buying a MPV (multi purpose vehicle) if we have another kid. And if we do have more kids then we will have to get a van instead or else it won't have any space for grandma and grandpa when they come for a visit. I was laughing so hard my tummy ache.

Hubby joked that having a van will not be enough since we need space to put our luggage when we are traveling. Probably we need to buy a bus if we have a huge family! He said with a bus we can go to many places with everyone in the family! *bang head*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time for some putting

Since I am on this health track, might as well I take up a new sport so it can help me with my slimming program. Though I am not very keen but I guess I don't have much choice given that I can't do extreme sport like before.

After a dear blogger friend commented on my previous post about losing weight healthily, I should really sit down and think what is best. After all, I am not in the pink of health lately with too much late nights and sinful snacking in between meals. Ever since I came back to Malaysia, the time I spent walking has shorten as I have a set of wheels just right outside my house ferrying me to wherever I want to go.

Probably the best way to start a healthy life style is to walk more and playing golf is one of the alternative I can look for. Probably I got check out some of the golf courses around this island if they have any beginner course. Then I might get some gears such as those from Cobra golf to start off. Good idea?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Or maybe I should consider these...

Weight problems is a never ending misery. To put on is so easy but to get rid of them takes all our mights but yet we don't see much changes. I know I'm not the type who can do lots of strenuous exercise to overcome those bulges. I simply don't have the 'time' luxury with a demanding toddler around.

So I am contemplating getting some prescription weight loss pills for alternative. After all, there are some really effectives weight loss pills in the market and if I get these prescription through my GP, then I should be safe.

I can use them wor

I think my mother in law is trying to hint to me that I've put on a lot of weight. Last week before she left for Japan she told me to bring out the exercise equipment which belong to my sister in law to use them. Initially I did not get her message but after a brief moment I finally understood what she was trying to say.


Even my hubby has been complaining that my love belts are getting bulkier than before and asked me to watch what I am eating. The problem is, I tend to snack a lot when I'm watching TV especially when I'm alone... I can't munch in front of my boy or else he will demand he wants them too.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finding all the best deals

I used to be a shopping addict during my working years and retail therapy is one of the best to get myself de-stress as well. That means, I spent most of my salary on these therapies. I don't mind a depleting bank account but I can see all the best bargains sitting in my wardrobe!

Most of the time I will go for all the best buy but occasionally I will indulge in some really non best buy or really expensive stuff to satisfy my crave of owning something from a particular brand. Yeah, I am that crazy before!

Though I can't indulge in these 'therapies' so often now, I still will scout around for stuff that at best buy price! There is always rooms to keep my new 'investment'. :P

Getting our new LCD TV

After weeks of procrastination, we finally went to search for an affordable LCD TV last evening. We went out around 7pm to a nearby neighborhood and check out all the electronics shops to find one set that meets our budget.

After going back and forth between two of the shops checking on two brands, SHARP and LG, we finally settled for the LG. Though the price for the unit in the store we committed our purchase is not cheaper as compared to another store but we managed to get a 2 years warranty instead of just one year offered by the other store.

Initially hubby was having doubts with LG since it was not in our list. All this while we had only considered either a SHARP or SONY. Then after listening to the salesman and finding out all the specs, hubby decided on the LG unit simply because it has better features and of course the extended warranty.

The shop will be delivering our new TV later this afternoon.... we are really excited!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Second honeymoon?

We went to Italy for our honeymoon but we only managed to visit Milan and Rome only as we have a very packed itinerary. If I have the choice I would have added Venice, Florence and the romantic Tuscany too but due to insufficient time, we have to skip these few cities.

Hubby did said that we could go back someday... maybe for our second honeymoon so we could visit those places which we have left out. If ever we should be back in Italy, we will definitely go for Tuscany villa rentals as it promises a whole lot of romantic features. And Italy being one of the world most romantic places on earth... we can't miss it for the second time!

Control my appetite

I am a person who love food and there is no secret that I love to snack on junk food. I know it is a bad habit but I just love to munch whenever I have nothing particular to do. So my mind will automatically wonders off and think of food.

Ever since I stopped breastfeeding m son, I have been gaining weight and due to the fact that I hardly do strenuous exercise, there is no way I could maintain a slender body. How I wish I could have another baby now so I can breastfeed him. Breastfeeding is the best natural weight losing remedy.

Well, since there is no baby to breastfeed, then I should just get hoodia. Hoodia Gordonii is a type of plant that contain a natural botanical ability to suppress a person's appetite and promote weight loss. Controlling my appetite is something what I really need now.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are you a coins collector?

I used to be an avid stamps and coins collectors during my school going days. I find collecting stamps and coins are more enriching as compared to collecting other stuff such as game cards and etc... For a few years, my dad brought back quite a huge collection of stamps for me and that actually spurred my interest.

Then my granduncle who is also an avid stamps collector further encourage me to take up this hobby. He is also a coin collectors and he has in his collections all kinds of coins. Besides gold coins, he also has silver coins and some bronze coins which dated more than a few hundred years back.

I find it as a good way to learn about the different countries from these stamps and coins. At least I got to know the various countries which I have never heard of then...

They are changing for check-in bagage

A couple of days ago I read from the news that AirAsia will be charging passengers their check-in baggage. I think this is one of the saddest news to all AirAsia's customers. All this while most of us who used their services or any other budget airlines enjoyed at least one free check-in baggage.

If I'm a daily domestic business air traveler then the news won't really hurt me. However if I'm a holiday maker and going to those destinations where shopping is unavoidable then I have to make sure I have extra $$ to pay for my baggage when I return. Even if my ticket cost just a dollar but my baggage's weight will kill me.... *sigh*


I know I should not have but the circumstances forced me to... thus I have to neglect this blog of mine. There are just so much to do and so little time and not only this blog is suffering, even my recipes blog is experiencing the same fate.

What I hate is, I have somehow turned this blog like a advertising blog rather than a travel blog. And to all those kind people who has linked me but I did not reciprocate after I changed my template, I am truly sorry. I will try to link you guys up again when I have the time.

Currently I have a terrible two to deal with and that takes up most of my time. I just can't wait to have more ME time soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

City of Lights

I think not many places are as vibrant as Las Vegas. I considered this as the city of lights as there were so many lights every night! I really like that lively environment and our trip to this dessert was so much fun and exciting.

And we just love all those Las Vegas Hotels along the strip. One of my favorite is the Bellagio where the famous musical fountain is. This fountain will have performances every 30 minutes starting from 3pm everyday. Then there is the Excalibur and Treasure Island.

My little boy was having so much fun checking out all these hotels as each and everyone has their very own attractions. Though he was not able to run about but he enjoyed looking at all the beautiful designs inside and outside these hotels.

My cupcakes e-shoppe

I think I've not announce about my new site to my dear readers here...

If any of you who are staying in Penang, then this might be a piece of good news. I've started my very own cupcakes e-shoppe so I can take your orders for that special cupcakes you would want to give to your loved ones...

Just hop over to I Love Cupcakes and check out my creations!

My ZEN bathrooms

I have always wanted my future home to have nice and simple designs. If I can have my way, I want every thing to be ZEN looking or something like the traditional Japanese design. I find the colors and the way the designs give a very calm and soothing feelings.

Many of the bathroom designs here are pretty standard but we can always redesign them and add in all the bathroom vanities to our taste. I've always like ceramic sinks as they are always so nice looking and lasting.

The only thing is, when will I get that chance to have all those? I hope it will be very soon....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Disney World Tickets

During our previous trip to Disneyland in Los Angeles, we did not have time to scout for discounted tickets though hubby did tried but can't find any that suit our needs. We ended up buying the tickets from the counter without any discounts.

So, if we were to go to Disney World in Florida next time, we will make sure we get those Discount Walt Disney World Tickets since there are more parks in Orlando as compared to Anaheim. It won't be so soon since my boy is afraid of moving rides now but it is never too soon to plan.

In fact we did planned to visit Florida within these two years so finding all the necessary discounts or concessions will be good when the time comes. At least we won't have to rush when looking for such stuff.