Saturday, September 29, 2007

Need a Mover?

The other time when I have to relocate from Perth to Malaysia, I was having troubles finding a suitable International Movers as most of them do not do door to door. When I do find one, the charges were so high I have to think of an alternative.

At the end I decided to use an International Shipping service instead as they are more economical since I was just a student then. I was given boxes to be filled up with all my stuff and they will come and collect and deliver to my home in KL. However, my things were not insured so kind of risky.

If I were to relocate again, I will sure to find a better mover like so my stuff can arrive safe and sound to my new destination.

RM50 to Gold Coast!

Ok, things are definitely getting more exciting over at AirAsia. Being the first budget airline from Malaysia to fly direct to Gold Coast is something Malaysians can shout about now.

Tell me, where can you get air tickets that charge as little as RM50 for one-way to Gold Coast? None!!!! Like AirAsia's tag line, everyone can fly now... will soon be anyone can be in Gold Coast now! Isn't that a piece of good news.

For someone who has not been to Gold Coast before, this is definitely a piece of excellent news. Now we don't have to dig deep into our pockets to fly the whole family to one of the best beaches on the planet.

Check out AirAsia's Gold Coast deal today!

Get Connected with Smorty

When I first started to blog for money, I did not know there were so many interesting networks that I could sign up with. I was, well, quite in the dark. Then as I progressed, I learned about more networks that are offering more opportunities for me to get paid for blogging.

A blogger friend then told me about Smorty and how fantastic it was as she can get a steady stream of assignments from it. Smorty is a service where advertisers get to advertise on blogs and bloggers will be paid to write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers' sites.

Well, I was excited and can't wait to get started. And I can't be happier when my blog was finally approved by Smorty! Though it took quite a while for my blog to be approved due to my own mistakes but hey! It is never too late to start!

So, if you have a blog and want to monetize it, join Smorty today and get paid to blog!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Busier than the bees

The title says it all....

That's the reason why I have been MIA from here and not much updates. My main blog has taken quite a bit of my time as I have lots of things to be posted there since it's all about Darrius and family matters. Then I've been doing quite a lot of updates to my recipes blog too.

I know I've neglected this blog but I hope this will be a short one as I have quite a lot of stuff to write... a continuation from all my trips. There might be some trips in the pipeline too but too soon to say which one will materialise.

Hope you stay around.... :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Times are bad...

After just 3 months into blogging for money, things are starting to slow down so much. Business is getting very competitive these days and since my little blog is not given any rank by Google yet, I can't seems to score anything from most of the advertising networks.

I too felt tired after all the long nights waiting for opps since my time zone is 12 hours away from most of these networks. With more people going into this band wagon, I see myself getting lesser opportunities by the hours... *sigh*

When will Google go on the next ranking exercise leh????

Monday, September 17, 2007

Looking young again with Emerge Skincare

I must admit that age is catching up and there will be more lines decorating my face soon! This is nothing to proud of and it has been a major concern for me since I do not look my age since I sort of have a baby face before and being quite petite helps but the lines will tell that I'm not that young now!

Since I am clocking lesser sleeping hours and with lousy weathers these days, it sort of taking a toll on my skin. I can feel my face is rather dry, rough and pimples tend to pop out more frequent than before. I tried cutting down on red meat consumption but my skin don't seems to improve much.

I think I will need Emerge Skincare's Vitamin C Pluss Serum to help me fight off my poor skin condition. It is formulated with Micro Encapsulation of 20% Vitamin C to slow release technology which allows the Vitamin C to deliver long-lasting benefits. It is rich in vitamins C, A, E with powerful antioxidants and essential aromatherapy oils to soothe damaged skin and help restore skin's natural tone and radiance.

Besides acting as a multi-vitamin treatment used to reduce signs of aging, it also diminishes the appearance of fine lines and skin imperfections with a soft-silk touch. If you want your skin to regains its radiance, do check out Just Skincare today.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

One Stop Betting @

Are you feeling sick having to stay in a smoke house everyday so that you can bet on your favourite horses? Are you tired of hopping from one site to another just so that you can get lucky and win some cash? If your answer is NO, then you should check out Bet365 today for a fuss free and enjoyable gaming or gambling experiences from the comfort of your own home, 24 hours, seven days a week. Bet365 is one of the top online gaming site that comes with telephone betting in the UK.

At Bet365, you can find a range of online betting services through their online casino, Sportsbook facility, interactive games section as well as an online poker playing area. There are practically more than 65 types of games you can bet on so you will be sure to find something you are good at and win some big money!

If you registered as an online Poker player, you can even get $500 of free chips to kick start your poker play! Isn't that fabulous??? And for those who are from the UK, if your are game enough, join their online casino and you could get £100 in free chips to start off. Now, how can you still complaint that you do not have any capital to start your gambling adventure?

One other thing that makes Bet365 so interesting is, they operate a one wallet system so that you can enjoy the benefits of their full range of services through one manageable account. Becoming a member is only a few mouse clicks away and if you have any trouble with the site, you can always contact their customer service which operates 24 hours a day.

So, if you think your lucky star is with you, why not try your luck at Bet365 today and win some big money???

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wanna go skiing this coming Christmas!

I guess most of you who knows me, knew that I simply love skiing and will go to great length in order to go on a ski trip. So far I've only managed for 2 ski trips in Australia, once in Perisher Blue and another in Slewlyn Mountain and once in Norway (actually did not ski like that way I wanted as I was in early pregnancy) at my university mate's family cabin near Lillehammer. I must say all these experiences are priceless as we can't get snow in Malaysia so going for ski trips means going abroad for vacations!

A little posey near the cabin

Since I did not get to ski like I always wanted to when I was in Oslo, I really hope I could return one day. My dear friend Maria will definitely welcome us again since we have not been seeing each other for so many years now. And we really miss the beautiful scenery and clean air on the mountain top! Not forgetting to mention the calming feelings when we see the magnificient fiord!

PiggyBeng ski like a pro...

However, if we do get to return to Norway one of these days, I guess we can't bunk in at Maria's family cabin anymore as their cabin may not be child friendly. We always have to consider our little toddler and his safety. We could always meet for a ski session but will have to find our own accommodations. Of course, we would have to find a family friendly hotel or maybe a ski resort around Lillehammer that do have child friendly services. So far I've come to know that only this site that do offer really reliable 4 stars to 5 stars ski resorts around the area we might be visiting.

I'm praying hard now so that we could look forward to ski on the ski field in Norway this Christmas!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm back here again....

*sweep* *sweep*

Cob webs seemed to be every where! LOL

I am sorry for not updating this site as I have a great amount of posts that need to be completed over at my main blog.

For our Singapore trip updates, you can check them out here:

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Singapore 2007 - Part 4

Soon, I'll be back with more stories.... stay tuned yeah!

Monday, September 3, 2007

New York! New York!

I have always wanted to see Statue of Liberty at close range, shop in all the top fashion houses at 5th Avenue, walk along Wall Street, the world's busiest financial district, witness the new World Trade Centre on Ground Zero and all other must see attractions in the most bustling city in the world, New York City. If our trip to the US end of this year do materilaised, we will definitely hop over to NYC for a short trip.

New York, being one of the most highly populated city in the world do not come cheap. If you intend to visit New York and are looking for some cheap hotels to stay, you have to really do lots of preparations before your trip. Everything is expensive and that includes accommodations. New York City is huge and it depends on where you want to go before select a place to stay or else you will be spending the entire travelling from one place to another and wasting all your time on the road and that do not include possible traffic congestions during peak hours.

According to PiggyBeng, most of the New York hotels can easily cost you a bomb for a night stay and most do not provide free parking unless there are located far from the city centre. We hope we could find a good and reasonably priced place to stay through