Monday, September 3, 2007

New York! New York!

I have always wanted to see Statue of Liberty at close range, shop in all the top fashion houses at 5th Avenue, walk along Wall Street, the world's busiest financial district, witness the new World Trade Centre on Ground Zero and all other must see attractions in the most bustling city in the world, New York City. If our trip to the US end of this year do materilaised, we will definitely hop over to NYC for a short trip.

New York, being one of the most highly populated city in the world do not come cheap. If you intend to visit New York and are looking for some cheap hotels to stay, you have to really do lots of preparations before your trip. Everything is expensive and that includes accommodations. New York City is huge and it depends on where you want to go before select a place to stay or else you will be spending the entire travelling from one place to another and wasting all your time on the road and that do not include possible traffic congestions during peak hours.

According to PiggyBeng, most of the New York hotels can easily cost you a bomb for a night stay and most do not provide free parking unless there are located far from the city centre. We hope we could find a good and reasonably priced place to stay through