Monday, November 5, 2007

Holidays to the North East of America

I've never been to the North East of America before but does not mean I don't know about the interesting places to visit. If you love the beauty of nature then spending your family vacation in the many interesting spots within the North East of America will be a perfect choices.

Do you know that Vermont has one of the best ski trails in the States? Catamount Trail in Vermont holds the record for being the longest cross-country ski trail in the whole of America. And not only that, Vermont also has more then 20 alpine ski resorts for a total of 4,500 ski-able acres. Incredible isn't it? So, don't you agree that spending your winter in Vermont could be the best winter holiday for your family? Now you can check more Vermont accommodation options with Vermont Lodging for a memorable winter holiday.

However, if you are looking for a more relaxing place to spend your holiday, Connecticut will be one of the most ideal place to go. Located next to the Atlantic Ocean, the beautiful beaches along the coast will be a perfect place to chill out during the summer time. With 137 state parks, 800 miles of hiking trails and 230 lakes and ponds, Connecticut is the best way for you to bond with nature. To complete your holiday, check out Connecticut Lodging for the best accommodation options.

And for those of you who are looking for the perfect location to spend your honeymoon or to have some sweet memories with your spouse, there's no other better place than Virginia. Do you know that Virginia has been touted as one of the most romantic place on earth?? With the many splendor and romantic activities for lovers, it is no wonder Virginia is for lovers! And what could be more complete without a beautiful place to spend your nights in? Don't forget to check out Virginia Lodging for your romantic getaway!

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