Saturday, October 6, 2007

How come Borders M'sia don't have membership card?

I went to Borders again today since we were in Queens Bay Mall shopping. Was lucky that PiggyBeng took care of Darrius for over an hour so I could browse the books and magazines my own leisure pace.

Then I saw a few magazines and after I went through them, I decided to purchase them. As the amount was quite huge (more than RM40+ for 2 magazines) so I went to ask the cashier if Borders has any form of loyalty or membership card. Was quite surprised that they do not have. Then I asked why they don't have local online purchase like what MPH is doing too? Then she told me they are looking into it.

For such a big book store chain, I find it weird why they only sell through Amazon. The thing is, if I get through Amazon, I will have to pay a hefty price for shipping as these books or magazines will be sent directly from the US. I wonder when can they start what MPH is doing.

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