Monday, October 1, 2007

The Sound of Music Musical @

When we were in Europe two years ago, one of the place we did not get to go was London. We were in Paris and had wanted to catch a train to London but was shocked to discover that the price for the trip cost more than we had expected so we have to dismiss the idea. This of course dampen my spirit as I have wanted so much to catch a musical or two in London. Have been wanting to catch The Sound of Music for the longest time.

Just received news that we might hop by London next year as we will be visiting PiggyBeng's sister who has just given birth in Germany. Of course I was elated as I could finally get to catch my favourite musical, The Sound of Music this time round. Now, the only thing is, I must start checking on the tickets as this musical is so popular that it goes off so fast!

Lucky thing I discovered Viagogo just a while ago. Viagogo is one of the leading tickets hub in Europe. They are an online ticket exchange portal that allows people to buy and sell live event tickets in a safe and guaranteed way. Viagogo happens to sell some of the popular theater tickets and The Sound of Music is one of them. Now I can get my tickets first and if our trip were to be postponed or cancelled, I still can sell them to someone else. The most important thing is, I can get back my money.

Besides theater tickets, Viagogo also offers konzert tickets as well as sports tickets. PiggyBeng might want to catch The Police in Dusseldorf if he has the opportunity as his sister's place is quite nearby. After all, since we are already there, might as well we catch whatever we can!

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Aquila said...

Maybe the service offered by is nice, but there is spam on my blog which obviously shall help viagogo to come up with good results at search engines. For me, this is spam, because it has no real relation to my blog-entires. The guys from viagogo shouldn't try to push her site this way!