Friday, September 14, 2007

Wanna go skiing this coming Christmas!

I guess most of you who knows me, knew that I simply love skiing and will go to great length in order to go on a ski trip. So far I've only managed for 2 ski trips in Australia, once in Perisher Blue and another in Slewlyn Mountain and once in Norway (actually did not ski like that way I wanted as I was in early pregnancy) at my university mate's family cabin near Lillehammer. I must say all these experiences are priceless as we can't get snow in Malaysia so going for ski trips means going abroad for vacations!

A little posey near the cabin

Since I did not get to ski like I always wanted to when I was in Oslo, I really hope I could return one day. My dear friend Maria will definitely welcome us again since we have not been seeing each other for so many years now. And we really miss the beautiful scenery and clean air on the mountain top! Not forgetting to mention the calming feelings when we see the magnificient fiord!

PiggyBeng ski like a pro...

However, if we do get to return to Norway one of these days, I guess we can't bunk in at Maria's family cabin anymore as their cabin may not be child friendly. We always have to consider our little toddler and his safety. We could always meet for a ski session but will have to find our own accommodations. Of course, we would have to find a family friendly hotel or maybe a ski resort around Lillehammer that do have child friendly services. So far I've come to know that only this site that do offer really reliable 4 stars to 5 stars ski resorts around the area we might be visiting.

I'm praying hard now so that we could look forward to ski on the ski field in Norway this Christmas!

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