Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hotel Garda - Milan

Hotel Garda is the 3-star hotel that we stayed when we were in Milan. This hotel is one of the nicest 3-star hotel we have checked in to thus far. I love its location too as it was just a short walk from the Milan Central train station.

Not sure if all the hotel rooms (for 3-star standard) are the same, but our room is relatively small but cozy. We paid around 60 - 70,00 € per night which includes breakfast for 2. What we like most about Hotel Garda is their bathroom. They have a mini jacuzzi in it!

The front view of Hotel Garda

A view of our room (very small and cozy)

Love the mini jucuzzi!

Can you see the beautiful Italian tiles?

2 Hopper's Notes:

wHOisBaBy said...

nice bathroom for such a class hotel.

Angeleyes said...

Actually hotels in Europe are so expensive... what we are paid for 3-star can get us 6-star here...