Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lilaguide - Parents Network

Are you a soon to be parent(s) and have no idea of what to do about parenting and every little things that has a relation to it? You are excited with the new status and are anxious at being a mom or a dad but you get fidgety as you don't know what to do next. Maybe you are looking for places to get baby product, maternity clothing, toys, furnitures and etc... but have the slightest idea where to start from.

Well, that is where come into the picture. Lilaguide is actually the web’s first hub for real parent reviews of local baby stores, gear, and services. Parents or parents to be will find reviews of anything that related to baby products, services as well as activities within 5,000 neighbourhoods across the US.

Lilaguide is a one stop guide and also one of the most effective ways to build network with other parents where they can share experiences as well as information with one and another. This way, new parents will get more information and not be left alone to handle parenting woes all by themselves.

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