Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Wishing all readers of Hop Around with Me a fun and happy....


Make $$$ with these cool sunnies

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Don't wait further to grab this very profitable opportunity!

It's the season for gifts from the heart

The jolly season is here again and for many of us, shopping for Christmas is one of the most exciting yet tiring experience. I remembered those times when I will shop non stop, hopping from one mall after another just so I can complete my long list! Practically I spent most of my weekends leading up to Christmas... shopping.

When it comes to shopping for my ladies friends or colleagues, it can be quite a headache as everyone has different taste. Also, I like getting stuff that are useful for them and not just buying them something for the sake of gift exchange or whatever it may be. I prefer to give something that is from the heart. Some of my girlfriends adores designer jewellery as they like to match it with their dresses.

There was this year where I bought a gold jewellery set for my best friend and a silver jewellery set for a very close work mate. They we both surprised and happy to receive my gifts as they never expected that I would give them something so expensive. Well, Christmas is the season to be jolly mah!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Firefly is flying to Singapore too!

I can't believe this! Not only one but two budget airlines will be flying to Singapore! With the open skies agreement both AirAsia and Firefly will have a chance to bring passengers from a few major cities in Malaysia to the Lion City. That mean we can get really competitive rates for our Singapore trips in the future!

News report from The Star on 30 Oct 2007:

SUBANG: Now that AsiaAsia can fly to Singapore, national carrier Malaysia Airlines’ subsidiary Firefly may follow suit.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy said that the Government “would certainly give serious consideration” for the national carrier’s subsidiary to fly to the republic from its hub in Subang.

It was a bilateral issue and he would have to raise the matter with his Singapore counterpart at the Asean Transport Ministers Meeting on Thursday, he told newsmen after receiving Firefly’s inaugural flight from Penang, which arrived at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport here at 8am yesterday.

The Cabinet last week agreed to give no-frills carrier AirAsia and Singapore’s Tiger Airways Pte Ltd the go-ahead to start flights between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

MAS expressed disappointment over the opening of the KL-Singapore route on a limited basis and had asked that its 100%-owned Firefly be allowed to fly to Singapore from Subang.

Chan said that the decision to allow Firefly to operate from Subang was an extension of the Government’s earlier policy of only allowing turbo propeller aircraft to operate at the airport.

“After we moved (airlines operations) to KL International Airport, the Government continuously enhanced its position as a hub. But we allowed some operations by turbo propeller aircraft at the Subang airport, such as Berjaya Air,” he said when asked why Firefly was allowed to fly from Subang when an earlier request by rival AirAsia was rejected.

Firefly started operations six months ago, flying from Penang to Langkawi, Kota Baru, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Phuket and Koh Samui. Effective yesterday, it commenced twice daily flights between Subang and Penang.

Firefly managing director Eddy Leong said that the Government had also given it the green light to operate from Johor Baru and Kota Kinabalu, adding that Firefly now could link up with many domestic destinations and cities in Indonesia and southern Thailand.

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad managing director Datuk Seri Bashir Ahmad said that refurbishment of the Subang airport would be completed in December.

Best to be out of debt

With today's volatile money market, we have to be really careful when it comes to managing our finances. One of the thing we should not get ourselves into is mounting on debt. Many young people are not aware of this situation as many has not experience the hardship of repaying loans or debts.

The escalating problem where youngsters are being trapped by mounting credit card debts has caused many to declare bankruptcy as their low salaries are just not enough to make the repayments. In fact many of these youngsters are covering one hole with another cover by owning a few credit cards. This is extremely damaging as it can cause a lot of negative outcomes.

When the debts problem increases, this will also effects the banking industry. Therefore, more banks and financial institutions are coming out with debt advice services to counter this problems.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rent a Hawaii Beach House


I've always wanted to visit Hawaii but till today I still has not gotten the chance yet. However, it will always remain in my list of 'must visit' places before I can rest in peace!

Being a person who enjoys anything under the sun, Hawaii is definitely a place all beach lovers like myself should go at least once in our life time. The beautiful beaches, the amazing people, the exciting activities and of course the yummilicious food! I can't wait to put on those sexy bikinis and dance around the beautiful white sand beaches!

If I were to go to Hawaii, I will check myself into those lovely Hawaii beach house available around the hundred of islands within Hawaii. This is one of the best way to experience a Hawaiian vacation. These beach home rentals give tourists a more enriching experience as their settings are localised which is great especially for those who has never been to Hawaii before.

I really hope I could set my foots on these beautiful resorts and leave everything behind for a total destress theraphy session! So, if you are interested to have one of the greatest get away, check out the Hawaii Travel Blog and Kauai Travel Info today for more interesting things to do in Hawaii.

Vacation of a Lifetime

Are you going on a honeymoon soon? If you are, then you should not miss this vacation of a lifetime at one of the world most beautiful each resort, The Karisma Hotels over at the Riviera Maya in Mexico. This is the kind of place that every honeymooners should romance on, a Cancun Vacations...

Beside walking on the white sand beaches, you will be impressed with their elite level of service that makes your vacation truly an unforgetable experience. You can select from their 98 luxury suites overlooking the Mexican Caribbean that will sure to take your breath away!

You should not miss the dedicated spa and pamper you and your lover's bodies with their wide array of treaments available on the beach or in your room. And if you are those who love some excitement in the open sea, you can always go for exciting activities such as deep sea fishing and diving.

To end the day, don't forget to savour the multi-course candlelight dinner for two in one of their three gourmet restaurants before you retreat to your room for a relaxing nite cacthing a show or two on the wide screen plasma TV.

Just when I thought...

That I could finally earn some extra $$$, I forgot about all the T&C of each network... what a big head prawns!

This is really troublesome and to be really honest, I don't have that much to yak about in the wee hours of the morning. All I want is to complete these tasks and see my $$$.... *sigh*

Again, this is a capalang post for the day.... maybe more to come! LOL

2 more days to Halloween!

I can't believe it that the creepy season is here again! I really miss the Halloween celebration which we had in Los Angeles last year. It was one of the most eye opening experience we ever had. Even I have stayed in Australia before, the entire atmosphere is different.

What the Americans do on Halloween day is really... out of this world! I just can't describe it for what we see and feel can be describe with words... It was a whole new experience.

Too bad we can't be in the US this year for this celebration.... Hope we will get another chance soon!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another way to invest

Recently there have been some news saying that the US dollar will have another drop soon. Not so sure how reliable is this piece of news but if you are into forex investment you might want to reconsider other type of investments and not put all your eggs in the same basket.

Currently many people has started to buy gold coins or gold ingots as an alternative way to invest. As gold prices seldom drop but instead rises all the time, making it a very atrractive way to invest.

The value of gold coins do not flactuate like currencies make it very stable and more investors are looking into buying more of such coins as investment. It is especially useful should another war break out.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Was so happy when I got the news earlier that my main site has been promoted by Google from a page rank of ZERO to a THREE after such a long time. It has been more than half a year that Google finally update some of the site's ranking.

By having a higher Google ranking is of course something to rejoice about as this mean I could get better review offers from relevant advertisers... which might help fund my future trips so i could write more stories about my adventures.

Would like to thank all my regular visitors as well as all my supporter who take time to drop by and give my pages some clicks. This will not happen without all of your support! Thanks!!!


From Milan we took a train to France and visited 3 places. Our first stop in France is Lyon where we spent two nights, then to Avignon for a night and lastly to Paris for two nights as well. We already pre-booked our hotels in paris before we depart since it's beginning of spring and we were afraid we might not be able to get any rooms as it is the beginning of high season.

Eiffel Tower @ night
After staying so many nights within France, we found that most of the mid range hotels in France are pretty small in size. Especially the hotel we stayed in Paris... it was so small that we had two single beds cramped together. Nevertheless, they are all very nice hotels with friendly people. And I must say, dining in France is way better than the other countries we have visited.

Arc de Triomphe

We got around Paris with public transport. They have this whole day train ticket that cost about 3€ per person and we get unlimited rides within a day. That means we spent most of our time walking... There were lots of beautiful parks around besides all the iconic buildings. We visited a few museums and churches too.

Of course not forgetting about the shopping malls we visited. In fact I bought my LV bag in the Galerries La Fayette in the heart of Paris! I don't think it was any cheaper there but since we were there, might as well! We did not manage to catch any fashion shows as we were too busy sight seeing but we did managed to see many beautiful people around! PiggyBeng bought two bottle of wines from one of the shop but it was such a pity I can't sip together with him as I was preggy then!

Friday, October 26, 2007

More Christmas presents for him...

Sometimes it an be a real headache when it comes to shopping for the men. Every time I entered the Men section of the departmental store I can't seem to find anything suitable. With Christmas round the corner, I have to start my shopping for the few men in my life...

Since my hubby is doing more business trips, I figured he will need more formal shirts. After all, he hardly shop for shirts as he is such a picky person when it comes to clothing. He wanted his shirts to be 100% cotton, hopefully criss free and of good quality too. Yeah, he is one hard to please person I've ever met! Not sure if I should get him some ties to go along as I just got him one for his birthday last year. He hardly put on one anyway.
Then I wanted to get my dad a few casual shirts as the one that he bought himself are all so 'uncle' looking! Dad don't looked his age so I told him he can still wear clothing that have designs
that are not so old fashion or 'uncle' looking. Intend to get my brother a pair of cufflinks as he doesn't have any. Saw him wearing his shirts and I think a nice set of cuff will look great on him.

Guess this Christmas my pocket will have a bigger hole!

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More trendy plus size clothings

I know being big can be such a bum feeling but that does not mean we can't be beautiful. To me, proper and creative self grooming can turn someone of Size 18 into a beautiful swan that look like Size 14. There are currently a site, Elvi that sells very trendy plus size clothing from Size 16 to Size 26.

Elvi is currently UK's largest independent Pluz Size Fashion womens fashion retailer. One of the interesting feature found at Elvi is they offer anything from day wear to special occasions wears where mix and match ideas are given on its site to assit customers to select their garments. They have so many ranges to shop from and even compliment their womens clothing with some really attractive accessories to match.

So, if you are beyond Size 16, don't feel like it's the end of the world. With Elvi's Womens Fashion, you can still appear trendy and hip. For more fashion tips, do hop over to Elvi and check out latest fashion news to get the look for the season!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Budget flights to Singapore soon!

This is certainly one of the best news for travellers both in Malaysia and Singapore. Finally we can get a budget airline plying this lucrative routes from 4 Malaysian cities (Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching) to Singapore.

Here an excerpt from NST:

KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia has been given the green light to operate two daily flights each from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching to Singapore, taking the country a step further towards becoming the region's premier hub for low-cost travel.

Sources said the cabinet agreed yesterday to open the routes to budget airlines from the two countries under a reciprocal arrangement, starting in December or January once the logistics are sorted out.The new routes will expand AirAsia's connectivity to more than 80 destinations across the continent, and provide additional connections for its sister airline AirAsia X, which is due to fly to Australia's Gold Coast on Nov 2, to Guangzhou, China at the end of the year, and to Melbourne and London next year.Prices for the Singapore flights are expected to start at RM9.90 for return trips.Contacted yesterday, AirAsia chief executive Datuk Tony Fernandes said: "I'm in Singapore.

I am not aware of the decision." Currently, the lucrative Kuala Lumpur-Singapore route is exclusively served by Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines, which together fly 20 times a day between the two cities.In line with the Asean Open Sky Policy, scheduled to take off on Jan 1, 2009, both Malaysia and Singapore have, since last year, been in talks to liberalise their air space to further boost travel and tourism between the two countries.

AirAsia and Tiger Airways have expressed keen interest to operate the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore route and want it liberalised sooner.Fernandes has been one of the most consistent proponents of an open skies policy between Malaysia and Singapore, saying it will help turn Malaysia into a regional low-cost carrier hub and channel some of the tourist traffic from Changi International Airport to KL International Airport in Sepang.The sources yesterday agreed that the cabinet's move was in line with the country's ambitions in tourism and the low-cost travel

However, discussions to expedite the open skies pact have been put on hold, due largely to concern that the move could interfere with MAS' business turnaround plan.MAS had opposed the move, saying it needs more time to execute its recovery and that Malaysia and Singapore should adhere to the original timeline for liberalisation.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy could not be reached to comment on the cabinet decision.However, it is understood that the cabinet had asked that talks with Singapore on matters surrounding the new development should be held immediately.Singapore had expressed hopes of a liberalisation of the Air Service Agreement with Malaysia to allow carriers from both nations, including budget airlines, to cover more routes than just Kuala Lumpur-Singapore.

Its Transport Ministry has said that apart from the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur route, its government was also keen to expand the sky pact to other major cities in Malaysia.The Singapore government believes that a more liberal air services agreement between Singapore and Malaysia would be mutually beneficial as it would enhance trade, investment and tourism flows between the two countries.

Watch them all @ Viagogo!

When my brother graduated from the university, my uncle who works for an airline presented him a return tickets to UK so he can go visit one of his idol's birth place. That was almost 6 years ago but my brother still has not claim the tickets. Last year when he got married, my uncle even doubled up the tickets so that his wife can go along too!

I think probably they will go for an extended honeymoon after his wife delivered their first baby next month as they still did not get to go for their actual honeymoon after the wedding due to work commitment. My brother has wanted to watch his favorite football team in action for the longest time.

So, I told him if he ever going to UK, he can get his football tickets at Viagogo as they are one of the leading tickets hub in Europe. They are actually an online ticket exchange portal that allows people to buy and sell live event tickets in a safe and guaranteed way. That means, he won't miss the action if he's there during the football season!

At Viagogo, they have rugby tickets and crickets tickets too. Well, if you are a huge sports fan, don't forget to check Viagogo out so you don't have to miss any matches.

Tonneau covers for your trucks

I was trying to find out the tonneau cover which my boss was asking me to check on earlier for his new truck. So far I still can't decide which type is more suitable for his truck. We wanted something really reliable since the staff are all so rough... especially in handling most of the stuff.

Personally I preferred the roll up type but it's rather unsafe if we keep our stuff inside and people may able to open it when we are not around. My boss preferred the tri-fold ones as it is easier to control the opening. We always worried about the rain since the current project's area do not have ample shelter. The thing is, we must make sure our materials kept inside the truck must be completely dry at all time.

Might have to go to the shop and find out which will be a better choice for us. Just want to do a good one so I don't have to think about it later...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Play with the best casinos @

You have never been to Las Vegas and try your hands on those games tables before but hope you can get a piece of that actions and have no idea where to find it. Then you should hop over to where the best online casinos are listed!

You can find just about any table games such as Poker, Roulette all the way to Sports betting at They list all the best online casino you can ever find so you don't have to crack your head to check which is the best to visit.

Some of the sites listed on also gives out bonus points where you can jumpstart your betting. That means, you don't even have to pay a single cents to get a piece of that action! And what's more, you can even make some mega bucks without any investment!

There goes my plans....

PiggyBeng just informed me that our vacation plans will have to be shelved as he is scheduled to more business trips for the next two months.... *sob* *sob*

That means we won't be going to the US as there hasn't been any updates on the applications he made earlier so guess that's down the drain as well...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lilaguide - Parents Network

Are you a soon to be parent(s) and have no idea of what to do about parenting and every little things that has a relation to it? You are excited with the new status and are anxious at being a mom or a dad but you get fidgety as you don't know what to do next. Maybe you are looking for places to get baby product, maternity clothing, toys, furnitures and etc... but have the slightest idea where to start from.

Well, that is where come into the picture. Lilaguide is actually the web’s first hub for real parent reviews of local baby stores, gear, and services. Parents or parents to be will find reviews of anything that related to baby products, services as well as activities within 5,000 neighbourhoods across the US.

Lilaguide is a one stop guide and also one of the most effective ways to build network with other parents where they can share experiences as well as information with one and another. This way, new parents will get more information and not be left alone to handle parenting woes all by themselves.


It has been a tough day trying to complete so many posts in one short!!! Well, at least there are more posts... not mentioning all the spam that I made with the photos.... hehehe

Will edit more photos so I can post all of them up too. We visited so many places and there are so many things to write about, I just don't know when I'll be able to complete!

Maybe will take a short break before I start on the rest as I need to edit those photos before I can post them up... and probably I might be moving this site to its own home... nothing is firm but it is in progress.... *cheeky grin*

Touch N Go Geneva

It was really a pity that we did not get to see Switzerland during our Europe trip. Both time we only passed the country only without having the chance to explore any of the cities we stopped by. The earlier was Zurich and now Geneva. So, it's another touch and go experience for us.

We barely have more than 2 hours in Geneva so we can't go far. Then we need to settle some of the ticketing probelms hence it left us with very little time. What we did was just walk around the train station as we have to lug our luggage along with us. Hope we will have another chance to explore this beautifu city.... maybe get a Rolex watch perhaps? :P

Geneva's train station

A view outside the train station

Another view outside the train station

A view from the train station's platform

Compare first!

A few weeks back during one of our groceries shopping trip to the hypermarket around our place, we were swamped by a few groups of credit card sales personnels from different companies. We were quite shocked as the place we were at and seeing so many of them trying to court passerbys to sign up with them. I just an't imagine what are these local banks are up to with such sales tactics.

Anyway, I don't think I want to sign up for a card through a road show or through some sales on the five foot way. How to think in such circumstances you tell me? Of course I knew so well they will try to sell the card to me so will just bombard me with all the 'good points' of getting their card. I am a person who will want to make comparisons before making any decisions.

There are just too many common credit cards being offered these days but I still can't find any bank that offer Balance Transfer Cards with interesting rates or privilages. I don't want to start collecting points from zero again... since I don't spend that much. Till then, I will not be bothered signing up for any more cards.

Tren Italia

Another post on trains!!!!! Yeah, we are so fascinated with the train services in Europe. Most of them are so efficient and among the best we have ever taken.

We took the nice and high speed TrenItalia from Rome back to Milan. It was a much pleasant ride as compared to the lousy choo-choo train we took from Milan to Rome 2 days before. We preferred high speed trains and not those regional trains that get choked all the time and picking up all sort of people... hehehe... security was lousy too so very likely you will get robbed! If using the high speed train, it's completely different... more stylish and safer...

A view of the train from outside

A view on the train's interior

A view of the cafeteria

TGV France

We took a TGV (train à grande vitesse) from Geneva to Avignon. If you have seen Mr. Bean's latest movie (the one he went on a holiday), Avignon is the place he go around chasing after the chicken to pick his bus ticket. It is a beautiful place with lots of castles. Even the place we stayed was within the fort. Will post about it later.

View of the train from outside

TGV's trains are quite nice. The orientation of their seats is like our VIP buses. 2 seats on one side and 1 seat on the other. Some carriages have seats facing each other and seperated with a coffee table. It's good if you are travelling in a group so you can talk to all your friends or family members.

A view of the train's interior

PiggyBeng likes its speed. TGV travels extremely fast.... it records is 574.8 km/h! It was so amazing to be in that speed. I remembered we can hardly see anything as it passes us in a flash... even when we were standing on the platform, it's like a bullet that shot past!

A view of the 2nd class carriage

A view of the cafeteria

Journey Lite - Your answer to a slender shape

Ever since I stopped breastfeeding Darrius, my weight has returned to my pre-pregnancy weight. Recently I felt I have sort of put up even more as I can feel some of my blouses and pants are tighter than before.

I know I have not been eating healthily lately and often snack in between meals and on many occasions, had heav snacking before bed time. Also, I have been feasting quite a bid at the local hotels' buffets. Well, I just cant stay away from food if you must know... a very bad habit of mine.

When I was plaqued with weight problems in the past, I did not do much about it and I know at one time I felt so breathless and I know I have to cut down. However, now it will be diffiult for me to do so as I have to chase after a very active toddler. Therefore I think I will need the help of gastric banding to bring me back to my desired weight and size.

Hopefully after the surgery, I will feel better and won't see my weight escalate again. The thoughts of unable to fit into my pants always give me nightmares.

Blog diarrhea

Some of you who often visit this site of mine must be surprised with the amount of posts in the past 24 hours... yeah, my blog is actually suffering from blog diarrhea!!!!! LOL

Well, I have been greedy and managed to secured quite a number of tasks from one of the advertisers network. To do the tasks, I was required to have 2 interims in between all my tasks. Hence I have to fill up with all my KIV posts which I have been too lazy to do earlier.

Looking bad, it was not so bad... at least I managed to post up all my back log....


The thing about using budget airlines is, we have to use the budget airlines airports too. Like what we are experincing with our local budget airlines airport, it is unusually far from the main or international airport of the country.

When we took Ryanair from Frankfurt to Oslo, we depart from Frankfurt Hanh (Germany's budget airline airport) to Oslo Torp (Norway's budget airline airport) which is quite far from the city. Upon arrival, we have to Oslo City Bus which will then take us to Oslo's main bus terminal. I can't remember exactly how much we paid but we bought a return ticket which is much cheaper than the advertised NOK 140 per trip.

Our trip from Oslo-Torp to Oslo city took almost 2 hours. It was a long ride but it is a good way to check out the scenery... :)

A view of Oslo-Torp from the bus stop

Cute gifts for babies

Next year I will have a lot of reasons to buy baby gifts. Why? Because there are so many mommies that I know from the blogsphere will be giving births!

Actually a lot of people especially the Asians wanted to ride on the auspicious year 2008 by having an addition to the family. They believe that the year 2008 will bring good fortune and prosperity to the family so a birth in the family will be ideal.

I do hope to join these mommies too! We have been working on it so hopefully our wish will be granted! We do look forward to having a playmate for Darrius as he will turn 3 next year! Wow! Time flies!

Hotel Garda - Milan

Hotel Garda is the 3-star hotel that we stayed when we were in Milan. This hotel is one of the nicest 3-star hotel we have checked in to thus far. I love its location too as it was just a short walk from the Milan Central train station.

Not sure if all the hotel rooms (for 3-star standard) are the same, but our room is relatively small but cozy. We paid around 60 - 70,00 € per night which includes breakfast for 2. What we like most about Hotel Garda is their bathroom. They have a mini jacuzzi in it!

The front view of Hotel Garda

A view of our room (very small and cozy)

Love the mini jucuzzi!

Can you see the beautiful Italian tiles?

Frankfurt Hanh - Budget Airlines Airport

When we need to board our flight from Frankfurt to Oslo with Ryan Air, we have to depart from Frankfurt Hanh airport which is the only budget airlines airport in Germany. It was located quite far from Frankfurt city. We have to board a bus for almost 2 hours to reach Frankfurt Hanh. We paid 12,00 € each for the ride.

The outside of Frankfurt Hanh

Inside of Frankfurt Hanh

A view from the waiting lounge before bording

We have to wait for quite a while before we can board our flight as the buses that ply the route only runs 2 times a day from the city. So we have to take the earlier bus in order not to be late.

Blisters on my foot...

When we go for holidays, one of the most important things we must have is a pair of good shoes. Since we do a lot of walking, we need to have a pair of shoes that not only provide comfort but also able to take the pressure when walking on different types of flooring/ ground.

I was quite vain and I love wearing boots when I go for a winter holiday. To me boots able to offer the comfort and warmth but one thing I have over looked are the high heels. During my trip to Italy, both my foot were covered with blisters due to the pressure and frictions of too much walking.

My foot almost give way.... and I can't even take another step when I was in Milan. As we can't speak a single word of Italian, I can't find any medication for Foot Pain Relief so ended up I have to get another pair of shoes...

It has been a Year!

Today marks the 1st Anniversary of our family vacation to the West Coast of US. Time really flies and it seemed like just not too long ago we were in LA.
Actually we started our journey on the night of 20th Oct 2006 to Singapore. As Darrius was still having fever, we did not get to do much and our flight from Penang to Singapore was pretty late. So we only started our holiday on the 21th.

A pic in the Penang Airport lounge - Darrius was still a baby!

Beautiful Flowers in Europe

One of the things I love about four seasons countries are the beautiful flowers blooming during spring time. There are just so lovely with bright and stricking colours and hues.

Here are some shots taken during our trip in Europe bak in 2005. We tried to take as many close ups as possible but we do not have a DSLR and our little auto digital can't really take that close so these are the best we get....


What flowers are these?

Beautiful tulips

More flowers.... Can you spot me at the backgroun? :P

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Be head hunted

Lately PiggBeng has been complaning about his work. He was saying that some of the older staff are not doing their work and a lot of politics involved. I'm not too sure since I seldom like to talk about his work. Then he told me that by April next year, it would be his 5th anniversary with the company and told me it's kinda long staying with one company.

There have been times that he told me he wished to find another job elsewhere. However, he has not been doing much work on it. There were thoughts of moving to another country to work but without a sponsor company, there's not much we can do. I did told him to get in touch with some high profile executive recruiting firm to help me fin a suitable position.

It has been weeks if not months but the laz pig is still not doing much about it. So before he left for Brazil last weekend, I told him I'll help him to find more info on the matter. I just wish he will be head hunted so he an negotiate for a better package.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Shopping Queen in Me

One thing I missed about being in the corporate world is the money I can make and spend. Being a Stay at Home Mom means I have to watch my spending though I am given some allowances to buy things but the entire feeling is so different! I can no longer splurge like the way I used to and that means my collections of shoes, cloths and bags are depleting! Yikes! How can this be happening????

As I was residing in Singapore, I used to enjoy shopping at designer fashion boutiques in those days. Besides CK, DKNY and LV, my other obsession is Gucci and Prada. Though I don't own that many pieces but I am happy with my small collection. I spent most of my weekends at the malls and all the top brand boutiques along Orchard Road as Internet shopping was not heard of in those days. My dad even joked that I owned part of Orchard Road as I invested so much of my hard earn money there!

Now that I am in Penang, I don't get to see much of these boutiques unless I travel back to KL. That means I have to rely on the Internet to satisfy my shopping addiction! And I am glad I found sites like Koodos! They are one of the most hip designer fashion site on the cyberspace now. They sell everything from women clothings to shoes and accessories of some of the most popular brands.

Guess there is always a reason for me to shop and I can't wait to check them out and see what I can get myself for this Christmas! Well, I don't get the title of Shopping Queen for nothing! :P

P.S.: If you want to see what is in, place their widget onto your blog(s)!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shall I move this site?

I have been thinking of getting a domain for this site as it will give me greater management over the site. However, I do not have the time and effort to pimp this site so I worried I might not have time to do it if I get a domain for it.

So, I am still considering now if I should or should not get a domain for HHHT... What do you think?

I'm soooo...


Have been really busy the past few days doing lots of baking and finally I can feel the tireness today. So far for 3 days, I baked a total of 5 batches of cupcakes with 2 flops and 3 success. Something which I did not anticipate. Have never failed in my baking history... *sigh*

Luckily the last 3 batches all turned out pretty good and tasty too. Will be doing more in the coming weeks... gearing up for the big day... :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Perth - The place I want to be

Before I made the decision to do my bachelor degree in Perth, I actually went over for a short visit just to check out the university which I have the intention to apply. It was a short one week trip but it was well spent! The campus was exactly the way I wanted... out of the city area but yet still close by, lush greenery surrounding the university's buildings, excellent public transport and of course, clear blue skies...

If it were not for my aunt who is a resident there, I would have checked into some discount hotels within the city. Besides the big hotel chains, you can easily get any Perth accommodation from the Travel Bureau just next to the main Post Office. It is pretty easy to get around as there is a good train service as well as bus service which followed fixed schedules! Unlike those we have in this country, you can't depends on the public transport at all! For someone who does not have a driving licence, Perth is a great place to be... their public transports are so well connected. For seasoned drivers, all the roads are so wide, you won't have to worry that someone will bang on you!

Besides the normal fared bus services, there are the Cats service which served as city link buses for tourists or even locals around the city area and the best thing is, the service is completely FREE! You can ride on the Red, Yellow or Blue Cats service to almost everywhere around the city!

I spent about 2 years living in Perth when I was accepted by the uni I applied. It was one of the most exciting period of my life and I thoroughly enjoyed my entire stay. I simply love the mixture of city life and country life that Western Australia offered though many of the people I knew find Perth is too laid back but personally this is the place I felt most comfortable after spending more than 8 years working in the city that almost never sleep!

Getting friendly with the kangaroos @ Caversham Wildlife Park

There are so much to see in Perth. Be it within the city or the out skirt. Places like Subiaco is a nice place to relax during the weekend and if you fancy to have a cup of cappuccino and some fish and chips, a trip down to Fremantle is a must. There are so much to see and do and I can bet that just a week is never enough. And for those who loves the wild life, Perth offered one of the best place to see your favorite Koala bears, kangaroos and even wombats! (too bad I have limited digitised photos to share here).

Having fun with the dilderido... a type of musical instrument used by the Aborigines

If you happened to go during end of summer, some of the best wines in the world will greet you just outside the city. Then you can pick some grapes and taste some wine and chill out under the February sun. And if you are those who are adventurous, a trip across the sea to Rottness Island is sure a good pick. Besides cycling around the island (you can't drive there), you can even do some sea sports such as scuba dive, snorkeling as well as catamaran.

Fun with some uni mates @ Rottness Island

Thursday, October 11, 2007

First Malaysian in space

Today marks another milestone in Malaysia's history. Yeah, we finally send someone to the space. The lucky person is no other than the handsome Dr. Sheikh Muszhapha Shukor. Guess he will be the idol of many young Malaysian from today onward.

Dr. Sheikh is the first 'angkasawan' or astronaut to represent Malaysia though there was another candidate, Capt Dr Faiz Khaleed who went for the same training. According to news report, he could be the second person in line to visit ISS (International Space Station) should our country is sending another space mission.

Well, as part of the 'BOLEH' community, I hope Dr. Sheikh has a pleasant journey in space...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What's there in Orlando?

I've never been to Orlando which is one of the most popular destinations in the State of Florida. Orlando is also where the magical Disney World and Sea World are located. Of course one of my dreams is to visit these two places if I ever have the chance.

And I think my chance is getting closer as we might be going to the US again end of this year. No confirmed plans yet as we are still awaiting confirmation from PiggyBeng's company. If all goes well, we will be there for at least 3 months... which is quite a long 'vacation' for both myself and Darrius. :P Though PiggyBeng may need to work, he still can get a few days off so we can travel out from the state we are in to other near by states.

I think I should start searching for the one hotel orlando that could offer us the best in price, amenities and convenience. It is never easy when we have to travel with a small toddler as all kid's friendly consideration is our top most priority.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

New Pay Pal withdrawal for M'sian

Received an alert from PayPal a few days back and it has implemented a new feature where more South East Asian countries can now withdraw their fund in the Pay Pal account to their Visa credit or debit cards. This is certainly a piece of good news.

Currently I have been withdrawing funds from my account through my other account registered in Singapore directly to my Singapore savings account. Now with the new feature, I might want to consider to withdraw through my credit card. The only problem is, mine is a Master Virtual card. That means I have to get another Visa card for this purposes.

I just went to check with some other blogger friends and they have found out that some banks do charged a fees for any transactions. I will need to find out more which banks is offering the lowest transaction fees... if you have any ideas, do let me know yah!

How come Borders M'sia don't have membership card?

I went to Borders again today since we were in Queens Bay Mall shopping. Was lucky that PiggyBeng took care of Darrius for over an hour so I could browse the books and magazines my own leisure pace.

Then I saw a few magazines and after I went through them, I decided to purchase them. As the amount was quite huge (more than RM40+ for 2 magazines) so I went to ask the cashier if Borders has any form of loyalty or membership card. Was quite surprised that they do not have. Then I asked why they don't have local online purchase like what MPH is doing too? Then she told me they are looking into it.

For such a big book store chain, I find it weird why they only sell through Amazon. The thing is, if I get through Amazon, I will have to pay a hefty price for shipping as these books or magazines will be sent directly from the US. I wonder when can they start what MPH is doing.

Get Cash Back

I am a person who do not carry much cash around when I go out. I have 2 credit cards, one Visa and the other Master and I will normally use them to pay for my purchases if the merchants do accept credit card payments. That being said, I rely a lot on credit cards.

To me, since I am already spending the money, why not I charge them to my credit cards as I will be able to collect reward points too? And now I have a set of wheels with me, I will use my cards even more for gas. Now I am hoping to get a cash back gas credit card too so that I can get more rebates or cash back bonuses besides the normal reward points for making gas purchases.

Would you travel miles just for food?

This morning we drove all the way from Jelutong (western of Penang) to Pulau Tikus (northen of Penang) just for a bowl of wantan noodles. Sometimes we will drive all the way to Tanjung Bungah (west northern of Penang) for a plate of Char-hor-fun (fried rice noodles).

Though it is relatively short distance if it were to be compared to other places, Penang being a street food paradise means we can simply get yummy food anywhere but why we the Penangites still have to travel all that distance just for a bowl of this and that? Well, when I am in KL, my parents will do the same too. We often travel from Cheras to PJ which is almost 30km away. It may sound crazy but my dad has some friends who will drive more than 100km for a bowl of this and that and drive back home after that!

Sometimes I do wonder if it worth all that travelling? :P Maybe we are really EFNBTD!

Grand Canyon Guide

Finally we are at one of the Seven Wonders of the world! Yeap, it is no other than Grand Canyon. The view was totally breath taking and the air was sooooo-sooooo fresh! I can tell you the surrounding was so peaceful even when there were hordes of tourists! Everyone was so busy snapping photos away and I think most of the sound made by us are being absorbed by the space around us.

We were quite lucky as it was a perfect weather with clear blue sky through out our Canyon hike. We drove for about 3 over hours from Kingsmen and spent half a day at the Canyon. We drove to a few of the view points and visited some souvenirs shops. As the skies get dark around 5pm so we left around 4pm. It was another long drive back to Kingsmen.

Maps of Grand Canyon

Investing in a Dishwasher

Most of you know that I love to cook and I do share my cooking journey over my recipes blog. However, you will be surprised if I tell you I hate the washing up after I made a mess in my kitchen! My hands will go dry and itchy after doing all the dishes.

I have been longing for a dishwasher for quite sometime now. It is quite uncommon for us to have one at home. Most people in this country (locals) do not install a dishwasher in their house. But I think I might want to get one of those Bosch Dishwashers once my second baby is here as I don't think I can cope with the amount of washing then!

I've seen my aunt who is living in Australia is using one as well as my SIL in Germany has one. I just love the convenience of living my dishes in the machine and after an hour or so they are all squeaky clean! And of course, no more dry and itchy hands!

Hoover Dam

When we were on our from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, we used the route where we have to pass by Hoover Dam. The dam is located 30 miles (48 km) southeast of Las Vegas and it is situated at the Black Canyon of the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada.

It is quite a magnificient view. When we were there, the water level is kind of low as it has not been raining. We did not get to go to the various viewing galleries as we have to lug Lil' Darrius around who was only 11-month old then. He still can't walk so we have to bring the stroller along which is quite inconvenient to go up and down all the steps.

I have wanted to visit the museum but as we were late for our journey to Kingsmen (the stop where we spent 2 nights for our Grand Canyon trip). The drive was quite long and PiggyBeng need to have ample rest before our drive the next day from Kingsmen to Grand Canyon.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Bet 365 days 24/7

Are you into some games around the clock from the comfort of your home? Well, if you are, then you should try what has to offer. At Bet365, you can a wide range of online betting services such as online casino, Sportsbook betting, interactive games as well as a dedicated online poker play area 24 hours, seven days a week. Bet365 is also one of the top phone online betting services available in the UK.

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If you are into football betting, then Bet365 is the place for you. With the new Euro 2008 coming, yo won't want to miss out on the excitement. You can now start to bet on the qualifying rounds! Hurry and get yourself registered!

Outlet Paradise - Camarillo in CA

While I was looking through some of my photos in Flickr, I discovered I have some photos of places which I have yet to put up. Was supposed to blog about it in my main blog but guess I was to preoccupied with other things that I totally forgot about them!

Well, this place Camarillo is situated at the northern part of Los Angeles. We actually drove through Malibu Beach for almost 1.5 hours before reaching this place. It is surrounded by farms (strawberries). This is yet one of the biggest Outlet Shopping for LA area. It has more than 100 of shops/boutiques carrying all the branded items.

As it was a weekday, the crowd was pretty light so we can go to almost every shop and view. However, there isn't much stuff that are suitable as most clothing are are still for winter. I managed to grab a few pieces of shirts for Darrius and bought some cake decorating stuff from one of the shop.

There was a Coach boutique but I did not manage to find something that I like so I came out empty handed. Too bad... maybe I'll be lucky next time....

My Once Normadic Life

During my almost 10 years stay in Singapore, I have moved a total of 5 times! That average out to one every 2 years. However, that was not the case as the initial 5 years I was living with my uncle and his family. As their kids getting older, I felt as if I am intruding into their privacy since I shared room with them. Therefore, I decided to move out and live on my own.

I don't quite like moving house as each time I have to throw some of my things away since my rented room could not take in all my junks! Like the Cantonese saying "Siong ouk pun har ouk, em kin yat lor guk" which simply means "moving from top floor to the ground floor, lost a bucket of wheat". I guessed most of you know that I'm a shopaholic, I have countless of shoes, bags as well as clothings that I am so heavy hearted to part with. With the escalating property prices, my rentals went up but my room is getting smaller... so I still have to get rid of some of my beloved collections.

There was once I moved twice within 3 months! It was a real hassle as I have to keep changing my mailing address! I have to call up so many people including the banks, the credit card companies and the CPF Board about my change of address. How I wish I was rich enough to get someone to do that kind of job for me... Later I have to get to the post office to subscribe to their redirecting mail service so I can get all my mails to my current address.

If I were to move house again, I will sure to engage a professional to do the job for me as I don't want to go through that kind of hassle anymore.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm busy and lazy!

I've not been getting much rest lately. Probably due to all this non-stop blogging/marathon over my other site. Now I have a hard time going back to sleep once I wake up for nature calls or from a dream.

And that ultimately made me lazier than before as I just can't seem to pick up the momentum. I can feel my body like breaking into pieces. Despite that, I still managed to do most house chores and kept the Lil' one entertained.

I just wish I could get more sleep and not get disturbed and be awake the entire night. Or else I'll end up facing the PC and get less rest!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Need more storage place

Though our house is big but we always find it has so little space. My MIL is a person who likes to keep stuff and most of the cabinets she has are all filled up with things as old as me! When I moved in and when Darrius came about, we can't seem to find place to keep our stuff.

Sometimes I wish we could use a garage storage service so we can still have all my MIL's things as well as our things properly stored and still have some space around the house.

The Question and Answer Tag

It has been a long-long time since I answer any tag here... I think I still have a few unanswered tags which I can't seemed to find now... When I have the time, I will try to search for them... :P

Well, irel has tagged me for the first time and it is from her new hosted blog. Though I'm not too sure how the tag goes, nonetheless, I'll try to join in the fun....

Here goes....

Her Question: How true is it? That body builders has small penis?

My Answer: I've never notice that! Hahaha Maybe I only see their bulging muscles and never really notice if their penises are big or small... *bleah*

My Question: Why human turns greedy when they see money?

Now, I am going to tag:

1. My Yakkity Yak
2. Chumsy's Mommy

Shopping Cart Software for your Site

I've been toying with the idea of setting up my own online store for my cake business. However, I am still very ignorant of the processes involved and being a not so savvy Internet user when it comes to writing scripts, I have shelved the idea for the time being.

Then I chanced upon Ashop Commerce. Ashop Commerce is one of the leading provider of hosted shopping cart software in the US where it offers a complete solution for merchants, from small to medium enterprises who are about to build their own shopping carts or online stores. What attracted my attention was, they are web based and they are giving a 10 days Free Trial! This is come just right on time!

I am going to sign up and test out their features and see how it goes. So, if you are thinking or considering of setting up your own online store, do check out what Ashop Commerce has to offer.

The Sound of Music Musical @

When we were in Europe two years ago, one of the place we did not get to go was London. We were in Paris and had wanted to catch a train to London but was shocked to discover that the price for the trip cost more than we had expected so we have to dismiss the idea. This of course dampen my spirit as I have wanted so much to catch a musical or two in London. Have been wanting to catch The Sound of Music for the longest time.

Just received news that we might hop by London next year as we will be visiting PiggyBeng's sister who has just given birth in Germany. Of course I was elated as I could finally get to catch my favourite musical, The Sound of Music this time round. Now, the only thing is, I must start checking on the tickets as this musical is so popular that it goes off so fast!

Lucky thing I discovered Viagogo just a while ago. Viagogo is one of the leading tickets hub in Europe. They are an online ticket exchange portal that allows people to buy and sell live event tickets in a safe and guaranteed way. Viagogo happens to sell some of the popular theater tickets and The Sound of Music is one of them. Now I can get my tickets first and if our trip were to be postponed or cancelled, I still can sell them to someone else. The most important thing is, I can get back my money.

Besides theater tickets, Viagogo also offers konzert tickets as well as sports tickets. PiggyBeng might want to catch The Police in Dusseldorf if he has the opportunity as his sister's place is quite nearby. After all, since we are already there, might as well we catch whatever we can!