Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vacation Planning with

Thought we may not go for that many vacations as compared to the previous years but we do try to plan at least one overseas trip every year if possible. This year, we might plan a trip to the mid-west of United States if everything is going according to plan. It's a tag-along business trip for a 3 months period. Yeah, we are all excited about it but we still can't confirmed on the actual travelling date.

In the past, we have been booking our trips using a lot of online agents as they have wider choices as compared to local tour agents. One of them is as they don't only provide reservation for hotels alone but a complete service. Their services includes motels and resort reservations, flight bookings, car rentals, vacation rentals as well as vacations packages. Hence it helps us a lot on our vacation planning especially when we have an active toddler travelling with us. has one of the widest list of hotels listed on the Internet which gives travellers more choices based on their budget. Hotels are categorised by the different cities, addresses, amenities as well as by Zip codes so if travellers are looking for a specific location to stay, they will bound to find a suitable accommodation.

Other great services provided is the group bookings. This feature is catered specially for those who might be travelling for families functions, weddings, conventions or other special events. Travellers travelling in groups will get to enjoy more discounts with the multiple reservation made.

If you book through for any of their services you can get to enjoy a $100 rebates as well as up to 70% savings, one of the most competitive rates offered for any world wide destinations . Besides that, there are even dedicated phone lines should you need to contact any of the Hote Expert to assist you on your bookings.

So, once our dates are confirmed, we will definitely log on to to make the necessary bookings.

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