Sunday, October 21, 2007

Compare first!

A few weeks back during one of our groceries shopping trip to the hypermarket around our place, we were swamped by a few groups of credit card sales personnels from different companies. We were quite shocked as the place we were at and seeing so many of them trying to court passerbys to sign up with them. I just an't imagine what are these local banks are up to with such sales tactics.

Anyway, I don't think I want to sign up for a card through a road show or through some sales on the five foot way. How to think in such circumstances you tell me? Of course I knew so well they will try to sell the card to me so will just bombard me with all the 'good points' of getting their card. I am a person who will want to make comparisons before making any decisions.

There are just too many common credit cards being offered these days but I still can't find any bank that offer Balance Transfer Cards with interesting rates or privilages. I don't want to start collecting points from zero again... since I don't spend that much. Till then, I will not be bothered signing up for any more cards.

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