Friday, October 5, 2007

Outlet Paradise - Camarillo in CA

While I was looking through some of my photos in Flickr, I discovered I have some photos of places which I have yet to put up. Was supposed to blog about it in my main blog but guess I was to preoccupied with other things that I totally forgot about them!

Well, this place Camarillo is situated at the northern part of Los Angeles. We actually drove through Malibu Beach for almost 1.5 hours before reaching this place. It is surrounded by farms (strawberries). This is yet one of the biggest Outlet Shopping for LA area. It has more than 100 of shops/boutiques carrying all the branded items.

As it was a weekday, the crowd was pretty light so we can go to almost every shop and view. However, there isn't much stuff that are suitable as most clothing are are still for winter. I managed to grab a few pieces of shirts for Darrius and bought some cake decorating stuff from one of the shop.

There was a Coach boutique but I did not manage to find something that I like so I came out empty handed. Too bad... maybe I'll be lucky next time....

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