Saturday, October 27, 2007


From Milan we took a train to France and visited 3 places. Our first stop in France is Lyon where we spent two nights, then to Avignon for a night and lastly to Paris for two nights as well. We already pre-booked our hotels in paris before we depart since it's beginning of spring and we were afraid we might not be able to get any rooms as it is the beginning of high season.

Eiffel Tower @ night
After staying so many nights within France, we found that most of the mid range hotels in France are pretty small in size. Especially the hotel we stayed in Paris... it was so small that we had two single beds cramped together. Nevertheless, they are all very nice hotels with friendly people. And I must say, dining in France is way better than the other countries we have visited.

Arc de Triomphe

We got around Paris with public transport. They have this whole day train ticket that cost about 3€ per person and we get unlimited rides within a day. That means we spent most of our time walking... There were lots of beautiful parks around besides all the iconic buildings. We visited a few museums and churches too.

Of course not forgetting about the shopping malls we visited. In fact I bought my LV bag in the Galerries La Fayette in the heart of Paris! I don't think it was any cheaper there but since we were there, might as well! We did not manage to catch any fashion shows as we were too busy sight seeing but we did managed to see many beautiful people around! PiggyBeng bought two bottle of wines from one of the shop but it was such a pity I can't sip together with him as I was preggy then!

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