Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A trip to Down Under...

One of my favourite destination is Australia. Not sure why but I have this 'connection' somehow with this country. I've lived in the western part of the country for almost 2 years and I just love my stay the entire period!

In fact, I've been to Sydney twice and both are for the love of skiing! Also, at that point of time, I have a few friends who were students with some of the universities there so it was so convenient for me to hop over and stay with them.

However, now will be different if I were to visit Sydney again as most of them have graduated so I will have to get my own accommodations if I set foot in Sydney again. With the Internet today, I don't really have to worry much as I can sure to get really cheap and affordable hotel in Sydney.

Since I will not be realying on my friends any more, I will probably visit Brisbane and Melbourne as well for my next trip down under. I've wanted to visit the Marine Park in Moreton Island, Brisbane and maybe do a dive or two. As for Melbourne, I will want to go for another ski trip up at Mt. Bulla as well as a little tour around the city which I have been hearing so much of.

For accommodations, there are no longer a problem when I can searh for the widest choice of hotel in Brisbane and hotel in Melbourne with the help of the Internet. Besides comparing prices, I can check the locations and amenities of the hotels of my choice before making a booking. Even if I go on a last minute, I still get really competitive rates!

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