Sunday, October 21, 2007


The thing about using budget airlines is, we have to use the budget airlines airports too. Like what we are experincing with our local budget airlines airport, it is unusually far from the main or international airport of the country.

When we took Ryanair from Frankfurt to Oslo, we depart from Frankfurt Hanh (Germany's budget airline airport) to Oslo Torp (Norway's budget airline airport) which is quite far from the city. Upon arrival, we have to Oslo City Bus which will then take us to Oslo's main bus terminal. I can't remember exactly how much we paid but we bought a return ticket which is much cheaper than the advertised NOK 140 per trip.

Our trip from Oslo-Torp to Oslo city took almost 2 hours. It was a long ride but it is a good way to check out the scenery... :)

A view of Oslo-Torp from the bus stop

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