Sunday, December 2, 2007

A healthy life starts from home

Every time around this year, we will start to look at ourselves and see if we have met our resolutions for the year. And very sad to say, there is always one thing that we failed to do... losing weight! Instead of shedding weight, we put on even more! *smack forehead*

Tonight while I was looking for something suitable to wear for a wedding dinner, I found everything that are in my wardrobe no longer fits me... it was such a disheartening moment. I can't believe I've put on so much weight within a year! Since I can't find anything suitable, I ended up wearing one of my 'kebaya' which I wore for my own wedding. It was so tight I have difficulty breathing for a moment!

I think I have to stick to the same resolution again next year! I must make it a point to slim down more by doing exercise at home and eat lesser. Probably I might need to invest in some home fitness equipments for this purpose...

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