Saturday, October 20, 2007

Be head hunted

Lately PiggBeng has been complaning about his work. He was saying that some of the older staff are not doing their work and a lot of politics involved. I'm not too sure since I seldom like to talk about his work. Then he told me that by April next year, it would be his 5th anniversary with the company and told me it's kinda long staying with one company.

There have been times that he told me he wished to find another job elsewhere. However, he has not been doing much work on it. There were thoughts of moving to another country to work but without a sponsor company, there's not much we can do. I did told him to get in touch with some high profile executive recruiting firm to help me fin a suitable position.

It has been weeks if not months but the laz pig is still not doing much about it. So before he left for Brazil last weekend, I told him I'll help him to find more info on the matter. I just wish he will be head hunted so he an negotiate for a better package.

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