Monday, March 31, 2008

Getting rid of those foul smelling smoke

Currently we are at my parents' place and recently there has been this really foul smelling smoke that kept invading the house. We can't figure out where it came from exactly and it only comes in the evening. Sometimes it gets so thick that it made us having difficulty breathing.

I was suggesting to my mom that she should get one of those air purifiers to help clean the air in the house since my little nephew is living with them during the week. Inhaling those smoke will be bad for the baby... he might gets asthma even.

It's 3 bucks now!

A month ago when we were in KL, we went to The Curve and the parking was still RM2 which they have just increased not too long ago from the previous RM1. Today, we have to pay RM3 instead!

I can't understand why they make the increment so soon... They should have let it be at RM2 for a period of time before increasing... *sigh*

Now, the only place that worth going if you wanna shop is still 1Utama.... their parking is RM1 for the first 6 hours which is VERY reasonable.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I know very well when it comes to moving, it can be a long and tedious process. In my life I've moved so many times till I was so sick of moving as I have to leave so many things behind since I know I can't bring them all with me. And most of the time I don't contract a movers to do the job for me since I don't have that many things but if I were to move again then I'll have to get one as I have a family now.

It is always wise to get a good professional mover to do the job. Though they may cost a little more but you can rest assured that your stuff will arrive safe and sound to your new location. I have a friend who recently relocated to Melbourne and her stuff was soaking wet when they were sent to her! All her stuff are permanently destroyed! She was devastated as most of her photo albums were gone. The mover she used stored her stuff in a flooded warehouse before they transport them to the new location!

So, if you are moving, make sure you get reputable movers such as the New York Moving Company to do the job so you can be sure your belongings arrived safe and dry to your new home!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is so kewl!

I had a friend who's eldest son is a spastic patient and he can't walk at all on his own. As he is getting older and bigger, his carers are having increased difficulties to move him around the house. And even simple thing like taking a bath can be such a chore to them.

Thankfully, they have a very kind relative and a rich one too and he presented a walk in tubs to the family. My friend and her family was so touched and thankful for that gift. Now they can move their son effortlessly around the bath tub.

I think this one of the coolest thing that happens to my friend and her family!

Evaluation is important for improvement

It is the time of the year again where my hubby's firm will be doing the annual employee performance evaluations. After the completion of the evaluation, they will roughly know if they will be given an increment or even a promotion. Hubby was pretty lucky as every year he has got very attractive increments. In fact there was one year where he was among the few who got the highest increment package in the entire plant.

In my previous company we also do this exercise annually as this actually helped us to do our jobs better. At least we know what we have done correctly and done wrongly and getting feedbacks from different people within our department. We are able to make improvement upon the completion of such exercise.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I almost gone for direct selling

As I was rummaging through my stuff at my parents' house, I saw some of my old files which were stuffed between some books. When I took them out and flip through only to realize they were those folders I bought for being a part of a direct selling company.

Most of my folders are on products for colon cleanse as those were one of the best selling products of that direct selling company. Sadly I did not manage to sell any as I was called up for work in another company which has nothing to do with any health products.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Be insured on the road

As my car insurance will be due soon, are are actively looking for an alternative auto insurance quote to make comparison so we are sure to get a better coverage as well as pricing. The current insurance package we had was bought by the previous owner and we continued using it since it was paid till the next two months.

PiggyBeng is still evaluating the quotation as he wants to ensured the new insurance has the coverage we are looking for.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Always looking for great deals

We are always on the look out for great free and easy holiday packages. Since we can claim our flight tickets by using those frequent flyer's points we are only down with most hotel deals and car rentals deals.

Also, we try to travel during off peak period so we will have better choice of accommodations in those places we wanted to visit. During the low seasons, we can get good rooms with great views for a much lower price and sometimes with breakfast throw in.

It is time to renew again

Time flies!!!! I can't believe it that my car's road tax and insurance will expire in another month time. I thought we just got the car not too long ago.

The car insurance that my hubby got for my car is only for third party so when we are going for the renewal, we will get the comprehensive one. After chatting with my dad and my father-in-law, we were told to get the comprehensive coverage so we are protected. Not sure why hubby got the third party one in the first place.

Anyway, for my own sake, I rather get something that protect me in any case an accident happened and it critically involved me.

Dining in the Excalibur

When we were roaming around in Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, we were duped into attending some time sharing seminars so we could get some free meal vouchers. Though we were quite hesitated in the beginning but we went anyway as we have to make a deposit... so we can't run away!

So we went for the seminar and wasted about 4 hours in total. In return we got the meal vouchers. We decided to go for dinner the same day at this Sir Galahad's Pub and Prime Ribs House inside of Excalibur Hotel. And the let down was, the ribs we were expecting were not the ribs that we wanted to eat! Well... it was an experience after all!

The dinner sucks but I kind of like the hotel. Too bad we did not get to stay there as my hubby made our Las Vegas hotel reservations without telling me. If not I will definitely choose to stay in Excalibur or Luxor which is just right behind. Luxor has one of the nicest lobby with all those mummies statues.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bridal Fairs everywhere!

Every week without fail I saw huge posters and billboards plastered with Bridal Fairs around the island. As this is year 2008, many Chinese couples believe it is a good year to tie the knot. Even one of hubby's cousin is going by this. He actually registered his marriage on Valentine's Day so the anniversary is a significant day.

He would have love to have a significant date for his customary wedding too but his mom is not favoring those dates as it happens to be the Chinese Ghost Month. So he has no choice but to settled for an available date at the end of the year. Party because he also can't find any restaurant for the wedding banquet as there are just too many people are getting married this year!

Not sure if he has started planning for his bridal photography. We have not even have the chance to see who is the bride! Hubby's cousin is quite a romantic fella so I will not be surprise if he will go for customization even down to the gowns. If he does, then probably I can recommend him those Custom Crystal Attire at

Marriage is a huge event in life so many people will try to have the best in everything. In fact for my own wedding, I bought a few gowns on my own too as I know I can't find good ones offered by my bridal package.

Being prepared

With the heat of the election building up, many people are joining the excitement as well as having a little fear. This is due to the rising of the opposition parties here which has agreed to work together to bring down the current governing party. It will be a very interesting event to note.

As for common people like myself, we have more fear on the outcome of the election partly because if anything unfavorable to the governing party, chaos will break out. And this is what the people are afraid of.

Anyway, we are not taking any chances and definitely we don't want history to repeat. So, we are doing what our ancestors had done in the past.... stocking up supplies! Yeap, we never know what will happen after the election and to be just on the safe site, we are stocking up food as well as medical supplies in case a riot break out and the government has to put up a curfew. Geez...

I had bad skin problems

I count myself very fortunate as my skin has cleared up so much over the years. I could remember during my teenage years, I have a fierce battle with acne problems. I tried all kinds of solutions but nothing actually works.

My mom was contemplating of taking me to a specialist to have acne treatment so my skin will not have to suffer further. It was a painful process... especially when I have to avoid taking many food so no more horrible breakouts.

Anyway, I was glad that after I entered adulthood, my acne problems has somehow subsided on its own. At the moment it only has a light breakout during pre-menstrual period.