Thursday, November 1, 2007

Get Spock-ed!

Have you ever tried looking for a long lost friend or a long lost crush on the Internet? Do you know that you can actually use Spock to do the job? Spock is actually a people search application that find people on the Internet by crawling for information through bio pages, social networks, news sites, blogs and directories. However, Spock is not a social network such as Facebook, MSN or Yahoo!.

Spock is a technology where it organizes web contents about people into easily understood search results where it then search for information on web in all imaginable ways. And when you join the Spock community, it will even enhanced your search experience by using tags, pictures or web links. For example, if you are looking for 'chef of the year', you will get a whole list of data (websites) that has relation to the searched information. It is pretty interesting as you'll get to see all kinds of data that ping back with the search results.

This is one of the better ways to find and locate people who you have lost touch with, sharing same interest, related in some way or many other reasons! The best thing is, you can always update your information and add to all your search results.

The brainchild behind this unique application are Jay and Jaideep who were so frustrated with fragmented people search experience in the past. Don't you dare to think Spock is just another web crawler! In fact they have already received funding from Clearstone Venture Partners as well as Opus Capital Ventures to move the company forward. The team has even grown to include engineers and scientists from top schools such as Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Caltech, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon.

And to proof how Spock has rocked the Internet, they were selected as Best of Show at the prestigious Web 2.0 conference as well as for PC Magazine's top 25 websites to watch in 2007.

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