Sunday, November 4, 2007

Staying near to Disney World

When hubby told me that he might have a short job stint in the US later this year, I was jumping with joy. Crazy me had even started with planning for the trip. As the duration was for about 3 months, it gave us quite a good time to take some short tours around.

I was telling hubby that I die-die must visit Disney World as I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Disneyland in Los Angeles last year. Was telling him I wanted to see everything and play every possible rides available! And if the trip do materialized, then Darrius can also enjoy since he knows more things now and can related who is Mickey and Donald.

Hubby even passed me some links where we can get Orlando Hotel Discounts should we have the chance to travel to Orlando. This time round we will choose a hotel that is closest to Disney World so we can catch the fireworks which we had missed!

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