Monday, January 28, 2008

A Valentine's Escape?

Many people tend to find a reason why they need to go for a holiday. For us, we usually want to escape the hot and humid weather and go to somewhere with cooling weather. Also this will be the time we get to share our experiences and sweet memories together.

Though we have been to some parts of Europe but we did not get to go across the sea and hop over to England. We were already at the train station in Paris and was hesitated as we did not have much time since it was an unplanned trip and was worried we can't get any London hotels without prior booking.

I have wanted so much to visit Trafalgar Square and Big Ben. And it will certainly be nice if I get to shop around Oxford Street. There are some nice Oxford Street hotels which offers great discounts which we were not aware of then.

Anyway, if I ever have the chance to visit the UK, I will definitely check out Knightbridge and High Street Kensington Shopping. Maybe I should hint my hubby to bring me for a Valentine's escape to UK!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A new faucet for our kitchen

The faucet on our kitchen sink is a little malfunction ever since I accidentally hit it with the chopping board while washing. Now, when ever I turn on the tap, water will run out from the base that make a mini fountain.

Hubby was of course unhappy that this has to happened as he has just changed a new one a few months back. Anyway, what is done and can't be reversed so we have to change to a new one again. Probably we will install one of those Delta faucets which are of better quality.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Looking for a piece of heaven?

Are you in the midst of looking for your new home? You wanted a little of everything but can't decide where is best. The State of Florida is one of your next bet to set up your new home.

With so many attractions, it is no wonder Florida is among the most popular choice among all the people. There are so many happening stuff going around and with the great sunshine and beautiful beaches... it's like vacation the whole year through!

If you are looking for the perfect spot, check out Florida land for sale site to have a peek at one of the heaven near the Caribbean.


Have you noticed my new banner? So nice isn't it? :P

Jazzmint finally changed the banner size for me and the new one fits perfectly well. I love it so much! At least my blog looked like a travel blog now....

Well, I still have not have the time to do the blogroll yet, so please be patience yah!

And thanks to all of you who has dropped by....

Saturday, January 19, 2008

At least I am seeing them now...

Looks like things are getting better now with the new ranking systems for one of the networks. At least now I am seeing more opps than months ago which is so depressing and thought that my monetizing my blogs days are over.

Well, I really need the moolah now since something big is going my or our way soon... Hopefully there are more moolah making opportunities in the coming weeks and months!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank you...

I want to thank all of you who has taken your precious time to visit this quiet blog of mine. I know I have been slacking... with not much personal posts in the past weeks... or even months. In fact I am so lazy... don't know for what the reasons...

Everyday I find my time passed so quickly and seems like tons are not done yet at the end of the day. I often stick around till the wee hours of the night but not accomplishing much. There has been not much paid posts to write lately though Francine thought I do! LOL

Well, I hope I will gain back my momentum soon or else this blog will die a natural death! Can't let that happen lah!

New year new theme

When I first started this blog I have no idea how to beautify it as I am unfamiliar with all the Blogger's codes. Therefore I just used the basic theme/skin till I'm so sick of looking at the plain page everyday! So I went on a search for a theme or skin for this site and I finally settled with this Misty Look theme which I was using in my older blog.

However, there are still some hiccups with the header picture. My blogging buddy Jazz, helped me with the design as she is really good in digital scrapping. I uploaded the image and found that it is too small. I tried to do some adjustment on the html code but it did not budge a single bit so I gave up. Now have to wait for Jazz to give me a larger image to fill it up.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ice Age in Spanish?

A couples of weeks ago, a friend of PiggyBeng loaned him the new Ice Age II DVD. We were pretty excited and after dinner on that night we switched on the DVD player to watch that show.

What we did not expect was, the show was dubbed in Spanish! Wee were feeling more disappointed rather than shocked. And what we did not anticipate was, it does not have any subtitle! So, we could only watch the show but without any clue what were the characters were talking about!

Unlike other DVD we watched in the past all of them came with the regular dvd subtitle if it is not of English origin. Well, too bad, we have to return the DVD without watching more than 5 minutes!

Friday, January 11, 2008

He lost weight!

This morning my hubby was in extreme good mood. Why? Well, he was excited as he has just lost 12 pounds! I knew he has been working on his weight as his last medical check-up, he was diagnosed as slightly over weight. Since then he has been watching his diet.

He will jog as often as he could when ever he's not working or sometimes he will run on one of those treadmills in his company's gym. I guess hard work does pay off. And now, I am feeling guilty! Why? I've not lost any but gained some! What a bummer! :(

Looking for the perfect ring?

Finally it's year 2008 and from my knowledge, quite a huge number of couples will be tying the knot this year as the number '8' is thought as auspicious to the Asians... or more specifically, the Chinese. Even on the 8th of August, which is actually during the Chinese ghost month, there are couples who has registered to get solemnize on that day.

Most jewelers are banking on this year as there will definitely be a huge sale of wedding rings since many weddings will be taking place. During my last shopping trips to a few of the malls around here, I have seen quite a number of these jewelers are having some form of promotions for engagement rings or wedding bands.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It has been a while

I was so busy lately that I have not have the chance to look through all my stuff especially those that are money related. The other day I received a statement from one of my insurance company telling me it will withdraw fund from my accounts to pay for the service charge. This was the unit trust fund which I've bought sometime back but I don't think it is making much money so I am contemplating of canceling it.

Then another statement came, it was the one which I bought a term life insurance policy from my uncle. It is due for payment again.... seemed like only not long ago I paid for it. I am paying iy yearly instead of quarterly or half yearly as it is easier to keep tab on my finances.

My ex-classmate's hubby

With the latest news of the budget airlines flying from KL to Singapore and vice versa made me want to get a ticket and fly myself there! Yeah, the temptation is so hard to resist. Too bad no one can help me look after my boy... *sigh*

I have thought of visiting some of my friends and ex-classmates if I ever go down to Singapore again. I really miss them and hope to catch up with all of them... It has been a while since I visited some of my ex-classmates especially the two sisters, Molly and Suzanne.

I used to go to Molly's place for revision sessions or study group as we called it. Molly's hubby is a golf fanatic and he has the largest golf balls collection I've ever seen! Since I'm not into golf, I can't really appreciate them but it was nice stuff to decorate the house!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Waiting for them to fly from here

From 1st of February this year some of the budget airlines between Malaysia and Singapore will ply the lucrative KL-Singapore and Singapore-KL route. This is of course a very good piece of news for those who travels very frequently between this two cities.

However, there are still no news about other possible flights from other major cities here. From the news today, I read that the CEO of AirAsia will work on flights from Penang-Singapore and SIngapore-Penang and hopefully it will be soon.

At least in the future we can get cheaper tickets to Lion City... so can go there for Christmas! :Pt

The thrill you could get

I don't normally gamble be it those 4D or in the casino. However, once in a while I will try my luck and see if I could win a couple of bucks for my retail therapy.

And during my university days, I was fortunate enough to land myself a part time job at a sport betting club which opened up my horizon. The business was owned by a friend of my uncle and so happened he needed someone to help to man the counter during the weekends. Then I got another opportunity to train with a casino for my industrial training which is another eye opening opportunity.

From there I've learned quite a lot about betting and gambling and I can tell you, it can be very exciting if not addictive! Now with online betting site like Bet365, one can go through the thrill and excitement of betting and gambling even if you know nothing at all!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Protecting our trucks

Recently my boss has been getting some really big renovation projects and we have added a few trucks into our fleets to transport all the materials as we have to shift between the few projects that are running concurrently.

We are shifting quite a bit of those steel bars as well as pebbles on our own as the suppliers only deliver to one location as we ordered in bulk. Therefore, we have to be extra mindful about the stuff we are carrying on our trucks. Though they are not brand new but we want to make sure they do not get all the unnecessary scratches or dents.

My boss has requested that I go find out more about truck bedliner so we can install a onto our newer trucks.

Caring for the old and infirmed

Though it is still early to think of this issue, but it is always good to lay out some plans. At least we know what to expect for the future. My parents are the baby boomer and they are into the greying community now and questions of putting them in a care home did cropped up a couple of time if one day we are unable to care for them.

Dad and mom knew about it and we have casually discussed about the matter before. Sometimes just need to give them some assurance that if things should happened in that way, we have no other choice but to send them to a place where they get the best care that are available.

I know many of us still have a very negative perceptions about such homes but time has change and majority of these homes have improved so much in their care and services over the year. Even dad has joked once that it is better she stays in one so he can have more buddies to spend times with!

Flowers for your wedding

When it comes to your wedding, you just want everything to look the best from your gown, your cake all the way down to your flowers. In fact in the West, flowers play a vital role in all engagement or wedding ceremonies.

Though many will order their flower from the florists but more and more brides are doing the unconventional, ordering them online! With online flowers merchant that sells bulk flowers like, all brides to be could arrange for deliveries of their favorite flowers that that memorable day.

There are many flowers to choose from to suit every theme imaginable. What is more, they are all freshly pick and professionally packed so they arrived fresh. With helpful staff, you can order your flowers even you are not even in the country!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Donate your car for charity

Do you have an old car or junk which you want to get rid of but not sure how to go about it? Do you know that no matter how old is your car (even if it can't moves anymore) they still some value? Well, the folks at Car Angel can turn all your old junk(s) into money. Who are they? You may want to ask.

Car Angel enables you to use your vehicle, boat or trailer to help single mothers, homeless, teen and adult who are in rehab, food distribution and orphans. Car Angel is a non-profit company that uses car and other donations to make videos for kids and teens.To date, they have given away over 2.4 million videos as the money raised through selling those old cars are used to make the videos!

So, if you have an old car or a few old vehicles which are of no use to you, donate them to Car Angel to help the less fortunate. Currently they are running their 'donate car' project which requires your contribution. Do spread the words around today so more videos like the one below can be produced.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dress your Dodge Charger

I guess most of you know I am a huge fan of four-wheel-drive if you do visit my main blog. Though I do not own one now, that does not mean I won't in the future. In fact I've been eying on one if our plan for migration materialized.

As the country we will be heading are a great place for out door especially the great outback, having a four-wheel-drive will definitely be the best choice. However, my hubby do not have the same perception as me. To him, this is the time where he can splurge himself with a sport car instead! Men!

Since we are not officially there yet, so it is tough for us to make any decisions. Probably we can only surf the web and start to drool over all those lovely cars. Hubby has his eyes on the Dodge Charger now and even before he is getting one he already looking at those Dodge Charger accessory available!

What is best for recession?

I am going to tell all of you that this new year will not be a very rosy one. Why? Well, if you have not heard yet, there might be a recession coming which was predicted to happen somewhere after the China Olympic. Guess we have to brace ourselves for the worst as currently we have hit the top.

If you have a lot of properties which are still under mortgage, I want to wish you luck as properties prices are expected to tumble down very soon. In fact properties prices has shoot up so much that many people are finding difficulties to make repayments and some are having trouble servicing their high interest rates.

Well, if you are one of those more sensible and frugal type, probably you are among the lucky ones. And for time like this, it is best to start investing in something more recession proof. Yep, if you have not know, more and more people are investing in gold or silver lately as these metals could fetch a good price.