Monday, November 26, 2007

What's on the menu during confinement?

My sister in law has just given birth and as she went through Cesarean section, there were quite a lot of stuff she can't eat. Especially for Chinese confinement practices, she supposed to take in a lot of ginger but due to the operation she has to refrain from eating them for a least a week.

Initially she has a confinement lady to help out but she left after a week. So now my sister in law's mom and my mom have to do the job. My mom will buy all the stuff and my sister in law's mom will do the cooking. Luckily I bought a recipes book during my confinement so now they can use the book as reference.

As my sister in law is quite picky on her food, my mom also has a hard time thinking of what to buy for them to cook and plan the menu. My mom did asked them if they will be fine with some family recipes as these are what we used to cook and eat during our confinement periods. We are from a different dialect group, so we have very different taste buds.

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