Saturday, October 6, 2007

Investing in a Dishwasher

Most of you know that I love to cook and I do share my cooking journey over my recipes blog. However, you will be surprised if I tell you I hate the washing up after I made a mess in my kitchen! My hands will go dry and itchy after doing all the dishes.

I have been longing for a dishwasher for quite sometime now. It is quite uncommon for us to have one at home. Most people in this country (locals) do not install a dishwasher in their house. But I think I might want to get one of those Bosch Dishwashers once my second baby is here as I don't think I can cope with the amount of washing then!

I've seen my aunt who is living in Australia is using one as well as my SIL in Germany has one. I just love the convenience of living my dishes in the machine and after an hour or so they are all squeaky clean! And of course, no more dry and itchy hands!

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