Sunday, October 21, 2007

Journey Lite - Your answer to a slender shape

Ever since I stopped breastfeeding Darrius, my weight has returned to my pre-pregnancy weight. Recently I felt I have sort of put up even more as I can feel some of my blouses and pants are tighter than before.

I know I have not been eating healthily lately and often snack in between meals and on many occasions, had heav snacking before bed time. Also, I have been feasting quite a bid at the local hotels' buffets. Well, I just cant stay away from food if you must know... a very bad habit of mine.

When I was plaqued with weight problems in the past, I did not do much about it and I know at one time I felt so breathless and I know I have to cut down. However, now it will be diffiult for me to do so as I have to chase after a very active toddler. Therefore I think I will need the help of gastric banding to bring me back to my desired weight and size.

Hopefully after the surgery, I will feel better and won't see my weight escalate again. The thoughts of unable to fit into my pants always give me nightmares.

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