Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Shopping Queen in Me

One thing I missed about being in the corporate world is the money I can make and spend. Being a Stay at Home Mom means I have to watch my spending though I am given some allowances to buy things but the entire feeling is so different! I can no longer splurge like the way I used to and that means my collections of shoes, cloths and bags are depleting! Yikes! How can this be happening????

As I was residing in Singapore, I used to enjoy shopping at designer fashion boutiques in those days. Besides CK, DKNY and LV, my other obsession is Gucci and Prada. Though I don't own that many pieces but I am happy with my small collection. I spent most of my weekends at the malls and all the top brand boutiques along Orchard Road as Internet shopping was not heard of in those days. My dad even joked that I owned part of Orchard Road as I invested so much of my hard earn money there!

Now that I am in Penang, I don't get to see much of these boutiques unless I travel back to KL. That means I have to rely on the Internet to satisfy my shopping addiction! And I am glad I found sites like Koodos! They are one of the most hip designer fashion site on the cyberspace now. They sell everything from women clothings to shoes and accessories of some of the most popular brands.

Guess there is always a reason for me to shop and I can't wait to check them out and see what I can get myself for this Christmas! Well, I don't get the title of Shopping Queen for nothing! :P

P.S.: If you want to see what is in, place their widget onto your blog(s)!

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