Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's the season for gifts from the heart

The jolly season is here again and for many of us, shopping for Christmas is one of the most exciting yet tiring experience. I remembered those times when I will shop non stop, hopping from one mall after another just so I can complete my long list! Practically I spent most of my weekends leading up to Christmas... shopping.

When it comes to shopping for my ladies friends or colleagues, it can be quite a headache as everyone has different taste. Also, I like getting stuff that are useful for them and not just buying them something for the sake of gift exchange or whatever it may be. I prefer to give something that is from the heart. Some of my girlfriends adores designer jewellery as they like to match it with their dresses.

There was this year where I bought a gold jewellery set for my best friend and a silver jewellery set for a very close work mate. They we both surprised and happy to receive my gifts as they never expected that I would give them something so expensive. Well, Christmas is the season to be jolly mah!

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