Friday, February 29, 2008

Our TV died...

Was just talking about our old TV last week, it has finally died-ed on us last Tuesday. When we switched it on the morning, it was fine but in the afternoon, the image will scroll up and it will switched off by itself.

We tried to switch on and off and test but the same thing happened. Then later on, there were no images at all. Then there is this very sharp beeping sound came from the back of the TV. Every time we switched it on the beeping sound will come.

Hubby came back and check and found that the fault lies in the power supply. There isn't anything we could do except getting a new one!

Warming up

There were reports of terrible winter in most part of the northern hemisphere this year and many was involved in snow storms. One of the countries that was badly hit was China quite a huge numbers of deaths and casualties.

With the temperature falling, many were advised to put on more cloths. To keep body warm, donning body stockings is another way to beat the cold weather. It is no joke when it comes to frosting cold winter... our body parts might get frost bites and fall off!

Received promo stuff from Nestle

After leaving my contacts during some baby fairs sometimes last year, I am beginning to receive lots of imprinted promotional products from quite a few of companies that specialized in baby products. One of the more aggressive company is Nestle.

They have been sending me a lot of stuff as well as samples in the last couple of months. This is quite good as I can be updated with the company's offerings through such promotional products.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wait till the old one dies

The past couple of months our TV in the living room has been giving us loads of problems. It will starts to flicker after just 10 seconds after it was switched on and will go on for at least 5 minutes. The set is more than 10 years old so all these are kind of expected.

So, in the past week while we were shopping, hubby has been looking out at the new TVs displayed and we found that plasma are getting cheaper. The only thing is, we will need to get a plasma lift. Hubby is keen to get one but I guess he wanted to wait till our TV is really gone before he purchase a new set.

Valuble Collection

With the current gold prices hitting an all time high, people are rushing to buy gold in the hope that they will go up further. In fact for the last couple of years, gold prices has been on the increase. Even if it drops it went up again after a while. Therefore, it is not surprising why more people are investing in gold now.

If you are an avid investor or even as a collector, investing in gold coins could be another way to make money. As these coins are of special editions so their value increases over time. In fact these collectibles coins could fetch a high price in the collector market.

My uncle who is an avid coins collector told me that special editions coins are highly sought after especially those that are produced during a certain year.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Watches for the guys

Are you looking for a gift that has sentimental value as well as serving a good purpose to your hubby or dad? Sometimes it can be tough to find a suitable item for your men as they always appeared to have almost everything. However, there is one thing that has been gaining more popularity over the years... watches.

I once had a friend who gave out watches as presents told me that watches actually represent the 'time' he shared with the person he gave the watch to. So, it is a great idea to present your men with one of these mens gold watches as they don't only used it for telling the time but reminded them of the 'time' they spent with you.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Don't this kitchen rocks?

All my life I was hoping to have my very own kitchen so that I could design it the way I want and have all those gadgets installed. Though it is not a norm to have a center table top in within the kitchen in most of the houses here, I hope I could have one some day.

Don't you think having a kitchen like the photo on the left worth drooling about? And do you know we can actually get them at manufacturer price from directbuy? Yeap! You don't need to spend a bomb to get your dream kitchen if you know where you can get the best price for all your kitchen remodeling stuff.

Too bad I don't stay in the US or else I would have bugged my hubby to get all these lovely stuff already!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Going high definition

Recently my dear hubby is so hooked on watching movies which his friends kept giving to him. Surprisingly he is willing to trade in his beauty sleep just to catch up on all these movies! Though I love to join in very much but my little active boy is not that patience when we are not watching his nursery rhymes!

When we are watching these high definition videos from our PC they are very clear but not when we watch them in the living room's TV which is pretty old. Therefore, hubby is considering of getting one of those HDMI splitters just so we can have clear output.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Luxury within your winter wonderland

Are you looking for a property investment opportunity? If you love the snow and wish to be surrounded by a spectacular enclave of 14 mountain, then Reserve at Lakota which is a luxury home community nestled within the ski resort town of Winter Park, Colorado will be your ultimate choice.

These properties are being sold via a unique fractional ownership model with 1/6 fractions starting at just $333,700! It's one of the most innovative twist on vacation homes that merges the ultimate Colorado mountain getaway with the perks of luxury home ownership.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Wishing all my faithful readers a Prosperous and a Wealthy Year of the Rat, 2008!

May this year of the ratty brings you and your family abundance of health, wealth and good fortune.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

He's a big boy now

My little boy is growing fast and soon he will have to sleep on his own. He is currently co-sleeping with us as I was still breastfeeding him 8 months ago. As our room is very small so we can't put a cot in. Both hubby and I thought we should just get him a small sized mattress and lay it next to ours.

So far we have not tried letting our boy to sleep away from our bed so I can't tell you if he will get used to it but we have to start some where. Will have to adjust him slowly since he sticks to me like super glue when he sleeps... :P

Old folks village in Penang

My father in law works for a company that deal with chain management as well as real estate. They have just entered the real estate foray two years ago and have some active projects running at the southern part of the island.

We went to view one of the projects last year which was on top of the hill. They are marketing some courtyard type of housing which is relatively new around here. Besides that, they also working on another project for an old folks village. This is something new to our country unlike other western countries which already have so many of such villages for the old folks.