Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poor boss!

One of PiggyBeng's bosses was being relocated back to the States after just 2 years working in India. Not sure what were the reasons for the relocation but according to PiggyBeng, he wasn't doing too well in India so the company wanted him to be back to the Head Quarters instead.

The past few weeks he was busy with arranging for the move so PiggyBeng has to take over some of his jobs during the transition period. PiggyBeng was telling me he even helped his boss to contact the removal companies as coincidentally his boss's wife was pretty sick after an operation to remove her thyroid. Double whammy for his poor boss, really!

If I'm not wrong, PiggyBeng's boss has settled most of the stuff except his furniture removals which he was having second thoughts about. Probably he might want to donate to some of his wife's relatives in India since he don't need the extra set.

Good to have travel insurance

In the past, whenever we travel overseas, it never occurred to us to get any travel insurance. Most of the time we only relied on the inclusive insurance bored by the air tickets. However, things are so different these days and it is advisable to get one no matter how near the destination is.

We make it a point to get one even the airline does provide a small percentage. With the prevalent travel accidents as well as all the unexpected turns of events, it is better not to gamble our lives. For a small sum, we are assured we will get some form of compensation if we were involved in any kind of unexpected tragedies.

Troubled neigborhood

Was having a casual chat with my dad the other day about some happening about the neighborhood where my parents are staying. Dad told me recently there have been quite a few raids done by the narcotic officers a few blocks away from his house.

According to dad, there have been an increased of drug addicts activities lately as there were many foreigner workers living around the area due to the intense development. Not sure if those who were caught were sent to drug rehab or get repatriated home to their home countries. Hope the narcotic officers can clear off these problematic workers or else they will sure to create more troubles for the residents around the area.

Monday, November 26, 2007

What's on the menu during confinement?

My sister in law has just given birth and as she went through Cesarean section, there were quite a lot of stuff she can't eat. Especially for Chinese confinement practices, she supposed to take in a lot of ginger but due to the operation she has to refrain from eating them for a least a week.

Initially she has a confinement lady to help out but she left after a week. So now my sister in law's mom and my mom have to do the job. My mom will buy all the stuff and my sister in law's mom will do the cooking. Luckily I bought a recipes book during my confinement so now they can use the book as reference.

As my sister in law is quite picky on her food, my mom also has a hard time thinking of what to buy for them to cook and plan the menu. My mom did asked them if they will be fine with some family recipes as these are what we used to cook and eat during our confinement periods. We are from a different dialect group, so we have very different taste buds.

Newly refurbished hotel in town

Last week we spent 3 day and 2 night at the newly refurbished Grand Millennium Hotel which was called Regent Hotel before. This is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of the KL city, along Jalan Bukit Bintang. The best thing about this hotel is, it is located right next to the newest shopping sensation, The Pavilion.

Though the room is small but it is quite cozy and with most facilities. My little boy adores the outdoor swimming pool. The pool is of odd shape and located on the 3rd floor right next to the coffee house. Though it is surrounded by other tall buildings but we don't feel out of place at all.

Over all, we are quite satisfied with the hotel service except that we have to use the back door as they are still doing renovation works at the lobby area.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Astley Clarke for Mom

Mom have just celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. As I was not around during her birthday, I can't join her for the birthday celebration my dad and brother threw for her. Then I was thinking what should I get for her this year as I will normally get her gold jewellery most of the time.

Then I thought about giving her something different this year. Suddenly I remembered about those beautiful designer jewellery I saw on Astley Clarke's site so I decided to take a peek. There were so many choices available and I just can't decide which actually suited mom best.

Knowing mom will like anything pearl, I checked out some fine designs and found this rather exquisite piece by Linda Bonovitz. It is so beautiful and I am sure mom will sure to like it.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Catching the Musical...

Though I am not a musical buff but I do like to catch one or two musicals if I have the chance. I find that watching a musical gave a different perspective in a 'show' as it really test the actors and actresses acting skills. What I thoroughly enjoyed are the props and the live special effects.

When we were in Las Vegas last year, I have very much wanted to catch Mama Mia but with a toddler around I have to give it a pass. Anyway, I do hope that someday I can get to catch this fabulous musical again. After all, now I can always get these Wicked tickets to all the musicals I like any time with TicketSolutions.com.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A great getaway

Next year my parents will be celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary. This year, we did not do anything special for them but just a simple celebration as there were some agendas. We were hoping next year we could give them something really special and memorable.

Mom and dad have not been to other parts of the US except the West Coast of US a few years back. And knowing they will like a good getaway, I was thinking of giving them a surprise at Branson Missouri. I'm sure they will love this fantastic idea!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

New house, new TV and everything new

One of my cousin has just moved in to his new home. He or rather his dad bought this apartment which is located very near to a bustling area where there's a shopping mall and a lot of good food hunts around along Jalan Pudu.

My uncle ordered a plasma TV complete with a plasma stand and most of the furniture around the house for my cousin. I think my cousin is one of the luckiest person in on earth... as my uncle and his wife dotted on him so much! That guy is practically a parasite even though he's turning 30 soon!

My Checking Account

Ever since I left the work force, I stopped using my checking account as I do not see the need for it. Last time I used to pay for most of my stuff or bills with checks as it was one of the way for me to have a record for the payments I made over the months.

Now I do not need to make so much payments so I am using more of banking orders instead. Probably when I have more bills to pay then I shall reactivate my checking account again.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Your passport to America

We love to go to America again if we can get the chance. There are so many reasons to go especially with a toddler as there are so many things to see and experience in this huge land.

Especially now, with Holiday Travel of America, there are more reasons to visit this land of dreams. Holiday Travel of America has a reputation as one of the leading travel incentive providers in the tour and travel industry. With their interesting vacation packages, both holiday makers and corporate clients can get very good bargains at very competitive rates when you become their passport holder. Besides complimentary accommodations, you are entitle to discounted and pre-paid airfare and other benefits. What's more, it is transferable unlike other vacation packages which are non-transferable.

Holiday Travel of America has commission accommodation certificates for more than 50 destinations, including hotels and resorts in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Orlando. They are even offering air travel vouchers and discounted cruises with Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines as part of the company's ever-increasing inventory. Currently Holiday of America is giving discounts of up to 60% on Carnival or Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.. so isn't that an extremely good reason to get the pass?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I think this site is getting really 'rojak' with all the posts that are not so relevant with traveling, holidaying, sports or tourism news. I do feel bad as it is becoming a money making blog instead.

As I have so much to do, I do not have the time to edit my past vacations photos and when you talk about vacation, pictures speak a thousand words... When I don't have a photo to tell the story it's hard for me to describe... get what I mean?

This week I am totally tied up with my boy's 2nd birthday party planning and we will be away for almost 2 weeks so updating this blogs with more traveling news will have to wait till we are back.

Planning for a wedding?

Are you planning for your wedding? Do you think you have everything in your list and not miss out on any important items? At times like these, it is best to get some help from the professional so you can be sure you get everything right from the very beginning.

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Planning a wedding do not have to be stressful when you have a good helper like WeddingChannel.com. In fact, with just a few mouse clicks you are set to have a memorable wedding... and a stress free one too!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So depressing!

Sometimes I wonder what is the difference between a PR2 and a PR 0. All this while I am having the big egg and yet I can still see some good offers. However, after it went up 2 notches, I find myself with no offers at all!

How can this be? Is everyone so deprives of offers that they starts to grab whatever is available? There seemed to be so many people/bloggers who are affected by this updating exercise in the past weeks.

I rather have my ZERO back if having a 2 don't give me any difference... at least I won't feel so depress! :(

Long life batteries

Currently we are using rechargeable batteries for our camera. Not sure why in the past few weeks, the batteries tend to run out faster than before. Could it be they have reached their 'time' after continuous usage for a few years?

Maybe we need to get lithium battery instead so we can have longer power up hours. It's a hassle to change batteries when we are in a middle of some photo shootings.


*sob* *sob*

After so many months of waiting for this site to be ranked and was quite happy for about 3 weeks when it was ranked a 2. My happiness was short lived when I see the '?' appearing on my Check PR rank widget.

If they going to give me 1, might as well don't rank my site at all.... since I've been eating the big fat ZERO for so long... another few months won't make the difference... *hiaz*

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I don't know when can I ever have the chance to own one of those luxury homes by the beach or on top of the hill. I have always wanted a beach front or sea view house but the prices for these types of houses are far from my reach!

However, I do hope that someday I could strike the lottery or win the jackpot (though I hardly gamble) so I could at least realize this dream of mine. Well, it is always nice to dream a little dream... don't you think so?

Stock Video Library

Previously I was in the advertising industry. In most of our projects, we used a lot of stock images as well as videos for both below the line and above the line projects. Sometimes the clients will give us their images or videos but quite often we have to purchase from a third party stock library.

Normally we will go for those that are royalty free as we can reuse them for other projects. We do occasionally buy these from independent photographers or videographers as we can list our requirements. However, due to time constraint, we do go for those large stock libraries such as HD Stock Video Library by AlwaysHD for more generic images or videos.

Weekend blog marathon... again!

I really hate to say this but every weekend seems to be the time for me to catch up on all my paid postings. I know I am not supposed to make noise since I get paid for doing all these but I really hope I can be free for a weekend or two to catch up on rest or sleep.

For the past 3 weekends I have been working till the wee hours of the morning trying to complete the allocated tasks by some advertisers. Some have quite a number of words so it took me longer to cough out words...

Hopefully I can finished most of them before Friday...

Corporate Performance Management Software

For those of you who are in the finance department in your organization must be dreading month ends as there are just so much to do and it is impossible to not take over time at all. Don't you just wish that there are a corporate performance management software where it can helps you to do everything with just a few mouse clicks?

Now with PROPHIX, you can get your budgeting, forecasting, reporting, consolidation, personnel planning and other financial functions in just a single solution. Best of all, you don't have to be an IT expert to use it!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Using sales leads for new businesses

If you are in a new business and are looking to expand it, one of the way is to do more targeted advertising and promotion activities. This is done so the type of client list generated will be more accurate and chances of getting sales will be higher.

There are many direct sales company that are offering very targeted Business Sales Leads where they can give a breakdown of the types of customers you hope to reach out to. The type of activities they exercise are such as customized mailing lists, telemarketing lists and fax lists to small business as well as Fortune 1000 clients.

With good leads, you can then do a more concentrate marketing activities to push sales. As such, there will be more successful 'closing the deal' opportunities.

Cute bathroom decor

My brother and his wife will be new parents soon and they are very excited about it. They have been getting ready by doing some home improvement in the house and make it more child safe and friendly.

They intend to do some minor renovation to one of their bathroom and my sister in law is actually looking for some cute rubber duck bathroom decor as one of the theme. Don't those duckies brighten up our days?

Installing a new mailbox

We have just received a new renovation work for a bungalow unit just nearby our place. The owner has wanted us to hack away his old compound walls and rebuild a new one with red bricks.

Since we will be hacking away the old wall, we have to remove his old mailbox which was built in one of the front wall. They have yet to choose which type of mailboxes they fancy so I will bring some catalogs for them to select in a few days time.

It's going to be HDTV for us

We or I have long wanted to have a HDTV for the house. However, the price for HDTVs are still very high now so dear hubby still refused to get one though our old TV has been giving us lots of problems lately. I don't want my boy to watch a flickering TV as that will harm his eyes.

Currently there are quite a few models of HDTVs on sale. I've been checking some of them out and among them I still like the Phillips brand. Not sure why but we have been using Phillips TV since yonks ago. And the phillips HDTV that I am keen on are having some bonus purchase which is really tempting! They are bundling a set of really cool speakers if we get it by end of this month.

Another week to go!


In just one week time from today we will be traveling to KL again! This time beside celebrating our boy's big day, we will do quite a bit of sight seeing too. Hubby will be bringing us to the peak as Darrius has not been there before so it's going to be really fun!

And this time too we will be staying in a hotel in the heart of the city where all the actions are! Yeap... we are staying just across Planet Hollywood and next to Pavillion! Can't wait!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The -3- About Me

It has been a long time since I last do any memes here. I think I do get tagged a few times but I missed doing them somehow....

Well, I was tagged by Francine this time and I better do it before it slips my mind again!

1. Alice
2. Angel
3. - (only 2 names)

1. 5 March 2005 - Our wedding day
2. 24 July 2004 - Our Marriage Registration Day
3. 21 N0vember - Darrius's Birthday

1. Doing paid posts
2. Doing paid post
3. Sent an email to another mommy blogger

1. Be optimistic
2. Don't hold grudges
3. Forgive and forget

1. Snacks or junk food
2. Noodles
3. Curries

1. My parents
2. My family (hubby and Darrius)
3. My friends in Singapore

1. A trip to Florida
2. A strand of Mikimoto pearl necklace
3. A surprise Christmas pressie from PiggyBeng

1. Blogging
2. Baking
3. Traveling

1. US
2. Austria
3. Japan

1. Queens Bay Mall
2. Gurney Plaza
3. Prangin Mall

1. KFC
2. In N Out in LA
3. Burger King

1. Scuba diving
2. Roller blading
3. Mountain biking

1. Fruit juices
2. Honey lemon
3. Diabolo Menthe

1. Eternity by Calvin Kline
2. Pleasure by Estee Lauder
3. Happy by Clinique

1. Violet
2. White
3. Turquoise

1. Christmas
2. New Year
3. Wedding anniversary

1. Myself
2. Elina
3. Chin Nee

1. Do more paid posts
2. Plan for Darrius's birthday party
3. Go to sleep

THREE Ladies I’d like to tag are:
Chin Nee, Hui Sia, Min

Great widget!

I must admit I'm a widget freak!

When I see some really cute or widgets or buttons, I will sure try to check them out if they are practical to be put on my site. Though must of them don't bring me $$$ but they are nice to be used as decorative... :P

Anyway, I found this really great widget a few days back and I just love the way it tracks my visitors. I've installed it in my main site and will be installing it to my other sites too.

Check out FeedJit today!

They are a threat if not treated

There have been quite a lot of horrible cases recently where kids are being kidnapped, raped and murdered. From the police reports, many of these perpetrators are mostly under drugs influenced hence they can do all these inhuman acts without feeling any guilt.

Some of them are being caught and sentenced to a jail term or face death. However there are some who are lucky enough to escape heavy sentence but has to go through drug treatment so they will not go back to do all those inhuman activities.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I can't believe...

...that I can write so many posts on so many topics in such a short span of time!

I have so many tasks pending which will be expired soon but I still can't think of much things to blabber about to fill those gaps. I just wish I could have more time to complete them and not let them 'poof' away...

Ok, a few more to go before I hit the sack!

Get that seat!

When the season is high getting the tickets to your favorite sport games, concerts or theater events can prove to be extremely challenging. Sometime when you are lucky, you get those tickets but often than not, those are not the seats you hope to be on.

Well, you need not fret anymore as Premium Seats USA will take care of this as they are a ticket agency featuring as online ticket exchange that brings you the most sought after sports, concerts and theater nationwide. So, you don't have to miss your favorite match or concert any more no matter where you are!

If you are thinking of going for the up coming Miami Heat events, Premium Seats USA is here to make sure you get those Miami Heat tickets so you will not miss any of your favorite matches!

Lose control...

A few years back, one of my good friends' mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer and has to be sent to the nursing home as my friend and her siblings have to work and can't be at home to take care of their mom. It was a huge blow to the family but they tried to do the best they could.

With this disease, my friend's mom often can't feel herself. There were many occasions where she lose control of her bladder and wet herself. Since my friend's mom is staying full time at the nursing home, the caretaker has requested that my friend's mom to put on protective underwear. That was another blow as it ate in more into their expenses apart from the monthly fees they need to pay the nursing home.

Holidays to the North East of America

I've never been to the North East of America before but does not mean I don't know about the interesting places to visit. If you love the beauty of nature then spending your family vacation in the many interesting spots within the North East of America will be a perfect choices.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Capella - Your Online University

Both my hubby and myself have a few soon to be university going cousins and very often they will come to us for some advices. Many of them are quite confused with the huge amount of courses available and have difficulty selecting the the university of their choice.

Sometimes also due to financial constraint, they are being restricted to apply to their preferred course of study. We do sympathized with them but this is something that is not our control. Therefore we do advice them to look for other alternative options.

We do suggest to them to try taking their degree courses from some online universities such as the popular capella university which is an accredited and fully online university is offering quite a wide array of courses from business studies to psychology. However, the choice is still depends on them.

A nice surprise

This blog is one of the quietest so far as I do not really promote this site that much. What I wrote here is mainly for my to recapture on the places I traveled to, some of the exciting stuff I did in the past and interesting people I met and etc...

And I am glad I have quite a few of people or strangers dropping by once in a blue moon. It was so nice of them to even requested me to exchange links which I will gladly comply.

Today I've got someone with a PR6 came by and asked me to exchange link which really surprises me. Just want to thank Chez Francine and also Irel who came by and give this humble site of mine a few clicks of support....

And for those who are my blogging-mama friends, I truly appreciate your support too! It is so nice to have all of you that we can continue to make $$$ with our sites.

*flicker* *flicker*

*flicker* *flicker*

That was what happened to our bathroom light last night when I was about to take my shower. I tried switching it off and on a few times but the flickering continue so I told hubby to take a look.

He went to check and took down the entire bulb and exchange with the one in our dining room. The flickering continue. Then he switched the starter and the same thing happened. So we have no clue what is wrong with the light.

I quickly took my shower with the help of our dining room's light. As it was still early, we went to get some new bathroom lights from the hypermarket near our place. If not, Darrius will make a fuss when I need to clean him up before bed.

Staying near to Disney World

When hubby told me that he might have a short job stint in the US later this year, I was jumping with joy. Crazy me had even started with planning for the trip. As the duration was for about 3 months, it gave us quite a good time to take some short tours around.

I was telling hubby that I die-die must visit Disney World as I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Disneyland in Los Angeles last year. Was telling him I wanted to see everything and play every possible rides available! And if the trip do materialized, then Darrius can also enjoy since he knows more things now and can related who is Mickey and Donald.

Hubby even passed me some links where we can get Orlando Hotel Discounts should we have the chance to travel to Orlando. This time round we will choose a hotel that is closest to Disney World so we can catch the fireworks which we had missed!

Oh gosh!

I think I have to spam this blog for a while as I have a huge load of $$$ posts waiting to be churned out! Yeah, more blog marathon!

Well, I shouldn't be complaining as these will bring me some returns which will be put in good use. However, need to put in a lot of rojak posts just to cover up as the interims are part of the T&C from the advertisers...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

So tired...

... yet I want to blog on as I have quite a few of unfinished tasks pending.

I hardly get more than six hours of sleep a day for the past one week. Blame it on my greed! I think I waste a lot of time filtering the opportunities available. Then still need to churn out interims in between...

Well, for the sake of $$$... I need to persevere...

Friday, November 2, 2007

When getting a car...

After I got my driving license, I was contemplating if I should get my own car. Though my aunt was fine for letting me use hers but I felt uncomfortable to have to keep bugging her every time I want to go somewhere. She might need to use the car.

So, I got my uncle to bring me to the car sale yard around Cannington and near by suburbs so I could scout for one that I like. However, being a novice, I can't decide which model or car brand I should go for since I have never own a car before.

If I have known of Private Fleet's Novated Leases, then I won't have to go through all the doubts when trying to decide on my set of wheels. With the lease, I could arrange for repayment with my boss then.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The smallest lift and room!

Of all the hotels and motels I've ever stayed before in Europe, the one in Paris was by far the smallest of them all! Even the entrance to the hotel is by the small lane next to the building.

What amazed us was their lift. It was about 1 meter by 0.5 meter only! So, imagine if you're fat or have those over sized luggage... you can't even get it!

The smallest lift

Then when we got to the room, it was also very small and compact. The toilet can only nicely fit one person and not more... but still bigger than the one in First World Hotel in Genting... however, this is a combined toilet and bathroom so it has slightly more space.

Smallest room

You gain as a member

When I go shopping or dining at the regular places, I always make sure I am one of their loyalty card holders as this will get me more saving in the long run. Though many of them do not offer cash rebates but in cash voucher form which is good enough since I can always use them to purchase more things at that merchant.

In fact more and more merchants are participating in webloyalty programs to retain more customers. With such program, customer are more willing to return to the merchant as they can get more discounts or rebates on their purchases. This also helps to lessen monthly expenditure for some families.

So far so good!

I can't tell you how happy I was with my surfing experience now ever since we installed FireFox on our PC. This is especially when I need to reserve tasks at some sites. I used to get error messages whenever I click on the submit button which can be really irritating and frustrating!

After hearing my endless grumbling, PiggyBeng has wanted to install it onto my old notebook computer as he was afraid that FireFox might clashed with some of the programs in our PCs. However, so far so good! I am keeping my fingers crossed for sure!

Get Spock-ed!

Have you ever tried looking for a long lost friend or a long lost crush on the Internet? Do you know that you can actually use Spock to do the job? Spock is actually a people search application that find people on the Internet by crawling for information through bio pages, social networks, news sites, blogs and directories. However, Spock is not a social network such as Facebook, MSN or Yahoo!.

Spock is a technology where it organizes web contents about people into easily understood search results where it then search for information on web in all imaginable ways. And when you join the Spock community, it will even enhanced your search experience by using tags, pictures or web links. For example, if you are looking for 'chef of the year', you will get a whole list of data (websites) that has relation to the searched information. It is pretty interesting as you'll get to see all kinds of data that ping back with the search results.

This is one of the better ways to find and locate people who you have lost touch with, sharing same interest, related in some way or many other reasons! The best thing is, you can always update your information and add to all your search results.

The brainchild behind this unique application are Jay and Jaideep who were so frustrated with fragmented people search experience in the past. Don't you dare to think Spock is just another web crawler! In fact they have already received funding from Clearstone Venture Partners as well as Opus Capital Ventures to move the company forward. The team has even grown to include engineers and scientists from top schools such as Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Caltech, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon.

And to proof how Spock has rocked the Internet, they were selected as Best of Show at the prestigious Web 2.0 conference as well as for PC Magazine's top 25 websites to watch in 2007.