Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poor boss!

One of PiggyBeng's bosses was being relocated back to the States after just 2 years working in India. Not sure what were the reasons for the relocation but according to PiggyBeng, he wasn't doing too well in India so the company wanted him to be back to the Head Quarters instead.

The past few weeks he was busy with arranging for the move so PiggyBeng has to take over some of his jobs during the transition period. PiggyBeng was telling me he even helped his boss to contact the removal companies as coincidentally his boss's wife was pretty sick after an operation to remove her thyroid. Double whammy for his poor boss, really!

If I'm not wrong, PiggyBeng's boss has settled most of the stuff except his furniture removals which he was having second thoughts about. Probably he might want to donate to some of his wife's relatives in India since he don't need the extra set.

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