Friday, October 26, 2007

More Christmas presents for him...

Sometimes it an be a real headache when it comes to shopping for the men. Every time I entered the Men section of the departmental store I can't seem to find anything suitable. With Christmas round the corner, I have to start my shopping for the few men in my life...

Since my hubby is doing more business trips, I figured he will need more formal shirts. After all, he hardly shop for shirts as he is such a picky person when it comes to clothing. He wanted his shirts to be 100% cotton, hopefully criss free and of good quality too. Yeah, he is one hard to please person I've ever met! Not sure if I should get him some ties to go along as I just got him one for his birthday last year. He hardly put on one anyway.
Then I wanted to get my dad a few casual shirts as the one that he bought himself are all so 'uncle' looking! Dad don't looked his age so I told him he can still wear clothing that have designs
that are not so old fashion or 'uncle' looking. Intend to get my brother a pair of cufflinks as he doesn't have any. Saw him wearing his shirts and I think a nice set of cuff will look great on him.

Guess this Christmas my pocket will have a bigger hole!

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